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Geelong Hotel

This night now includes up and coming coverband Lime (27.9.02)
The GH rocks and has all ages mate!
Simone, Tue Aug 20 09:37:46 2002
March 10, 2001
Part of our Young Libs Labour Day long-weekend getaway took us to the Geelong Hotel, on the recommendation of the local branch. They suggested it was one of the most happening places in Geelong. Yes, it was busy, but the crowd was a little older than our ideal. Fairly typically, by Geelong's reputation, the crowd was mostly over 25.

The age difference means that GH is a little dressier than a normal pub. The crowd is mainly local, with the odd tourist thrown in, but it is much like the loungy places in Melbourne. When we arrived around midnight, it was fairly busy, without being packed, which probably means it is really busy on non-long-weekends.

GH is a modernised pub. The original pub has been stripped, so the old-styled shell is full of modern gear, and looks pretty sharp. It is two levels. Downstairs is more relaxed, and almost divided into quarters. You enter in the bottom right quarter. Straight ahead in the top right quarter is an entertainment area, which may contain a band that we didn't see. The top left quarter is a bar and lounge area. The bottom left quarter has a few more tables, and a great view out to the street.

Upstairs is more club like. The left half is a large dancefloor, playing party favourites through to commercial dance. The right side is a bar with heaps of standing room and a nice view over the street.

Prices seemed reasonable enough, but we did not last that long, mainly because we felt a bit too young. Most of my crew were early twenties, when the crowd was mid-twenties and up. It looked like a great night for locals in that age group.

Ben Clissold