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Cue Sportz

Adelaide St, Knox Tower Point, Wantirna South

closed down.
Michael, derrimut, Sat Jun 18 15:45:37 2005
aLyBaBe's comments below are referring to an underage event.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Apr 5 03:10:51 2004
easter hunt on tueaday april 6th... 5-10... the most fun ever!!!!!
aLyBaBe, Wantirna, Sun Apr 4 14:39:56 2004
New Dj New Look Great band the new dj will rock the the house hard
andrew, Wantrina, Fri Aug 8 17:21:00 2003
Do promo work there, come and check it out and say hello!
JaYe, Thu Jun 26 17:26:35 2003
Been there a few times...had some okay promos. Set up is poxy but they run okay
promos every now and then. if you are a regular you are looked after.
Kimmie , wantirna, Thu Jun 26 17:11:32 2003
u get a bit of every kinda music. from alternative, rnb to techno. also its a
cool local club to hang out at and u always run into people u know there.
Anon, Thu Apr 3 05:54:05 2003
Went to Cue Sportz for the 1st time eva LATE on Friday night. I expected a pool
hall. Wrong! It's a little dedicated club, with a big pool hall attached.
Great sound, lighting, and mainstream DJ (with some very cool cuts). Plenty of
seats and podiums. Okay looking crowd. Hype play live earlier in the night.
Not packed at 5am, but it is open 'til then.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Mon Oct 14 05:59:42 2002