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Noxy Snood

Sat @ 21 Arms

Good Friday Eve 09 @ Bridie Os Sth Yarra

Bridies Chapel St, Mon Apr 6 02:57:04 2009
Saturday @ Bridie Os Brunswick
Awesome, easy-going and friendly atmosphere. Great music from the DJ and band, Noxy Snood. Not too sleazy. You can get up and have a dance or you can sit down and have a chat
Kelly, Sunbury, Tue May 6 23:38:52 2008
Saturday @ Bridie Os Brunswick
It goes off! Noxy Snood set the night & get the crowd rockin' with their mad playin' & awsome voices!
Tara, Broadmeadows, Tue Aug 7 16:54:32 2007
Friday @ Bridie Os Sth Yarra
biggest friday night on chapel st ill be dropping house and electro and noxy
rockin the stage
mention max moose for a drink card doors open at nine free entry all night
dj scott van rune, city, Thu Feb 22 12:46:15 2007
New Years Eve 06-07 @ Elephant & W City
New Years Eve - Retro Eve
Noxy snood upstairs doing their thing
DJ ICEMAN Massive 5 hr set on the ground floor playing the latest and greatest
pre book tix $10 more on the night
get in early
E&W, Fri Dec 1 18:44:33 2006
Saturday @ Bridie Os City
i love these guys!!! everyone should go and see them play, they are awesome!
they have quite a cute guitar player too!!! hehe
michaela, Fri Mar 24 10:42:17 2006
Labour Day Eve 06 @ Elephant & W City
Awesome!!!!! I went there for a quiet couple, and stayed till the end, went
off!!!! Even so, that people were screamin for an encore!! that doesn't happen
for a cover band. Gotta see'm again!!!!
davo, Tue Mar 14 17:18:35 2006