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The Street, Westfield Fountain Gate

Night closed. Venue now Furnace.
Max Moose, Fri Jun 25 01:12:28 2004
The goodbye to The Brass Queen’s Birthday Weekend
The Brass bows out in style with one last huge party
Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th June Double up with
Join Melbourne’s best DJs mixing it up for one last time at The Brass. All rooms
open and heaps of giveaways, including a trip for 2 to Bali flying Air Paradise
- ‘That’s all folks’.
Just present this Email or mention “Max Moose” at the door Saturday 13.6 &
Sunday 14.6 for free entry and a selected drink b4 10.30
Brass, Westfield Fountain Gate, Fri Jun 11 04:12:23 2004
Brass has been all over the news this week. As normal, most of the media got it
totally wrong. The venue is still open until 3am, but they are not allowed to
let anybody in after 1am.
What they didn't say, which we've sat on for a few days, is that the venue has
apparently been sold this week too. The new owners are very experienced at
operating great city and suburban venues. Here's hoping they give the venue a
totally fresh start. Its in the right location and has the population to be
great again.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Feb 26 05:05:40 2004
It has gr8 music and mad guys.
Mara, Cockatoo, Mon Feb 9 14:54:33 2004
It has a cool rnb room, male models, lotsa free give aways and photos with
Jenna, Bunyip, Mon Feb 9 14:49:30 2004
Nick Russian's Princes of the Night (basically male strippers) were at Brass on
Saturday. Not a huge crowd, but an amazing ratio. The pics are now online.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Dec 18 07:54:30 2003
Nick Russain will be at Brass on Saturday night have a pass to go and it also
says that all the Prince of Darkness will be there.
Hopefully will be a good night.
Samantha , Doveton, Fri Dec 12 10:49:48 2003
Not 100% sure, but I think Nick Russian is also at Brass on Saturday, doing the
in bed with ... thing. Can anyone confirm? If not, and you're keen maybe call
the venue on 9705 7800.
Nectar open tonight (Friday) for the house fans, and the covergirls Christmas
Party is coming soon.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Dec 12 09:19:13 2003
We could only use the shots from the venue in the bed that was on the stage!
Australia has pretty tight website censorship laws.
(Note: The above comment is a joke, not meant to be taken literally. As far as
we are aware, after the stage shoot Millsie headed straight to KFC with his
manager only.)
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 28 20:11:14 2003
Dear Max Moose I am not very happy with you.
Me and my friend had our photo taken in bed with Milsie and none of the ones on
your website are in bed with him like we thought they would be. How bout you
search your camera then when you find those ones post them on the web, Thanks
Not a very happy chappy at the moment
Tammie, Ferntree Gully, Fri Nov 28 16:54:44 2003
Millsie from Oz Idol was in for a visit. It was an amazing ratio of girls to
guys, and the biggest Saturday there for a while. Everyone was in a pretty good
mood, especially those who jumped into bed with Millsie. The photos will be up
very shortly.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Nov 27 06:29:32 2003
Ladies Lavish Lounge Saturday presents:
In Bed with Millsie
Melbourne’s favourite Aussie Idol, Millsie (Robert Mills), will be at Brass this
Saturday (22.11)
He wants you to be there at 10.30 to join him in bed
but behave yourself, our cameras will collect the evidence for you to keep
Plus, win your height in Bacardi Breezers
and the Lavish ladies lounge with male revue show 8.30 – 10.30 in the Rumba
More celebrities and summer drink promotions in coming weeks. Get into it!
Brass, Westfield Fountain Gate, Fri Nov 21 09:11:19 2003
Millsie is coming to Brass on Saturday! I'll be there.
Millsie Fam, Narre, Thu Nov 20 11:31:27 2003
Rumba is open again every sat night. DJ Disco Dave is back and plays all the
latest R&B as well as some classics that I have not heard in ages. Crowd goes
off and is very good looking. Always a great place to catch up with everyone and
have a dance.
John, Mon Aug 11 22:35:55 2003
This Saturday, by popular demand, Disco Dave returns to the Rumba Room to roll
out your favourite RnB grooves.
Mojo live on stage in the main room, and many more surprises.
Brass Monkey, Westfield Fountain Gate, Thu Jul 17 07:55:47 2003
Finally built up the motivation to go to Brass, mainly to see some friends. Once
again a friendly crowd, and a better amount of quality scattered around than I'd
seen there for a while.
New band Mojo were quite impressive. Good play list, with plenty of band
favourites. Good sound, energy, and look. We'll see how they develop, but they
have potential.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Jun 3 08:51:03 2003
i like the atmosphere you are surrounded in, with the feeling of everyone
dancing and drinking. the special nights for the girls is awesome, with the
half price cocktails.
Stace, Warragul, Tue May 27 06:49:44 2003
Saturday May 24
Introducing... MOJO
(Featuring Ex Members from Voodoo Surf Gods, Crazy Haus & Guano) playing live
from 10:30pm
Bring the Email or mention “Max Moose” at reception, pay $10 entry and you
receive an exclusive $10 DRINKCARD b4 10pm Saturday.
DJ Albert playing commercial dance in the Main Room
Disco Dave in the Rumba spinning all your RnB favourites
Access1, Brass Monkey, Westfield Fountain Gate, Thu May 22 06:32:40 2003
I just have to say I was at Brass Monkey for the first time in a while on
saturday and it was pretty ok. It wasn't packed like it used to be but the crowd
was a really good. I saw a few cute guys there esp. one a tall, tanned guy who
was wearing a light yellow polo shirt. I will be definatly back this week
hopefully to see him!!
Kelly, Berwick, Wed May 21 11:10:58 2003
Saturday May 17
Southern Comfort Stubbies New Flavours $4 all night
PLAYDOH play live from 10:30pm
Mention “Southern Style” at reception for FREE entry b4 10pm Saturday.
DJ Albert playing commercial dance in the Main Room
Disco Dave in the Rumba spining all your RnB favourites
Brass Monkey, Westfield Fountain Gate, Fri May 16 07:36:05 2003
Saw a cover band called SMIRC at Wild Bills on saturday
Then Tarko came on afterwards and were really
shown up by the first band.
Why can't Brass Monkey get a band like SMIRC in?
andrew, narre warren, Tue Apr 29 14:22:50 2003
Found it very hard to get away from Brass on Saturday. Just kept bumping into
people and finding reasons to stay.
Coverband Hype started there on Saturday. Haven't seen them for ages. They're
pretty good, but, as always happens, the crowd are used to Passionfruit Pulp, so
will take some time to get used to a band playing songs like Footloose and Run
to Paradise.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Apr 14 10:05:40 2003
James, Yes Brass Monkey are introducting a new night on saturday nights soon,
can't say what it is but most people will like it. It will be a little different
and PFP will not be involved.
The Goss Man, Melbourne, Thu Apr 3 13:23:50 2003
Strong rumour that this Saturday is Passionfruit Pulp's last at Brass Monkey
(not yet confirmed - ed).
James, Thu Apr 3 06:06:00 2003
i like the band and the music played throughout the night. it gets a good crowd
in and is an enjoyable night for all.
leslie, narre warren, Thu Apr 3 05:55:12 2003
Having to be up, uncharacteristically, at 8am on both Saturday and Sunday meant
I stayed close to home.
Whilst Saturday wasn't packed, the crowd quality has improved out of sight in
the past month.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Mar 25 00:37:38 2003
its funky, hot guys, cool tunes, good atmosphere
Anon, hills, Mon Mar 24 19:16:12 2003
awesome band and music, heaps of cool people everyone friendly.
katherine, mooroolbark., Fri Mar 21 21:31:43 2003
its big and hasa variety in music and age groups.its got good security as well
as a friendly atmosphere the monkey rocks
kelly, sunbury, Fri Mar 14 03:02:34 2003
Strange sort of a night really. They seemed to introduce a door policy, because
all the guys were wearing collars, and there were
less big groups of guys. It was quieter because of that (and the long weekend),
but it had to be done.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Mar 11 01:00:53 2003
the band is really good (passionfuit pulp) and the music played is a variety
and gets me going!
leslie graham, narre warren, Mon Mar 10 21:05:18 2003
Things became a little too wild late (must tighten door policy - no big groups
of guys), but it was okay for most of the night. The retro room was a bit quiet
because nobody knew it was back on board. PFP were great, and even managed to
over-plug my election campaign.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Mar 5 03:45:20 2003
An absolute cracker at Brass on Saturday. It was a touch flat the week before,
but it more than bounced back at the weekend. Good crowd, great atmosphere, and
even Cas and Sarah lasted until close (that never happens).
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Feb 26 01:41:58 2003
Having been all over town in recent times, I just wanted catch up with friends
at Brass tonight (apparently it was quiet in town anyway). Perfect night for it,
and everyone was in such a good mood. A really good night out.
Not quite as busy as normal, but if it had been, given the heat, it would have
been way too hot. Great type of crowd, though. Relaxed, easy going, young,
friendly, suburban people.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Dec 22 07:53:00 2002
Brass was busy again on Saturday for the Ralph Covergirl Christmas Party, with
Imogen and Grace. Photos on the web very shortly. I had to go elsewhere, but it
was very hard to leave.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Dec 9 06:36:40 2002
Ralph covergirl Christmas Party this Saturday @ the Monkey. Imogen, Grace and co
will be there to celebrate Christmas early, and to also celebrate Brass Monkey's
rightful crowning as the AHA (Australian Hotels Association) entertainment venue
of the year award (yeah, Mick and co do it again!). Well done!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Dec 4 07:03:43 2002
I love this timeof year! Brass was absolutely fantastic on Saturday. Great type
of crowd, unbeatable atmosphere, and it was huge (2000+). Just an awesome night
out, as good as anywhere else, any time. Only downside is that you couldn't get
near a bar before 11. It is just incredible that it is running two such huge
nights one after the other, and their other nights aren't bad either.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Dec 2 06:04:22 2002
Only dropped by Brass briefly between photo shoots. It was too early to tell,
and the crowd was building. Good looking crowd, and seemed like fun. We'll be
there this Saturday for some photos, so drop by and say hi.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Nov 25 05:59:31 2002
Ben's on the money. This is a truly great night out now. It reminds me a lot of
the good old days at Stylus. Great crowd, you can dress up a bit, heaps of rooms
with different music, a good band, and more. It has everything.
Sarah, Wantirna, Tue Oct 29 14:04:49 2002
I think its official. I have a new favourite Saturday night. The last few
Saturdays at the Monkey have been outstanding. The crowd quality has really
improved, and all the rooms are pumping. Really didn't want to leave.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Oct 29 01:29:50 2002
Had the best night out I've had in ages. Had to go to BMs to take photos of the
Australasian Grand Final of "Who Looks Best in Their Little Black Dress". What a
bugger of a job ;-)
Great competition. The girls were really great. Sure they were lookers, but most
of them were awesome people too.
The pics are online now.
Decent crowd too. Probably the best type ever on their Saturday. Main room
packed for Passionfruit Pulp and DJ Alby (commercial and pop). Midori Bar
overflowing for Disco Dave's RnB set. Bar and Grill reasonable for Homer's
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Tue Oct 22 06:04:45 2002