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Bridie O’Reilly’s Brunswick

Bridie O’Reilly’s Brunswick

Cnr Sydney & Brunswick Rds, Brunswick

Noxy Snood
Awesome, easy-going and friendly atmosphere. Great music from the DJ and band, Noxy Snood. Not too sleazy. You can get up and have a dance or you can sit down and have a chat
Kelly, Sunbury, Tue May 6 23:38:52 2008
heaps of hot chicks
AnonyMoose, Thu Feb 14 23:07:35 2008
Man its quiet which is good but the birds are not high class. will always see 5 and 6's and most of the time below that!! Not the place to pull a stunner!!
gareth, Tue Oct 9 23:37:03 2007
Noxy Snood
It goes off! Noxy Snood set the night & get the crowd rockin' with their mad playin' & awsome voices!
Tara, Broadmeadows, Tue Aug 7 16:54:32 2007
older crowd but also down to earth
natasha, endeavour hills, Mon Jun 25 16:28:17 2007
not a bad joint! good tunes from the band and the DJ. very relaxed atmosphere
where u can still sit down and have a chat which is good. only downside for u
gents out there, the lack of talent!! the occassional satdy night bring out a
few but most satdys the talent is rank. So dont expect to pick up anything
decent. but overall a good quality venue
mick, melbourne, Thu Mar 1 03:33:30 2007
Good music, good people, not too overcrowded.
Elise, Mill Park, Fri Feb 2 16:26:37 2007
The people are friendly and the mix between popular music and live bands is
excelent. Thumbs up!
Carly, Melbourne, Sun Jul 16 14:31:18 2006
it is a relaxing place where i can go with friends, have a chat and dance. i
love the music they play and it's not too classy for my liking. I have got all
my friends into it also.
Rhiannah, reservoir, Sun Apr 17 23:51:01 2005
Great music, great bands, and a whole lot of fun to be had. Plus the crowd is
genenerally non-snobby.
Des, Reservoir, Tue Mar 22 17:18:04 2005
It's a laid back pub scene with a great band you can dance to but with chairs
you can sit down on and talk if thats what you want.
renea, Keilor Downs, Mon Mar 21 03:18:33 2005