MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Exchange Hotel (King & Lt Collins)

Cnr King 7 Ltl Collins St, City

This is the BEST place on Fridays! free entry, Captain Spalding Band(from
8:30ish) on one stage, good DJ on the other between sets. Lots of room for
dancing! Really good bar staff!!
It's a suits crowd after work and just gets better as the night goes on! The
place dies down and closes about... 1:30-2? but then you can always move on the
the next place!
ME, Melbourne, Thu Apr 27 13:02:13 2006
Dropped by EH on Friday night for a look. We arrived a little too late. This
night has always been more of an after-work event, so getting there at 11.30 is
after its peak. However, there were plenty of people around, and it was okay.
By that time the crowd was mostly 20-30. There were still a few suits around,
but the younger crowd had moved in.
We pretty well missed the band, but the DJ in the back room was playing some
great commercial and party tunes. It was good fun. Nice venue.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Aug 26 04:57:49 2005
the music rocks and there is always great people to meet. Always an enjoyable
Steph, Sunbury, Wed Apr 28 02:10:49 2004
Dropped by the Exchange after the footy. It was another nice afterwork crowd.
25-35, well dressed, and ready to wind down/start a big weekend partying.
Accoustic duo and DJ (retro/commercial) are just okay, but the crowd is the key.
Busy and good.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jul 3 02:04:38 2003
Excellent place! Good music, good people, great bar staff. Girls, if you are
sick of being grabbed and cracked onto by sleazy guys, this is the best place to
Sheryl, Sat Jun 28 19:33:55 2003
Been a bit of talk about this one, and its fairly impressive. Just near the
stock exchange, it is an afterwork crowd on Fridays, 23-30s. Fairly cool crowd,
but not pretentious. A few too many guys, but passable.
Two rooms, one with a band and the footy on TV, the other with a DJ and
dancefloor with well known top 40 tunes and favourites.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Tue Jun 3 08:19:04 2003