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Saturday, April 1, Ď00
I stumbled across this Melbourne based band in Ballarat, at the 21 Arms nightclub. Unusually, they play a mix of ... ready for this ... commercial dance music. That's right, songs like Blue (Eiffel 65), and Don't call me Baby (Madisson Avenue). They also play a fair range of good party songs, the sorts of songs you will know and sing-along to, but the dance focus is their point of difference. I cannot think of another band that does it (reasonably well).

Obviously, this suits the band to nightclub gigs, or the sort of place where you might find DJs. It also means that they are one of the few bands, who actually have people dance to them. That is very unusual. This is a good crowd reaction in itself. They also involve people with songs to sing-along to.

The downside, however, is that people do not expect to find dance music from a band, and the types of people there to dance, may prefer a DJ to a band. Even though these guys sometimes use a backing tape to achieve an authentic sound, it is just not the same. However, it must be said that the crowd in question did get into it.

Superdudes are unique. Clearly they are targetting people into current top 40. It is just a case of whether they want a live performance of dance tunes.

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