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Kalypso, Club

461 Bourke St, Melbourne

John, Kalypso has gone very quiet after an early promotional storm. John from
Ashburton suggested last week that its opening has been postponed, and there was
something about a change of location, but there hasn't been any confirmation.
However, I suspect that is true. Maybe someone will fill us all in.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Apr 20 02:59:54 2005
I hear that Kalypso the new club thats meant to open on the 23rd of april is
moving location and won't be openning for at least another month but its just
Bobby, Ashburton, Mon Apr 11 00:48:09 2005
Natalia, Stevie, its 461 Bourke St, City. More info, and there's been plenty of
talk, is available by clicking on the link above.
Don't forget to vote for Louie on StarStruck after 8.30 on Saturday by texting
"Robbie" to 199 999 00.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Apr 1 15:33:04 2005
Natalia, I dont think Kalypso have released their address yet, all I know is
that the openings on 23rd of Arpil, Im sure the address will pop up soon
Stevie, Northcote, Fri Apr 1 13:58:35 2005
Where is Kalypso?
Natalia, Wheelers Hill, Thu Mar 31 19:12:01 2005
Does anyone have contacts with the people opening Kalypso??? I want to get onto
guestlist for the opening
Stevie, Northcote, Thu Mar 31 14:29:15 2005
Yes Billy, its true, Kalypso is going to be Melbourne's only nightclub where all
profits go to charity, i think its an excellent idea. Also to answer Kristal, i
think the opening is on the 23rd of April, i hear its gonna be big!
I'll submit more information as I get it
Leah, McKinnon, Thu Mar 31 14:20:42 2005
Is it true that Kalypso is the first charity nightclub in Melbourne? Ive heard
that its run by a non-profit organisation! I think its great!
Billy, Mentone, Wed Mar 30 20:36:04 2005
23.04: Grand Opening
There's been a bit of talk about Kalypso, so we've added it to our listings.
Here is a comment from Kristal from a week ago that answers some of the
"Theres a new club opening up in about a month. Its called Kalypso and they're
having a grand opening on Saturday the 23rd of Apri from 10:30 till latel. Its
at 461 Bourke st in the city, gonna be a huge night! I hear they're giving away
a mini-motorbike in a raffle as well"
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Mon Mar 28 17:27:25 2005