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Fri @ Bar 8

Sunday @ Star (Bar)
Hey Luke, I think I'm right to say that the time had just come and one of the boys (Vid?) was heading overseas for a while.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jul 10 04:57:32 2008
Sunday @ Star (Bar)
Slumberyard, why did they finish up????
Luke, Brisbane, Tue Jul 8 16:26:20 2008
Sunday @ Star (Bar)
25.05: Slumberyard final @ Star
Slumberyardís last gig @ Star

This Sunday is the end of an era. After many years (maybe 13), Slumberyard is finishing up at The Star Bar, their signature night.
Max Moose, Melbourne, Wed May 21 08:22:34 2008
Sunday @ Star (Bar)
funky music upstairs with a good coverband downstairs, and a large, sweaty and dancy crowd
Chris, camberwell, Wed Apr 23 01:06:24 2008
Sunday @ Star (Bar)
i like it cause its a fun night out with a dj and a live band in one night
samantha, collingwood, Sun Apr 13 20:00:09 2008
Sunday @ Star (Bar)
Tess, alphington, Thu Feb 7 21:19:55 2008
Sunday @ Star (Bar)
Good music, always busy, cheap drinks.
Liam, Thu Jan 24 01:14:29 2008
Sunday @ Star (Bar)
good band
samantha, collingwood, Wed Sep 5 23:46:43 2007
Sunday @ Star (Bar)