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Cnr Nepean Highway & South Rd, Bentleigh
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Correct at:Dec 13 06 (Max Moose)

Traffic is closed for four weeks for "emergency renovations". They were
definitely closed last night.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sat Mar 25 13:34:21 2006
Traffic presents
Local Traffic
Every Friday Night
Friday Nights @ Traffic are heating up
Get into Traffic every Friday throughout March for the best drink specials this
side of Thailand. Your weekly home for the best in House & RnB with LIVE
performances by the best local bands around.
DJs - Andy J (SGT Slick), Darren Glen (Smash N Grab), Phil G (Twister), Matt
Sofo + Melbourne's Best Local Bands weekly playing all your favourite commercial
Fashion Parades and Theme Nights
Info & Ticket Price: $5.00 with pass, $8.00 general
Drink Specials: 9PM - MIDNIGHT: $1.50 Pots, $3.00 Wine/Spirits, $5.00 Everything
Else [excludes cocktails, shakers & shots)
Dress Code: Street Wear !
Licensed till 7am
973 Nepean Hwy - Bentleigh (Cnr South Rd)
Music Policy: House, Alternative, Rock, Electro & RnB.
Coming Up
Friday 10th March - Sex Shooter LIVE P.A. (feat. Kylie J, Darren Glen & SGT
Friday 17th March - Evolution - Local Cover Band - Rockin 2 hour set.
Traffic, Bentleigh, Wed Mar 1 23:47:02 2006
Now this is what io'm talking about when i say open and bigg dance floor i
went this week and well the bar staff are hott.. and then music is great
and the Dace floor is biggg... like Haycem mentioned it is like a city club
but in the suburbs .. i think prices may need to come down a bit as in drink
wise .. but that is something for the club to thik about and yes .. more over
populated by guys but the talent which is there is thumbs up ... once the
fad of motel dies this will be one hot club to be at during summer
Clubber Jay , Sun Dec 11 22:03:52 2005
haha yer same with me ... i think some one was pulling ur leg mate the night
was awsome and its soo much better than any other local place around the area
its like a club in the city but its in the suburbs it tip -top
Haycem , Sun Dec 11 21:52:35 2005
nah you got it wrong i don't know who've been speakn to, but i was there when
they had Gant Smilie and the room was pumping
chantelle, Sat Dec 10 11:29:45 2005
Got some very interesting news in regards to Traffic. I spoke with one of the
Res DJ's this week and he tells me that it has been so quite there that he has
not even been playing. Last week when the had Smilie playing it was dead at
1:30am... Not good signs for the re-lanch of the club!!
Perhaps the managment need to cut there looses!!
I personally have no simpathy for the venue...
intersted, brighton east, Wed Dec 7 18:42:41 2005
Nah... i love the music they play there... HOUSE junkie i am! so going this
chantelle, Mon Nov 28 20:35:01 2005
I prefer commercial and vocal dance. Traffic doesn't play enough of the songs I
know..does anyone agree?
Hayley, Sun Nov 27 03:07:03 2005
heard a rumor that Grant Smillie is goin to be dj'ing at traffic next friday the
2 of december im goin for sure he is one of the best dj's
daniel, brighton, Sat Nov 26 20:48:28 2005
loved it!! Night rocks ... dudes this is a hot club deffentaly we are comeing
back !! As most people are saying and now so am i this is one sexyand hott club
and great house music
taya , Mon Nov 21 22:04:21 2005
went and checked out grant smilie what a sexy the night love it
Isabelle, Sun Nov 13 04:05:42 2005
yes the chicks r to die for the club is sexy too
paul, Black Rock , Thu Nov 10 01:03:35 2005
i agree this is one hottttttttt club the people get better and better any one
else think so????????
stacy, brighton, Wed Nov 9 11:36:46 2005
i went all the way from toorak to come to traffic and it was worth it its a
hott looking club and its a good looking crowd i'll be back this week a little
birdy told me SOULCHIP and GRANT SMILIE were playing looks like me and the
girls r there
lauren , toorak , Tue Nov 8 14:31:08 2005
went to the opening of traffic last night was awesome it was big heaps of good
looking people great feels good to be back
stacy, brighton, Sat Oct 29 15:46:10 2005
28.10: Traffic - Bangerz & Mash
This Friday Night is the Grand Opening of the NEW Traffic!!!
They have INAYA DAY playing AND Rogue Traders!!! also other big name Djs.
Should be awesome....
Ben, Wed Oct 26 22:16:22 2005
28.10: Traffic opening?
Traffic have sent an Email telling us they are opening on October 28.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Oct 13 14:13:35 2005
12.08: Traffic opening delayed?
Folks, Traffic said something back in June about opening this weekend. We've
heard nothing since and the only comment on their site is that they were set to
open mid May. We assume that means that it has been delayed, but if anyone knows
anything, please let us know.
Chief Moose, MaxMoose World HQ, Fri Aug 12 05:35:34 2005
I think Dj Phil G is playing back there should be pretty sick then!
Ken, sandy, Fri Jul 8 16:58:27 2005
12.08: Opening feat. Sucker DJs
I've been investigating the goings on with Wax. It appears to be opening on
Friday August 12th now as Traffic. They seem to be opening with Sucker DJs from
the UK.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Mon Jun 27 18:09:04 2005