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Max Moose Email: Merry ChrisMoose; Get paid to party; Perfect Xmas catch-up with your girls; Club Awards; NYE, ChrisMoose Eve & more (December 2008)
Merry ChrisMoose
MAX MOOSE Special Edition
December 19 2008

Merry ChrisMoose Party Animals,

Best wishes for the season and sincere thanks for your enor-moose support through this, our 10th record breaking year.

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Get paid to party

Perfect Xmas catch-up with your girls

Our 10th birthday party

Melb Club Awards - Vote now

NYE, ChrisMoose Eve
For a merry ChrisMoose go to the parties at Loft
, Room tonight & Orange Whip Wednesday

What’s Hot

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This week’s ads

The Loft: Party with Santa & be the first to try Smirnoff Platinum this Sat

entourage melb: room fri: xmas party with anthony mundine live this friday! hit the guestlist now. birthday/functions page online

LakeWorks: The New Years Eve PARTY you're looking for. Tix selling fast. NYE 2008/09

Our 10th birthday party

Thanks to everyone who came to our 10th birthday party on Saturday. Its always a big night at The Loft, but 1078 people on our guestlist made for an enormoose night!

What’s Hot

Entourage RnB Friday @ Room has Anthony Mundine’s Christmas tonight, then Phinesse on Boxing Day next week. (info/guestlist)

Orange Whip made an incredible start. Massive queues before sunset! (info)

Rehab Sundays @ Castello’s Chelsea has been going strong (info).

Odeon’s renovations are open. Looks good (info).

Hunkmania, well, the girls love it (info).

If you like RnB, DysFunktional at The Loft Fridays is definitely worth a look.

Loft Saturday is smashing all records. Its full every week from 11pm. Great night. (guestlist)

Other popular topics

2am lockout beaten for now
2nd rate Casey NightRider here
Our Queensland visit
  Get paid to party!

Would you like to be paid $5 per person you bring clubbing plus drinkcards? Its an awesome deal! A couple of our favourite venues are looking for promoters, especially people who are into RnB or mainstream tunes. Fill in this page and they’ll contact you.

Perfect Xmas catch-up with your girls

Ladies, if you and your girlfriends are looking to catch-up before Christmas, follow this link for an awesome night out.

‘08 Club Awards - Vote now

Voting for the 2008 Melbourne Nightclub Awards is still open. Vote for your favourite nights, venues, DJs and coverbands. Make your friends vote too: maxmoose.com.au/awards

NYE, ChrisMoose Eve

Our NYE and ChrisMoose Eve listings are now open. Its starting to build up, so clubs add your stuff now. NYE highlights so far: H2o Lakeside, Lakeworks, Euro Bier Café and 4 My People (RnB).

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A recent club shot:

Great night @ The Loft (guestlist)

Work parties, birthday parties- its on. If you need a venue, we’ll help. See Loft’s ad or our Functions/B’days page.


We have the best My Space page for finding Melbourne nightspots, DJs and bands. We also have one you can befriend. Take a look.

Bus tours

Nightclub bus tours are a lot of fun. A bus, your friends, four clubs and competitions. You’re all on a bus, so nobody has to drive. Its a great night out. See our bus tours page.

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Thanks again for your enormoose support. We love partying with you.


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