Dale's Blue @ CQ
Night:Dale's Blue @ CQ
Short desc.:Been a huge night for years
Status:Weekly (Saturday)
Music:Com/Top40, House, Party/Retro, RnB/Funk
Dress:Classy, Trendy, Smart
Age group:20-23, 23-25, 25-27
Correct at:Aug 3 12 (Max Moose)
Address:123 Queen St, Melbourne
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People say CQ good but how do you know if no-one gets in. Waited in line and refused entry even though we are 19. Their reason is because they look after their own..what rude bouncers. I'm guessing there is like 20 people in their club every nite then. Same thing happened with everyone behind us. I will continue to tell everbody how place the bad is
Nic, perth, Tue Dec 6 00:47:05 2011
has anyone seen the hamish and andy skit were they rock up to a club in singlets and thongs, then when they are refused entry they explain that they are there for a party and all their friends are inside... so hamish makes a call and says on the phone that they have to move the party because they cant in and hundreds of people flood out of the doors LOL at 23 i am a bit to old to be worried about not getting into a nightclub when the same thing is down the road... we live in melbourne people... but i think it would be hallarious if this happened to cq!! just thought id have a look to see if other people had the same experience as i did, as i was heading down there especially to see a friend off as she is leaving for europe for a few months.. thats my two cents worth, im off to go complete my education as a teacher and actually make a difference in the world hahahahahahaha
beth, Donvale, Sat Jun 4 21:17:26 2011
I like the music, crowd
Kristen, Hoppers Crossing, Wed Oct 20 20:10:17 2010
I've been into CQ a few times now,
not my choice but for friends
birthdays or get togethers etc.
I cannot stand the place. It is so
boring. Basically the same people
there each week, a bland club with
boring music.
Terrible and BORING!
The place needs some character!
Lucas, Essendon, Tue Sep 7 18:44:48 2010
I have fortunately never had a problem getting in,
and have been picked to come from the back of
the time basically every time I have been (I am also
not skanky and wear skimpy clothing). Only one
time was I with a group of my 6 girlfriends and one
of her boyfriends (who is good looking) but they
told him he had to be OVER 21, when he was 21.
So when we all decided to leave, they changed
their mind and told us all we could go in.
Dale has always been nice to me, but I don't agree
with their rudeness. As unfair as it is, they have a
policy and that's that, however they DON'T have to
be rude about it. My friend's friend didn;t get in
because she was wearing "STOCKINGS" as she is a
big larger, however my friend who looks like a
model got in with denim shorts, a roxie singlet and
white cotton shoes.
As a few people have said earlier, they basically
want what their idea or attractive in- some which
are the commercial, plastic, barbie doll girls,
models, footy players, and famous etc, (however a
marjority of the regular too). If you are not one of
them and are more individual and alternative,
would you realllly enjoy being there with a bunch
of those whom you probably think love
Kaye Z, St Kilda, Sun Aug 1 04:54:28 2010
i agree monica, dale and danny are arrogant s... i hope the end up on current affairs.. go girl
pete, eltham, Mon May 10 00:58:15 2010
I am disgusted with the security at cq on a saturday night. Last saturday 8 females (one including myself) and one male lined up for entry. our male friend is far from anykind of drouble maker sort, he was dressed classy with closed dressy shoes and a shirt and tie. Us females were more than able to ain entry, yet our male friend was not. when we queried the sexcist security as to why.. they responded.. becasue we said so... if we do not know the male and they are not regulars... they do not gain entry.. apparently they have been running the place for thirty years so i commented to the fact that in that case all entrees must all be pedofiles who have been returning for thirty years. Not only were we disgusted that they were rude, we were also appauled by their comments. I am sorry, but how dare they refer to us girls as..."baby" .."look baby"..."listen baby"... who the do they think they are. i am not their baby, im pretty sure my firends arent their babies... and i will not stand for their cheap sexcist remarks. i am seeking management details for this unacceptable behaviour and would like it if people could send their emails to me if they are happy to add their own personal discrepencies or emails to my letter. if anyone knows of head managments details.. could you please post them. thankyou.
monica, doncaster, Mon May 10 00:54:32 2010
great night out! have a ball there every time! fantastic music and huge venue!! looooveeee it!
Alyce, werribee, Wed Jan 20 22:53:35 2010
hey pplz...i just wanted to ask...do they check for IDs b4 getting in...or they'll let u in just as long as u look old enough?...or does any1 know a club in the city that u dnt need ID to get in?..thx :))
sam , melbourne , Sun Jan 3 15:07:40 2010
the way some these people carry on they have no respect for anyone! really bad human values! just disgusting!

Anton Devis, st kilda, Sat Aug 29 03:20:52 2009
this place is a joke in all honesty, what is the point of having a guestlist if your not going to let everybody in? If their is nothing that is stopping people from being let in i.e behaviour, clothing etc them the bouncers should be obliged to let them in, they make their own rules up at CQ. They need to get over themselves, ive heard it isnt even that good.
angry, epping, Wed Jul 29 21:43:42 2009
worst, most bogan place in all of melbourne. im pretty
sure the whole crowd is from melton or somewhere.
dont waist your time
nic, Fri Jul 24 20:25:07 2009
Went to cq on saturday night no line walked up and the bouncer said they were only accepting regulars, Big mistake we are well known in the footy industry and just watch your venue go down the toilet. its really hard to let in ppl that are going to boost your business and give you money in the til, obviously the owner has to much money and doesnt give a ...........
pissed off, Mon Jun 1 20:09:43 2009
Worst Place Ever!!!!!! The Bouncers are rude and hopefully end up on the front page of the Herald Sun soon.. If Class means a bunch of guys who earn 30k a year and spend more time in front of the mirror then their fake doll girlfriends who would prob melt if i threw water on them then i apperently haven't got any..
John Smith, Melbourne , Sat May 16 17:42:29 2009
this place is so pretensious, I have never once been denied but only go there out on birthdays out of principles. The bouncers are down right rude Dale and Danny are arrogant and the customer service is rediculus. I am so sick of seeing people who are underage walking through without having there id checked you dont need id if you look ty enough. Inside is not so fantastic either the place is too big has no atmosphere or even memorable music. This is a place made for new clubber who dont appreciate real house or for those so up themselves they need the ego hit
bubbles, Thu May 14 00:28:00 2009
Don't you s like the negative feedback people leave on here...Well hello, there wouldn't be any negativity if the people that worked there weren't such disgusting human beings...Grow up, everyone's entitled to their own opinion...It's not the best place in Melbourne & if you think that, you certainly need to get out more..Dull music, rude customer service, dirty venue & incredibly over priced drinks!!!
lovely, eltham, Tue May 5 15:48:01 2009
Classy & Best Venue
Shaneo, Mon Apr 27 22:29:44 2009
hot people good music
VS, Thu Apr 23 22:37:23 2009
Because its big, has a tropical feel to it and contains many footballers
Ashlee, Knoxfield, Sun Mar 22 20:24:23 2009
Love it!
Bianca, altona, Sun Mar 22 13:09:58 2009
Big night at CQ last night! Looking forward to playing next Saturday as well and gonna have a massive one Sunday for Labour Day eve! Check it out! www.nightclubber.com.au
Pete Williams, The 'berra, Sun Mar 1 18:44:43 2009
ellie, narre, Fri Feb 20 17:34:45 2009
awesome as club! great crowd! awesome music! and the set up blows you awaY! hottest club in melbourne
kye, essendon, Thu Feb 19 23:18:43 2009
clean crowd, hot girls
andy, reservoir, Tue Feb 17 21:17:41 2009
yep cq is an awesome place but the bouncers are c&#%heads that must have been picked on in highschool cos they have issues against random people. all of us had booked the place for a goin away and they let all of us in except a couple of our mates, they were well dressed and all but for some reason. or should i say For NO REASON Refused entry.
cindy, south yarra, Sat Feb 7 20:57:02 2009
kristina, Sun Dec 7 14:01:51 2008
hot...hot people, hot tunes, hot bar staff!
vflo, st. kilda, Wed Nov 26 01:35:24 2008
the ladies there are ridiculously good, the musics good, the people are good, the venue is wicked!
matt, mill park, Wed Nov 19 21:43:56 2008
what a waste of time.! Ive never been knocked back from a club in my life! Went with a couple of guys and girls. Looks like they didnt like a couple of members of our group..?? Do they not like dark guys at CQ..?? Maybe they should put a chart at the entrance for height, weight and colour restrictions! Then maybe they can reconsider their bouncers too who would not fit into any 'ideal' parameters. And I aint saying Im bad looking either.. Would not recommend this hole to anyone who doesnt kiss the mirror when they look into it. And girls, dont try and dress respectably when you visit, hang the puppies out and hitch up the skirt cos that is sure to get you in! Are their any decent, normal clubs around these days..?? What a superficial piece of crap!
mel, Dandenong, Sun Nov 16 19:18:04 2008
Played at CQ last night. Great to see this venue going from strength to strength. Massive night with a good looking crowd out to have an awesome night celebrating the Mighty Hawk's win. Hope all who were there enjoyed my set!
Pete Williams, Canberra, Sun Sep 28 15:18:26 2008
Don't have much respect for this place, came with a big group of girls (good looking) and a few guys and they allowed everyone in except me, why? being italian looking apparently. Why should that matter?. My girlfriend said i was with her and they still said no. couldn't believe it, so after having a few nice words to say to dale and the bouncers a group of us gave them the boot and had a mad night at seven instead. CQ is only good if you A. know the bouncers and Dale etc B. a pretty boy C. famous or D. if you dress up like a skank and look like a model. Regular joe blows have no chance.
Raff, Lilydale, Fri Aug 29 16:24:09 2008
mad chicks bro
John, Brighton, Thu Jul 17 23:11:56 2008
Fun, good crowd
Elizabeth, Moonee Ponds, Mon Jul 7 13:52:47 2008
Best music,Great girls
shaf, ringwood, Tue Jul 1 18:00:14 2008
yea ive only JUST turned 18 and and am still pretty fresh to the whole clubbing scene, ive got a 19th a CQ saturday so ive got a quick question: have i got a higher chance of getting in with just me and a mate, or shud i try to get a larger group to get thru the door?
Michael, taylors lakes, Wed May 14 22:25:02 2008
Mel, I don't think anyone but them can define their door policy - its their call. When its busy they make sure the people they want get priority.
Present well, be early, be polite, an don't be drunk and you're a good chance.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed May 14 03:45:19 2008
hi, i am looking to go to CQ this saturday night. im a bit worried about everything ive read about ppl not being allowed in. WHat exactly is their "door policy"? Will girls in short dresses get in?
mel, melbourne, Tue May 13 23:59:37 2008
good music, nice people, good open space!!
Jess, greensborough, Tue May 13 18:44:22 2008
awesome music
John, Thomastown, Wed Mar 26 16:44:43 2008
Hey Jody, check out the club's website www.nighclubber.com.au they should be there.
Pete Williams, Kingston, Mon Mar 24 17:17:54 2008
Were abouts can i view the pictures that were taken from a few saturday night's ago?? cant seem to find them. Cq is the best, loved it.
Jody, Malvern, Mon Mar 24 14:53:31 2008
good music and a pretty good place (once you get in)
Michelle, Ivanhoe, Thu Mar 20 02:30:23 2008
Here's an interesting article (and check out the comments) on CQ: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,23271143-2862,00.html
Timmy, Tue Feb 26 00:07:30 2008
People, Venue
Nicole, Epping, Tue Feb 19 03:01:53 2008
Bouncers are the most pathetic people i have ever come across in my life. Have not been knocked back but still can't get over how rude they are. Worth going just to get a good laugh at them.
Chloe, Wed Feb 6 02:36:05 2008
The out door venue is chill and cool and yet u can still hear the beats and tear up the dance floor. Toilets are always nice and clean. it is supr dark which i love. Nice balcony area. Easy to get to.
clare, Fri Jan 25 21:52:40 2008
i just have so much fun there with the girls
jasmine, eppimg, Sun Jan 13 18:34:18 2008
fun ppl good atmosphere gets me trashed
AnonyMoose, bacchus marsh, Thu Dec 20 17:57:44 2007
Good people, nice place
Jess, Ferntree gully, Thu Dec 13 18:17:43 2007
Forget all the newcomers: Dale and Danny have still got it.
P, Thu Dec 6 00:41:11 2007
Thanks to all who voted us as Classiest Night, and Best Looking Crowd! We're still going strong after a year, with big night after big night! Catch new resident Matty G Saturday nights. Stay tuned for details about our massive NYE party, celebrate the new year in style on our massive balcony.

Dale and Danny also are excited to announce the opening of our Friday night and Sunday arvo/evening at The Beach, cnr Victoria Ave and Beaconsfield Parade Albert Park, right on the beach. Check out www.nightclubber.com.au for all the details, it's going to be the place to be this summer!
Pete Williams, Kingston, Mon Dec 3 18:00:32 2007
its mad
cat, preston, Fri Nov 9 02:23:05 2007
Its good
Shaneo, Mooza B, Wed Oct 24 23:08:33 2007
house music is my favourite and the atmosphere and set up of the club is absolutely incredible
jodie, mill park, Fri Oct 5 02:21:22 2007
Looking forward to coming down to Melbourne playing at CQ this Sat, should be massive: Grand Final Night. Catch me playing the early set down there 10-2, then followed by Finlo taking it home. Hope to see you all on the dancefloor!
Pete Williams, Kingston ACT, Thu Sep 27 22:25:35 2007
Ok so - firstly if you are female and have been KB'd from CQ I wouldnt be advertising it on here, I'm sorry to break it to you but it probably means you dont fit their idea of attractive or you are above a certain size. Having said that as a girl who is ok enough to get in but not a 'model' I have to say that if you don't get in because of that you probably don't want to get in, because everyone else in there does, it a definite type of girl and guy in there and rather than complain about not getting in just accept it and realize there are plenty of other great places out there that would be happy to accept your patronage. But if you do get in CQ is great fun, awesome music and atmosphere, I would highly recommend it.
Caz, Sat Sep 22 18:59:54 2007
lots of dance room and complimented with an area to lounge around!
Jodes, mooroolbark, Wed Sep 12 21:16:21 2007
I went to CQ on Saturday night to be faced by the usual 30m line down Queen street. GIRLS: Just ask the bouncers, I went to the front of the line and asked politely where I should queue and the bouncer let me and my two girlfriends in straight away! A great night, should be amazing in summer!
Alexandra H, Williamstown, Tue Aug 28 22:00:37 2007
Love the crazy music and great atmosphere
Kelly, Yallambie, Fri Aug 10 03:20:41 2007
I know I'm a little late with my 2 cents about the "saturday and CQ" conversation, but I'm going to throw it in anyway...

I was at CQ on a saturday night. The 14th of July actually, and I found the security out front to be nothing but nice, accomodating and friendly.

I had an amazing night and think it's a great venue! I'm sorry that you don't feel the same way because you really are missing out!


Lauren , Mount Eliza, Tue Jul 31 22:43:28 2007
I also left CQ disgusted not long ago. Was in a very good suit as was my mate and lined up for about 40 mins waiting in q for it to open. Simply told wouldn't be getting in by people too pathetic to even look at us. Neither of us had has a drink either. Don't know what door policy is. Seems to be 4 girls as attractive as Sophie Monk to each bloke. Went to Loft who were more than happy to accommodate us and had a ball. Will be back this week too go loft ;)
Simon, Frankston, Thu Jul 26 20:06:10 2007
Peter, whilst I appreciate your point, you have seemingly missed mine which was not the fact that I was knocked back - I'm sure I'll get over it - it was the fact that had I known what rude pigs the security people were on a saturday night at CQ then I would not have wasted my time showing up to be told in a completely unnecessary, humiliating way that I was not going to get in. I read this forum for the good and the bad, not to only read fluffy posts about clubs. Clearly the fact that the subject of the rudeness of security at CQ on saturday nights has become a topic of discussion on this site and others is a fairly good indication that the so-called success of the night doesn't necessarily extend to gaining a reputation as a club that respects its patrons. Bottom line is - the guys out the front on saturday nights are rude, patronising buffoons and need a good lesson in customer service, dealing with the public and manners in general and the people who read this forum have every right to be forewarned before being subjected to said behaviour. Friday nights at CQ on the other hand.....love it.
Megan, Glenroy, Mon Jul 23 11:40:29 2007
So Megan, in your time reading these forums you've never seen the comments about people being knocked back from CQ?? Without condoning rudeness, when a club's packed the door policy usually is that the door staff have complete discretion and can let in who they like. Clubs don't knock back people for no reason, the door staff have the task of filling the club with the people that the promoters want in there. If you do not fit this subjective profile, you won't be let in. I've worked with the CQ promoters for a very long time, and they get it right pretty much all the time. That is why they have been in business for so long. You can't please everyone all the time.
Peter, Griffith, Fri Jul 20 18:46:05 2007
Ben, while it may be the case that you don't want negative postings re CQ and that people want to hear the goods things not whose been KB, I for one would have liked to know, before I was humiliated by the disgustingly rude bouncer at CQ on the Sat what exactly this supposed 'door policy' is supposed to be so I didn't waste my time. It also would have been handy to know that I could have expected to have been treated like a speck of dirt on the sidewalk rather than politely told that I didn't meet said 'door policy'. Door policy or not, there is no excuse for the blatant rudeness and attitude that the security at CQ on Saturdays seem to think they have the right to dish out. If there is some sort of door security award for being a rude pig - these guys win hands down. Ah well, word of mouth is a powerful thing, as are these forums and people who use them expect the good bad and ugly, not just the usual marketing rap. By the way, what actually is this mystical 'door policy'???
Megan, Glenroy, Fri Jul 20 09:39:35 2007
I like it but it smells. The whole thing with no smoking is that carpets soak in
alcohol and spew. Places with carpet smell.
Amanda, Sun Jul 15 17:51:05 2007
it goes off. mad place.
kristina, Glen Waverley, Sun Jul 15 16:03:01 2007
I like it. No smoking indoors, seating indoors and outdoors.
Chelsea, chirnside, Mon May 14 21:50:35 2007
Ok guys and girls. Enough. CQ has a door policy - if you
don't meet it I wouldn't be telling the world.
We have a policy here too: no negative postings. Any more will be removed.
That goes for all venues.
The thousands of people who check this page every day want to know what you
liked, not where you were KBed.

Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue May 1 05:54:21 2007
Frank and Craig, had you and your friends ever been to CQ before? If you had
you would know that the place is packed and they're selective on the door.
That's why it's so good inside and the sporting types and great chicks want to
go there. Dale and Danny's website states that guestlist doesn't guarantee you
entry, just reduced entry fee once you get in. If you want to organise a
birthday outing it's wishful thinking that any packed and popular venue is going
to let all of your friends in. You should try somewhere that tends not to have
as selective a door policy. Dale and Danny have run successful clubs, from The
Lane, Spy Lounge, Billboard, Next Blue and now CQ, I think they know what
they're doing and any adverse publicity you claim to be spouting is probably
pretty pointless.
Anonymoose, Southbank, Mon Apr 30 17:13:52 2007
I'm not sure what you guys expected, CQ is packed every week and is always
pretty difficult to get in... That's why there's plenty of imitators...
Anonymoose, Southbank, Wed Apr 25 19:06:13 2007
Well went to go to CQ on Saturday but after being told at 9:45 the club would
open at 10 we lined up. 30mins later they started letting people in but only a
few. Then they decided it was going to be an exclusive guest list only night
and told us to 'move on no one in this line is getting in tonight' we did only
to find 3 males behind us got let in, as well as a group of 10 or so who weren't
in either line...Not very good treatment and a bouncer who had a real ego
Sarah, Burwood, Wed Apr 25 17:27:55 2007
well run night
AnonyMoose, doncaster, Sun Apr 22 17:33:43 2007
lots of fun
Britt, brunswick west, Wed Apr 18 05:29:35 2007
just wanted to organise a guest list for my 21st and was woundering how i could
do that?
kirsty, narre warren, Sun Apr 8 10:59:10 2007
People, Music, Venue !!!
Sarah, melbourne, Wed Mar 14 23:36:41 2007
I love the new location for Dale & Danny's Blue
Lauren, Tue Mar 13 22:02:35 2007
lovely venue, good crowd
Megan, Thu Mar 8 23:34:25 2007
Down from Canberra this weekend for a biiiig night at CQ. Get in early! I'm
playing 10-2, some excellent commercial house for you all.
Pete Williams, The lovely city of Canberra, Wed Feb 14 21:26:40 2007
try www.nightclubber.com.au
Sarah, melbourne, Sun Feb 11 19:12:04 2007
do u kno wher u can get the pics from saturdays at blue - cant find them anywher
- who is the photographer with?
rach, b'maris, Mon Feb 5 16:04:08 2007
Hey Jeremy, check out Dale and Danny's website www.nightclubber.com.au You'll
have to sign up to submit a guest list. Be aware though, it's packed every week
and a guest list won't guarantee you entry. Check out the website for guest
list conditions.
Pete Williams, Griffith, Sun Feb 4 21:58:33 2007
Hey there,
Love the new blue nightclub at CQ.
Friend wants her 21st there and I want to organise a guest list for her.
How would I go by doing this?
Is there a phone number or website for new blue at CQ?
Please email back jeremy_hallam@hotmail.com
Jeremy Hallam, Ferny Creek, Sun Feb 4 21:34:04 2007
Dale and Danny's Blue at CQ is going from strength to strength. Full house every
Sat since New Years and it doesn't look like stopping. Join Paul Mac and Finlo
every week with monthly guest appearances from myself; flying down from "lovely"
Canberra to grace the Melbourne dance floors. Come and see what all the fuss is
about at CQ.
Pete Williams, The "lovely" Canberra, Tue Jan 30 22:21:23 2007
The Venue is called: CQ
The Saturday Night is called: Dale & Danny's Blue.
And it's massive!
Pete Williams, Griffith, Thu Jan 25 18:17:09 2007
Good Music, Good Ppl. Over all good vibe.
ali, Traralgon, Fri Jan 19 02:39:00 2007
That wouldn't be P Willy by any chance would it?
Scotty, Wheelers Hill, Wed Jan 17 23:36:40 2007
Which recently departed Commercial House DJ (ex-Spy Lounge, Next Blue, Cue
Sportz, Wild Bills) is returning to Melbourne for a monthly residency????
Starting back this Saturday...
AnonyMoose, -, Wed Jan 17 22:12:17 2007
good music
luke, berwick, Sun Dec 24 21:42:08 2006
its fun, good people, great music
stacey, reservoir, Thu Dec 21 16:13:36 2006
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Honourable mention best new venue
- Honourable mention best mainstream night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 07:45:05 2006
will be there...its is awesome...from the footballers to the Basketballers to
the beautiful people all around...I'll be there
Kim, Dandenong, Fri Sep 29 13:35:42 2006
30.09: Pete's Visit!!
Dale and Danny's Blue @ CQ
Hey all, I'm coming down to visit from sunny Canberra this weekend, any regulars
coming into Blue Saturday night?
Pete Williams, Griffith, Fri Sep 29 12:52:33 2006
whooo hoo cant wait to see it sounds very impressive////wil be thre this sat for
the opening night!
Mich, Tootak, Fri Sep 1 20:20:39 2006
02.09: Dale+Danny's new home
Bingo! We were right. Dale and Danny have announced their new
home to replace Next Blue: the upper levels of 123 Queen St (cnr Little
Collins), Melbourne. Its an all new venue, apparently very impressive. They're
calling it CQ now - at one stage it was going to be called Blue Diamond. It
opens at 10pm this Saturday.

Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Mon Aug 28 22:36:25 2006