MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Thirsty Dog


The Dog wasn't as busy as our last visit, but we didn't give it much of a
chance. Will check again soon.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Sep 18 05:52:33 2003
Ballarat was a bit quiet at the weekend because its a uni town, and uni holidays
are on, so the students are back in Melbourne.
Thirsty Dog was about the same as Friday. Not packed, but busy enough with a mix
of students and locals, mainly aged 18-25.
The highlight for me, if I can show my age, was that the band, Sonic, was
fronted by the bloke who used to front Slam at Stylus. Fortunately he's lost the
leather pants, but the music was still good.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Mon Apr 21 21:02:05 2003