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Max Moose Email: Lots of very, very big news: Frost Bites closing, Casey nightlife petition, Hallam reopens, our 9th birthday, Nightclub awards, Schoolies Week and more (Nov 2007)
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Our 9th birthday * Melb Nightclub awards * Schoolies Week * Hallam reopens * Frost Bites closing * Casey nightlife petition * Casey Nightrider * Birthdays/Functions * Bus Tours * MySpace

Hey Party Animals,

So much massive news. Pick the biggest story and forward it to your friends...

Our 9th birthday Party Sat @ The Loft

Max Moose is turning 9 so we're holding a party this Saturday at The Loft. We'll let you know all the details on Friday but keep it free. We're not aware of a longer running club site in the world. Your readership keeps us going, so we want to party with you on Saturday.

Schoolies Week

Finishing Year 12, but can't get to Queensland? Don't worry. Melbourne has much better nightlife. For the best way to do Schoolies in Melbourne, see

Frost Bites closing

We've been hearing rumours for ages, but now its official. Frost Bites is closing. Here's their official statement... "You heard right - Frostbites is closing down soon to make way for a bigger and better venue". We've asked for more info. Since its opening in the mid 90s, Frost Bites was one of the greatest party venues Melbourne ever saw. It will be missed.

Birthdays, functions, any party
any size

Its that time of year. Work parties, birthday parties- its on. If you need a venue, we can help.

Velour have some great offers at the moment (and great rooms) - see the Eflyer.

If that's not your style, see our Functions / Birthdays page. Here are some examples...

  • $100 drink cards for groups of 10+ (Loft Sat)
  • Big bar tabs for larger groups
  • Guestlists for smaller groups
  • Function rooms (inc. those above & others)
  • Bus tours ->

    My Space

    We have the My Space page for finding Melbourne nightspots, DJs and bands. We also have one you can befriend. Take a look.
  •   Melb Nightclub awards- vote now

    Have you voted for your favourite nights, venues, bands and DJs yet? The votes are flooding in and a lot of categories are very close. Support your favourites now, so we can tell everyone what the greatest experiences really are. See last week's Email for more info, or just vote now.

    The Hallam reopens

    The legendary Hallam Hotel has apparently reopened on Fridays. We're a bit slow on this one because its been hard to find info. The action seems to take place in the Mezz Lounge (ex Shed 7) with The Flaming Moes playing. They were the band that made The Hallam Fridays so popular eight years ago. Apparently they had about 250 there for the launch.

    Casey nightlife petition

    Someone has setup a petition demanding more nightlife in Casey for the outer South East. We'd suggest everyone out there should sign it and tell their friends to do the same. We need to get the message through. We understand that Liberal candidate for Holt Emanuele Cicchiello supports the petition. It can be found at:

    Casey Nightrider Update
    State Gov't turns blind eye on drink driving

    There's still no Nightrider to the City of Casey and drink driving on the Monash Freeway continues to escalate as a result. There was a suggestion that they might extend the Dandenong route but that won't work. Casey has the highest population of clubbers in Melbourne and needs its own route.

    Bus tours

    Nightclub bus tours are a lot of fun. A bus, your friends, four clubs and competitions. Because youíre all on a bus, nobody has to worry about driving. Its a great night out. Check out our bus tours page.

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    Thanks again for your enormoose support. We love partying with you.


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