MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





Federation Square, Melbourne

Took a look at Transport on Saturday to see what the hype was about. Strange
place. Bigger than a bar, but not a club.
The place is large (and busy). Its a bit scattered in layout, and much of it is
outdoors - nice idea but this is Melbourne.
The bar has over 100 types of beer, and is pretty busy. Not much room inside,
around the bar.
The crowd on a Saturday is 25s-35s. The music is retro and its not bad. Its a
bit like freezing a club night from five to ten years ago and dropping it in
2006. The same people have come back.
The tunes were good and the venue is okay, but the expectations were set too
high. Take away the lofty expectations and judge it on its merits and it isn't a
bad spot. Great for 25-35s looking for their crowd and retro tunes.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Wed Feb 22 21:35:31 2006