MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Frost Bites!

426 Chapel St, Sth Yarra
DJs:Matty G, Dallas
Music:Com/Top40, House, RnB/Funk, Party/Retro
Short desc.:One of the longest running nights in Melbourne
Dress:Smart, Neat Casual, Relaxed
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25
Hours:open til 3am
Correct at:Sep 3 ’08 (Max Moose)

Hey Simona (Italian chick) - the one from Brunswick
R u the person who came to fusion on Sunday night. Can u get back to me.
Aneesha, South Yarra, Wed Nov 3 23:53:27 2010
Gabby, the better part of the crowd has gone to The Loft and CQ. The other part has gone to Marquee.
Laura, Hawthorn, Sat Feb 16 02:29:42 2008
Where does everyone that used to go to Frost Bites go now that its closed?
Gabby, Balwyn, Sat Feb 16 01:54:38 2008
For those who missed it, Frost Bites is closed. They are doing major renovations.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jan 30 06:57:47 2008
I'm there every Saturday. Its F***in awsum!
Katie, Mitcham, Wed Mar 7 14:50:13 2007
i love the frezzie drinks!
Katherine, wantirna, Wed Nov 29 18:35:07 2006
Its always a fun night when you go to frostbites. everyone is alwasys just up
for a good night, great atmosphere
kylie, Camberwell, Tue Nov 28 00:15:54 2006
Love the music! R&B upstairs and House downstairs! And the drink specials arent
half bad either ;o)
Kate, Donvale, Sat Nov 11 13:19:33 2006
greta place to be with great drinks
chantelle , melton, Wed Nov 8 14:39:44 2006
good music good bar prices nice crowds
emma , hampton, Fri Oct 13 14:47:08 2006
the people, the music, the stmosphere and dancing
AnonyMoose, sandhurst, Thu Sep 21 23:04:14 2006
it was so much fun the drinks are great and so is the music is so good also
Peta, Clayton, Sun Sep 17 18:04:43 2006
it just get's packed, attract's alot of ppl, has good drinks, plays good music
and has 2 different rooms that you can go in2
Erin, Kilsyth, Wed Sep 13 23:52:21 2006
i like the music and all the different flavoured drinks!
Emily, Ferntree gully, Mon Sep 4 18:30:37 2006
cheap, good variety of tracks
Charlie, Tullamarine, Wed Aug 30 01:08:29 2006
the music is great, the atmosphere is great, the guys are hot! the drinks are
good! hehe
mel, warragul, Wed Aug 2 00:49:27 2006
Fantastic drink card offers and a fantastic place to dance to even better
Jason, Langwarrin, Mon Jun 19 00:51:26 2006
The Frost used to be the best place to go but since they started giving out
drink cards like crazy its turned to crap. It was quality. Now its skanky.
Tim, Mentone, Fri Apr 14 20:49:19 2006
good music hot guys and friendly staff
Simona, brunswick, Tue Mar 21 05:00:58 2006
25.02: Little Black Dress Heat1
2nyt@Frosties,Heat1 who looks best in there little black dress,arrive w 2 guests
b4 10pm,say LBD for free ntry & free $50d'card
Frost Bites, South Yarra, Sat Feb 25 14:36:36 2006
best music and great place to be
Melissa, Queanbeyan , Mon Feb 20 06:35:53 2006
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Frost Bites, South Yarra, Thu Feb 9 04:45:22 2006
Just lots of fun to be there with the mates.
Bre, Bundoora, Tue Feb 7 12:29:51 2006
The music is fantastic, and the atmosphere is great. It is a great place to
dance and also be able to sit down and talk
Vicki, Berwick, Tue Feb 7 00:48:06 2006
Frostbites was pretty good! Get onto their website to pick up free entry and $50
Drinkcards! I did, didn't pay for a single thing while I was there! Relaxed, fun
Pez, Sun Jan 22 21:17:04 2006
good music, new and old and lots of boys and drinks
Natalie, geelong, Fri Oct 21 00:01:27 2005
i love it there because of the people they are more my age good dancing group
and i love the drinks there. i've had them all and love it. most of my friends
go there.
AnonyMoose, Thu Oct 13 02:39:30 2005
ITS AWESOME! best club i have been to! Full of fun loving energetic individuals
who love to dance and have a good time, which is just like me! awesome drinks
Nadine, Melton, Thu Oct 6 17:25:55 2005
I thought it was very good. What time were you there Pete? It was busy most of
the night?
Karly, Tue Sep 13 04:42:34 2005
wasnt too keen on the place, was pretty empty last week but willing to give it
another go
pete, mentone, Mon Sep 12 22:31:55 2005
love the slushies, great atmosphere, great friendly people
Stacey, montrose, Fri Jul 1 02:44:29 2005
myself and 2 mates cruized chapel st for a while then dropped into frostbites,
for the first time.we loved it, great place, friendly people,and no trouble.
sean, hoppers crossing, Mon Jun 13 09:08:05 2005
I went to frosties last saturday night and Sam Dredd isn't the DJ there anymore.
And the new downstairs DJ is crap! Just wondering if anyone knows where Sam
Dredd moved to on a saturday night?
kadie, hawthorn, Sat Jun 11 15:28:30 2005
The drinks are awesome and has a good atmosphere. No bad reputations!
Annette, boronia, Wed May 4 23:55:49 2005
I love the slushies, the atmosphere and the music.
courtney, croydon hills, Thu Apr 21 05:24:39 2005
28.05: Little Black Dress G.F.
Who looks best in a little black dress?
Win a P&O Cruise, an $1800 diamond ring, photo shoots, a new wardrobe from Gasp
Jeans & more!
Frost Bites, Mon Apr 18 05:45:59 2005
The drinks are the best, great dancing
Sarah, Footscray, Tue Apr 5 04:14:37 2005
good music, a really good atmosphere, and the frostbites are really cool..
Tara, Burwood, Tue Feb 8 03:52:16 2005
Frosties was absolutely PACKED on saturday. Think the house room seemed to pull
in a few?? Fantastic atmosphere overall. Heaps more ppl than thurs, I was
surprised. Still am not over the place.
Cazz, Blackburn, Sun Jan 30 23:17:59 2005
Wow this is starting to turn into a board huh!
Anyone gonna check out the house room they're opeing at frosties
tonight/tomorrow?? Ill be there, but then Im always there. Still, bit curious!!
Be interesting to see if it works.
Cazz, Blackburn, Fri Jan 28 12:23:09 2005
its mad, cool music love the free shakers, hot guys only $3.00 entry you guys
rock my world. my favorite club is frostbites.
chocolate moose, st kilda, Mon Dec 27 19:00:54 2004
great music, can dance all night
Laura, Seymour, Sun Dec 12 21:55:36 2004
It's good since there are usually only a few losers of the Crown-Heat et al
Sadly, it seems that their numbers have been on the increase lately (probably
because the tough door-lady doesn't work there anymore...and boy did she do an
excellent job of making sure they stayed out)...
rocco, Fri Dec 10 13:43:33 2004
i really like the alcoholic slurpies, i think they are a great idea that i have
never seen before, with the summer hard card it is also a bit cheaper then
other places
ren, maffra, Wed Dec 8 02:52:49 2004
Frostbites is excellent!! I've been there
a good few times now and everytime it
just gets better!! The music is good and
the frostbites are deadly. Check it out
Tara, Burwood, Sun Dec 5 16:04:49 2004
Went there last Saturday week and rated it. Rated it A LOT! Thought the crowd
was awesome, they were well-dressed, in good party moods and didn't come across
one person who thought they were over and above anybody else. The slurpees get
you fair dinkum pissed which means it was a relatively cheap night. No sign of
anyone with the word skank written on them. Crowd a little bit older than
myself and those I was with but didn't have any concerns over this at all -
everybody having a good night. Excellent music.
Bozza, Eltham, Sun Nov 21 22:01:19 2004
music and good music and a fun place to be at.
Michael, Noble Park, Fri Nov 12 07:24:40 2004
LOL, Brad, I think we all appreciate your honesty! ... Us chicks will need to
keep an eye open...haha
Polly, Down Town :), Thu Oct 21 18:16:01 2004
frost bites is awesome.. me and my mates go to pick up and have a great time..
there are some sweet chicks 2
brad, berwick, Thu Oct 21 07:36:17 2004
Great music, football players, yummmy slushy drinks and great atmosphere
Casssandra, Donvale, Wed Oct 13 02:45:17 2004
good place too go on a weekend and have fun.
Chris, Hallam, Thu Oct 7 04:27:05 2004
It just has a great general atmosphere with great music, drinks and people.
Alana, Melbourne, Tue Oct 5 22:58:00 2004
GREAT drinks, good music, good location
Nicola, Hoppers Crossing, Sat Oct 2 02:59:45 2004
There are always heaps of really cute guys there! The music is the best of
Kristy, Mon Sep 27 03:08:57 2004
I like it bcas theres always people in there with a smile on thier dial and
feel comfortable in there so can have a good time. always some talent in there
as well but thats a bonus for mine.
Xavier, Gisborne, Sat Sep 11 05:35:04 2004
04.09: Carlton Players' Party
Frost Bites! presents:
- carlton players party - this saturday sept 4
carlton football club end of season players party
the official carlton football club end of season players’ party!
all players in attendance. photo & signings all night long
dj sammy dred from 9pm – 3am thumping out the best of commercial, R&B & party
Frost Bites!, South Yarra, Tue Aug 31 06:50:28 2004
Joined the boys at Frosties on Saturday. It was packed! Not a bad crowd at all.
I still love the guy/girl next door type crowd at Frosties. So do my mates. They
think its better since the Miss Chapel St thing finished because the ratio has
Amazingly, the place stopped at about 2.30, and the dancefloor cleared, as
everyone moved to the bar area to watch Grant Hackett win the 1500m. Big cheer
when he won. Good night.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Aug 25 05:10:26 2004
carlton boys joining. yea real good nick stevens gun
pupetsunited, gembrook, Mon Aug 23 21:45:48 2004
04.09: Carlton Players Party
The Carlton boys will be joining us to celebrate the end of their season on
Saturday September 4th. Come and party with the boys.
Frost Bites!, South Yarra, Mon Aug 23 06:36:15 2004
Frost Bites! presents:
july & august birthday offer
Frost Bites! wishes Max Moose members celebrating a birthday in july & august a
very happy birthday
to make this year’s birthday simply massive we have two awesome offers for you
to choose from...
option 1
simply arrive before 10pm, on any saturday night in august with a minimum of
three guests and you will receive FREE ENTRY for you and your guests, plus you
option 2
simply book a table of ten or more on any friday or saturday night during august
in our grill, order from the main menu and you - the birthday guy or gal - will
to take advantage of these offers, bookings are essential - simply contact mick
on 0413 752 545 monday to friday from 11am - 6pm
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plus all of Frost Bites! awesome offers!!!
once again, a very happy birthday from all the team at Frost Bites!
Frost Bites!, South Yarra, Fri Aug 13 05:59:15 2004
Another big night at Frost Bites! on Saturday. Actually, the crowd was every bit
as big as it was last week for the grand final of Little Miss Chapel Street, but
it was a better sort of crowd and night all around. Its running pretty hot at
the moment and is definitely worth a look.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Aug 12 04:17:56 2004
Swung by Frosties for the Grand Final of Little Miss Chapel St. It was
absolutely packed, and a good type of crowd too.
The crowd was mainly 18-27 year olds, 50-50 guys-girls, fun, friendly, well
dressed and well behaved. Music was commercial and party tunes. A good night.
The photos have been delayed a tiny touch, so please stay tuned and be patient.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Aug 5 06:51:10 2004
31.07: Little Miss Chapel St GF
This Saturday is the Grand Final of Little Miss Chapel Street at Frost Bites!
Come down to see the girls in action.
Frost Bites!, South Yarra, Tue Jul 27 05:02:29 2004
Good crowd, bit quiet tonight though, and the slurpie things were awesome. This
place is a cool bar to have a great time and not worry about alot of the stuff
that goes on in other clubs. The blonde chic who turned 22, Id like to say u
were amazing. cya.
Brent, Tullamarine, Sun Jul 18 14:30:44 2004
Good and friendly environment which is very inviting and pleasent to be in.
Taz, Coburg, Thu May 27 04:42:13 2004
great music,great atmosphere,great people,great fun!!!
samantha, werribee, Tue May 25 00:01:06 2004
I love the music and the atmosphere there. Great and friendly service, and the
women. Which makes for a great night out!
Andrew, Glen Waverley, Thu May 6 01:22:38 2004
Dropped by Frosties very briefly on Saturday. Seemed like a very good crowd.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Apr 7 05:51:34 2004
great music and great people. it has a fantastic atmosphere, i always have a
mad night! and the slushies are great.
kate, black rock, Wed Mar 31 04:18:27 2004
the atmosphere is awsome
Nikki, plenty, Wed Mar 24 16:50:20 2004
It has a great atmosphere on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and the
slushies are grouse!!!
Margs, Hallam, Thu Mar 18 01:53:32 2004
good people, cheap drinks, nice mix of music
mel, malvern, Wed Mar 17 02:28:53 2004
Frost Bites is deffinantly the place to be on a saturday night, its awsome.
Great music..good mix of R&B, house and pub music.....good mix of nationalities
and everybody seems to be smiling. PLUS thoses famous could u
mel, Tue Mar 9 16:23:58 2004
Atmosphere - the people, the music and the great drinks all make it a great
place to go wild!
Gemma, Mckinnon, Mon Feb 16 03:22:53 2004
Dropped by Frost Bites for the Grand Final of the Little Black Dress
Extremely busy, and a pretty good looking crowd, especially once the girls from
the comp (who were mostly regulars) finished up and joined their friends.
DJ Sam Dred is now on stage playing favourites from all eras. Brett Lee was one
of the many faces in the crowd.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Dec 18 07:57:37 2003
Little Black Dress competition Grand Final this Saturday at Frost Bites!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Dec 12 09:14:12 2003
Has anyone seen any of the girls that are going to be in the little black dress
competition this saturday?
Peter, malvern, Wed Dec 10 12:27:07 2003
I attended Frost Bites on a Sarturday night last week for my best mates b'day,
and found it quite refreshing. A very good atmosphere combined with very
friendly people made Frosties a very nice place to just relax and let go. (I
suppose the parade of beautiful women on the poduim may have also clouded my
judgement...just a little bit...)
Tonyz, Oakleigh, Tue Nov 18 17:10:10 2003
melbourne cup eve monday november 3
Heat 1
Melbourne Cup Eve Monday November 3
and then every Saturday until the Grand Final on Saturday December 13
First prize is a trip for 2 to Great Keppel! Entry forms at the bar!
Frost Bites !, South Yarra, Thu Oct 30 07:47:40 2003
It is very different, they play some of the best music, especially music that I
love. Their slurpies are the best and you can always count on having a great
night there.
Mel, Hurstbridge, Fri Oct 17 05:03:30 2003
It is a great night when you go in there, the drinks are fantastic and the
atmosphere is great. I enjoy it when we decide to go there.
Mel, Hurstbridge, Mon Jul 28 04:02:15 2003
Frost bites rocks! my favorite
nite to go is wednesday but saturday and sunday are sweet 2!!! i luv those
ema, reservoir, Tue Jun 24 14:48:01 2003
Three of Frost Bites managers / celebrities celebrated their collective 100th
birthday. Happy birthday guys. They packed out the function room and overflowed
into the rest of the venue. Made it slightly older than their regular Saturday,
but it was a good night.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Jun 16 03:57:59 2003
Frost Bites was huge on Saturday. It was just so busy inside, and, as normal,
was a fantastic sort of crowd.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon May 19 08:54:40 2003
Frosties was great on Saturday. Its more than back to its best on Saturdays. I
just love the fact that the crowd is friendly, relaxed, and very down-to-Earth.
Plenty of quality in the crowd. Classy but not pretentious.
It was packed, primarily aged 21-28, well dressed, and well behaved. The
dancefloor was busy too courtesy of a very commercial mix with plenty of
favourites thrown in.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Apr 27 18:11:35 2003
Dropped by Frost Bites too late for a fair review, but the boys tell me it was a
great crowd. If Simon stayed past midnight (about 2.30), it must have been good.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Mar 31 18:36:12 2003
Its different, original drinks, relaxed atmosphere
Joanna, Rowville, Tue Mar 18 04:09:13 2003
One of the finest nights ever! Frosties has been back to its best in recent
weeks, and the GP weekend atmosphere just took it higher. GP dancers were good
too. ;)
Steve, Narre North, Tue Mar 11 01:12:58 2003
Most people have been saying Frosties is back to its best on Saturdays, and they
aren't wrong. Saturday was huge. Great type of crowd as always; friendly and
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Feb 11 01:56:08 2003
Not a bad night at Frosties. A touch quieter than normal due to so many
Christmas Parties.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Dec 16 07:14:56 2002
April 27, 2002
Frostbites, possibly the classiest pub in Melbourne, is a regular haunt of ours on a Sunday or Friday night. So when we had done all of our favourite Saturday nights to death, we thought we might venture to Frosties for a look. We arrived very early, before 9pm, but already, the first few were arriving for a very big night. It seemed to be fairly packed by about 10.30pm, and stays that way until about 2am.

The crowd is very classy and trendy. Without there being a particularly tough dress code, people choose to dress up anyway. Its not all the try-hard types, it tends to be more genuine and easy-going. On Saturday, the crowd is a touch older than the other nights, but the average age would still only be 25.

Frostbites kind of has four rooms. Downstairs is the bar room, complete with a huge bar serving those alcoholic slurpies, and lots of standing and seating room. Connected to that is the entertainment room. On other nights it has bands, but Saturdays is strictly DJ, playing top 40, and dance classics from all eras. There is a fairly big dancefloor, and a few podiums to dance on.

At the top of the stairs, which are located in the bar room, just right of the entry, you find a foyer area that overviews the dancefloor. There you will find a couple of video games, a couple of tables, and an entry to the function room. When this is not hosting a party, it is a quiet bar, with a few spots to sit.

The two bars usually have quite quick service, and the prices are fairly standard. Free entry is excellent value.

Frostbites is a great place to visit any night, and Saturday is no exception. It is the quality of the crowd that makes this venue. Whilst people go to a little bit of trouble to dress up, its nothing over the top or pretentious. Just a good crowd.

Ben Clissold