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Max Moose Email: John Brumby imposes 2am curfew on clubbers. Petition & why he's got it so wrong. (May 2008)
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May 3 2008

Hello Party Animals,

John Brumby is imposing a draconian 2am curfew on Melbourne nightspots.

Once again, the State Government punishes the 80,000 young people who behave perfectly when they go clubbing, because of a handful of morons.

We're not standing for that. At the end of this story are simple things you can do to help.

Brumby's policy will cause violence. The number of angry people on the streets at 2am will soar. People don't cause trouble when they're dancing; they cause trouble when they're angry.

Since Brumby replaced Bracks, consultation has gone out the door. Club operators would tell him, amongst other things, that Liquor Licensing needs to be completely overhauled, bottle shops regulated, and that alcohol free underage events need to be encouraged, so people start clubbing knowing they can have a great time without getting blind.

Instead of addressing the problem, they attack venues again. This policy will put venues out of business and people out of jobs. It will take away something that makes Melbourne worth living in.

What happens when girls find themselves outside separated from friends inside the venue? They'll have to wait for friends alone outside.

How are venues going to build smoking areas before it starts in early June?

Its uninformed policy announced to cover up the freeway cost blowout, and on a Friday so it can't gather momentum over the weekend.

What you can do...

Read about it on the Herald-Sun website and vote in their survey.

Send John Brumby an Email: john.brumby@parliament.vic.gov.au

JOIN OUR PETITION: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=26212140928


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