MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




ZOS (Zone of Separation AKA The Zone) (ex Chasers)

386 Chapel St, Sth Yarra

HAHHA suck it ZOS! That place went god ugly... I was one of the last old
schoolers to stop going to the joint before it stoped as majik.... We just got
disgusted at the younger crowd G'd off their heads disrespecting everyone all
while "i am a top dick" attitude was everso present.
Not enough respect, good music.. too many heros that i was always close to was better during its first two years. Lot more friendly crowd,
good looking people, and most of all respect.
It aint ever going to be the same.
Old School Rocker,, Tue Feb 7 13:36:16 2006
Max Moose congratulates ZoS Saturday for its results in
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it an Hon. mention in best tek night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:26:26 2005
i don't go to any other club. zos on saturdays kills them all i love it. the
music and the atmosphere is so good u'll neva find nething like it.
zos_chik, hallum, Sun Jul 10 20:59:25 2005
Oh my god, ZoS was fully sik on saturday. i cruised down there with my cousins
ands the bass was pumping, like doof doof itz itz, oh my god, it was so fully
sik and all thew chicks were like "oh my god, youre so fully sik" and im like
"yea bro, im tip-top" and all the other guys were jealous coz i take all their
chicks and i have such a fully sik VL twin turbo injection massive rims, fluffy
dice fat exhaust, oh my god, its so fully sik!!!!
Igor, Spingvale, Fri Jul 8 19:53:33 2005
I had a great time there Saturday coz of the music, atmosphere and the
David, Greenvale, Thu Jul 7 04:04:38 2005
Good, Fun, Friendly, Easy-going atmosphere :)
Jessika, Narrewarren, Fri Jul 1 02:00:10 2005
it rocks every time plus there's no stuck up girls.
macdeezy, doncaster, Thu Jun 23 03:21:46 2005
the place is hectic, the music is hectic and everyone has no shame.... cutting
sick non stop and doesnt end till the morning.
mina, keilor, Sat Jun 18 23:29:52 2005
at 5 in the morning u can rock up and start the party all ova again
mercedes, greensborough, Tue May 31 06:28:19 2005
mudj's music people and atmosphere
Loreta, hallam, Wed May 4 06:18:11 2005
Great Music, just a rockin time!!
Anonymoose, Fri Mar 11 15:01:43 2005
27.05: house function night!
It's going to rock!! There will be HUNDREDS of people just rocking it with the
HOUSE and TRANCE!! You better be there!!
Ferhat, Broadmedows, Tue Mar 8 06:12:21 2005
hard core rockers, pumpin bass.. excited attmosphere! A crazy night out..
monaliss, shepparton, Sat Nov 6 04:49:41 2004
Its a great nite out! I have really enjoyable memories of how much fun and
stupid things we've done there
Laura, Noble Park, Sat Oct 2 17:10:54 2004
the music, the atmosphere, the people, awesome
Roy, Carnegie, Mon Sep 27 15:27:51 2004
killer beats up and down stairs killer djs wicked and happy crowd
matt, Dandenong, Mon Sep 27 03:11:46 2004
it is the best night u will ever your head
chris, sunshine, Thu Sep 16 03:37:22 2004
Mostly full of people from the western suberbs, if thats your cup of tea...
but it really rocks and is good for a laugh!
Jessie, Caulfield, Mon Sep 13 17:31:51 2004
you really seperate from the ZONE at ZOS....A place to let HRD-NRG go nuts and
the Dj's take you to places you have never been. GO!!
dJ_shanz, Epping, Tue Sep 7 06:10:17 2004
Been to Zos now a couple of times and I must say that the place has changed
enormously since Bass Station used to be there on Saturday nights.
Music is awesome and the crowd ain't too bad if you can put up with people
standing around, crappy dancers, people with staring problems and some guys who
think they are god's gift to women.
Loved-up atmosphere but can turn ugly.
If you are a true raver, go somewhere like Bass Station and actually be with the
real shufflers, otherwise it's a pretty good commercial-type of rave to go nuts
at. Probably a 7/10.
ova•dos, Greenvale, Wed Aug 4 22:54:24 2004
The music is fantastic and there is always a happy friendly crowd. It's
normally not too packed, and entry cost is reasonable.
belinda, tullamarine, Sat Jul 31 03:24:07 2004
best in town
enza, THOMASTOWN, Tue Jun 1 23:09:17 2004
awesome tunes that rock the place.the crowd and the vibe is so uplifting,
energetic and alive. it simply rocks!!!
Alex, Clarinda, Fri May 14 05:45:21 2004
love the crowd and atmosphere of how everyone is feeling the music
Shazza, cheltenham, Wed Apr 14 01:55:25 2004
Love the music - especially in the Blue Room at ZOS
Sarah, Dingley, Tue Mar 30 02:33:03 2004
Great crowd, awesome music, loved up atmosphere, the place to be for any lover
of Hard NRG !
DJmc, Campbellfield, Thu Feb 12 19:14:30 2004
Well what can be said... ZOS goes off on a saturday night. The DJ's are
fantastic, especially Papa... No words can explain! Excellent for groups that
have different tastes... the house room is rockin too! Must attend venue!
Rock Princess, Wed Jan 14 16:10:53 2004
Can anyone get me guestlist for Majik 18/10/03? Tall Paul is playing and I'd
love to go see him! Thanks.
Sarah, South Yarra, Fri Oct 17 10:31:49 2003
This weekend (21st June), Pee Wee Ferris, from Sublime @ home in Sydney, will be
playing at Majik.
Marky Mark, South Yarra, Sun Jun 15 12:23:24 2003
Intense tunes, gets the heart pumpin
pete, oakleigh, Mon May 12 06:15:40 2003
Zos is grouse, the best tunes, the best women, the ultimate place to be on a
saturday night.
Terrence, East Malvern, Sat Mar 29 18:27:43 2003
The music, that hard house music they play its just mad.
Clinton, Chadstone, Wed Mar 26 02:44:09 2003
good music good people good surrounding
agapi patrinos, caulfield south, Wed Mar 26 02:42:13 2003
it rocks, papa smurf is awsome.
anonymous, south eastern, Wed Mar 19 23:45:23 2003
It is absolutely rocking. Papa smurf goes off and the atmosphere is insane!
Jacinda, Glen Waverley, Sat Mar 15 04:10:31 2003
This is the best club in melbourne, because the music the crowd, the atmosphere
is just awesome, i'd recommend it to anyone who loves dancing and listening to
the excellent dj's at ZOS
daniel, Craigieburn, Mon Mar 10 21:13:53 2003
MAJIK @ ZOS saturday nites ... a must see.
Rocker, toorak, Mon Dec 16 17:08:31 2002
Unreal night passing saturday. New night run by "MELT ENTERTAINMENT" it was
called "MAJIK @ ZOS" went off.
Rocker, toorak, Mon Dec 16 17:07:05 2002
Sinergy has closed down, as of last Saturday. A new night will be coming soon.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 29 18:47:34 2002
Can't review the night because it was an international touring DJ, rather than
the regular Sinergy night, but I joined Brad Sassman there after their river
cruise. ZOS is probably the best looking venue in Melbourne, and a unique crowd.
Incredible atmosphere. A real experience.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Sun Oct 13 23:28:13 2002