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‘80s Enuff

Wednesday @ Unlisted Venue
Would like a quote for a Wednesday night work function?
Just passed Sunbury on the 11th of June 2008
Sharon Antonello, Melton, Fri May 23 23:46:55 2008
New Year’s Eve ‘06-‘07 @ Frost Bites!
31.12: NYE Street Party
Frost Bites
NYE Street Party
Street: Live bands and DJs
80s Enuff
with 21-20
DJs Matty G and Tom Tomich spinning the best of retro
Level 1: Rocking House Beats
Top DJs all night long
Jeremy K, Miss Peta, Scott Anderson
Level 2: Bling bling RnB
Get your groove on upstairs
DJ Deadly, Rodders, Bax
Tickets only $45 - on sale now at Frost Bites call 9827 7401
Ticket price includes entry to the biggest street party in Melbourne! Three
massive party rooms of entertainment! Five free drinks on your arrival. Tickets
selling fast - get in early today.
Frost Bites, South Yarra, Thu Dec 14 02:58:36 2006
Friday @ Blitz
07.07: blitz 28's
really good night and looking for pics
Gayle, berwick, Sat Jul 15 23:23:35 2006
melissa if you like 80s enuf,their ex lead guitarist sam vandenberg plays in new
band called dough boy.trio at glenferrie hotel thurs nights.rumoured to be very
top quality.
dameo, Mon Oct 17 14:06:03 2005

Thanks for that Dameo, I'll check the website & see if I can find an email
address to find out if they are anywhere else too.
Melissa, Bayswater, Sat Oct 15 12:48:33 2005
Melissa,80s enuff are at The Cubby House in Moonee Ponds Friday nights from 9.30
i think.Check out
Dameo, Tue Oct 11 17:59:49 2005
80s Enuff is no longer at the Star Bar, I was wondering if you had heard where
they may be playing now, as I & a number of friends are big fans.
Melissa, Bayswater, Sun Oct 9 23:08:46 2005
Thursday, December 23, ‘99
You would have to be surprised to hear that ‘80s Enuff is a coverband that play the greatest tracks of the 1980s. They get into character and play the songs that were big whilst we were growing up. From the tacky songs of the era, to the classics, they play it all, whilst dressed in the leather pants, daggy shirts, and hairstyles like the infamous mullett. Yes, there is plenty of synthesizer added in too.

Band Shot - Yes a real mullet Their playlist really covers the whole of the ‘80s. Everything from Huey Lewis (Power of Love), to Michael Jackson, and everything in between (very Twister). They like their brit pop, but are not affraid to have a go at anything else of the era, and they do it well.

The accuracy of the music is terrific, espeically with that authentic synthesiser sound, and you find yourself going on a journey back. We continually found ourselves singing along, and trying to name the artist before the band did.

Because of the range of music, they are best suited to the twenty plus age bracket who can remember when these songs were released, and enjoy the journey we did. That was the nature of the crowd the night we saw them, and they were certainly getting into the singing and dancing in a big way.

Go and see 80s Enuff when you want to go for a trip back to the 1980s.

Ben Clissold @