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20 Bourke St, Melbourne
Night name:Perfect
Music:House, Techno, RnB/Funk, Com/Top40
Short desc.:(closed)House grooves return to Metro
Age group:
Correct at:May 26 ‘11 (Max Moose)
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they've alwayz got da best muSiC!!!!, the atmosphere (hot guyZ!) and yeh juz
lyk 2 dance!!!
Jess, Doncaster East, Sat Nov 20 18:17:12 2004
off da hook,nothin like it it is betta den any other night club in australia
sean, altona north, Wed Jun 2 05:45:13 2004
cool ppl, cool music, cool everything
Lee, wheelers hill, Thu Mar 25 01:47:58 2004
Perfect. Opening Friday February 20.
Four clubs, Five bars, backed by Melbourne's finest.
House has a new Home. Metro. Fridays
Theatre: Perfect House
Charlie Zee, Phil G, Andrew Padula and Guests (Luke Bowditch, Peter Sofo, Grant
Smillie, Chris Buchanan, Arlen DeSilva, Gerard Sidhu)
Bourke St: Infringement
Infringment Electro House and Breaks Featuring Tim Nixon and Frech DJ Talents.
Balcony: Deepah Groove
Deep & Tribal House with your hosts and DJs Deepah Groove backed by Nic D'Stef.
Perfect VIP: Disco Funk
Disco Funk & Groove featuring the famous trashy DJ Taske backed by Ben Lawrence
Perfect: D&B audiotechnik
Four fabulous arenas, five bars. Metro's new concert sound system, international
guests and events.
It all begins Friday Feb 20, and continues Feb 27 with the Ministry of Sound
2004 tour event.
Metro, City, Wed Feb 11 02:46:20 2004
The atmosphere is simply amazing, the service in the bars is fantastic and the
people the club attracts are fun and carefree. Its the kind of place that you
dont have to care what people think, and the layout is sensational.
Lisa, Melbourne, Tue Feb 10 00:03:10 2004
Because Ive been going for years and the musics great! Its big and has a great
crowd of attractive people
Kellie, melton, Wed Mar 26 02:43:06 2003
Fridays at Metro are now known as Joy! One of Melbourne's legendary dance nights
returns. Resident DJs include Alex K, Ken Walker and Mickey B, playing the best
mixed sounds of upfront dance, techno, vocal house, RnB, and everything in
between. Special guest international acts plus dancers.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Mar 6 03:21:41 2003
The night is now run by the group that used to run Brown Sugar @ Silvers. (1.1.02?)
October 23, 1998
Please note: This review is of Joy, the night the Boom Boom Room and, prior to that, Disco Tech replaces. Boom Boom Room is much funkier.

Metro is the MCG of nightclubs. It is huge, it is the best of its type, and everyone has been there. It is run by professionals, and they do things right. Like Goo and Pop, Joy is targeted at a uni crowd, but some would describe the music as more serious. It is strictly house, techno, and commercial dance in the main room, and heavy R&B and funk upstairs. Just for some humour, they also have Karaoke in the rebar.

The people there take their music pretty seriously. The crowd has a European edge in the main room, and is very mixed upstairs. As were the ages. They ranged from just 18 to mid 20s. Without doubt, this is Metro’s best dressed crowd, with jeans definitely being the exception rather than the norm. Like most Metro crowds, though, people tend to stay in groups, but they all seemed to be having fun.

The first night I reviewed Joy, was Good Friday, the second coming into exams. The crowd may have been different to normal. Good Friday was a full house, and it was a little busier than normal. We arrived pretty early, at around 10.15. The place was full by 11.15 or thereabouts, and you had to queue to enter the Gods Bar for the R&B.

For those who have never been to Metro, it used to be a gigantic theatre. The stage remains, the main seating area is now a dancefloor and bar, the two tiers of seating are now the rebar and members bar, and the foyer areas are the Gods bar, entry foyer, and lounge foyer. I am fairly sure it is the biggest club in the Southern hemisphere (before Metropolis in Perth & QBH), if not the world.

If the music is not your scene, the main room has suspended walkways above it for viewing. At the top of those walkways, and in the members bar are pool tables, and there are video games in the first floor foyer. There is plenty of seating throughout. For the drinkers there are an enormous number of bars, but most are fairly busy.

But this night is about the music. The dancefloor at Metro is enormous. The DJs are the best going around, and the lighting is in a league of its own. Best of all, you get all of this for only $5 entry with a pass, or $10 otherwise. If you are serious about your music, and like house, techno, commercial dance, R&B or funk, then Joy is a must visit.

Mark Long

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