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Max Moose Email: Where to be, Perth, Moose awards, Cup Eve, Functions, My Space, Bus tours (Oct 2007)
Go Cats- first Email we've sent since the victory
MAX MOOSE Special Edition
Where you should've been * Perth * Moose awards coming * Melbourne Cup Eve * Function areas * Birthdays, functions, any party * My Space * Bus tours

Hey Party Animals,

The Moose has been over in Perth for a couple of weeks. More on that in a second. This is the first Email we've sent since those Cats brought the flag back to Melbourne. Good job boys!

Anyway, on to club news (which you should forward to friends)...


  • Where you should've been
  • Perth - Australia’s club capital???
  • Moose awards coming
  • Melbourne Cup Eve
  • Three great function areas @ Velour
  • Birthdays, functions, any party
  • My Space
  • Bus tours

    Perth - Australia’s club capital???

    We’ve just arrived back from Perth; that's one city that knows how to party! We've clubbed everywhere, from London (inc. Ministry), to Ibiza (inc. Privilege), all over Europe, the UK, North America, and every capital city in Australia.

    When it comes to clubbing in Australia, there is no doubt that Perth and Melbourne are the best places to go clubbing by miles. Both would easily be in the best ten cities in the world to party.

    Melbourne used to be way ahead of Perth, but then Toohey's bought tons of great Melbourne venues and made them as dreadful as Sydney venues. Then Liquor Licensing started giving away too many licenses for little bars. Now, Melbourne DJs are trying to become too cool so the music they play is becoming too obscure.

    Perth doesn't have any of those problems. As a result they have a higher percentage of people going out, less trouble, and some great clubs.

    I don't know that its better than Melbourne just yet, but its getting close.

    Moose awards coming

    In the next week or so, we'll be launching the 2007 Max Moose Party Animal's Choice Awards. That's where you vote for the best nights, venues, DJs, Bands, and more. Stay tuned.

    Melbourne Cup Eve

    Clubs are starting to finalise their Melbourne Cup Eve plans. Our Cup Eve listings page is now open, so clubs, add your events. There's a few great events on. The best we've heard of so far is Icon's Spring Break party. They're bringing the Real Cancun spirit to life in their new look venue. Love that movie. Keep an eye on the listings.

    My Space

    We have the best My Space page for finding Melbourne nightspots, DJs and bands. We also have one you can befriend. Take a look.

    Bus tours

    Nightclub bus tours are a lot of fun. A bus, your friends, four clubs and competitions. Because you’re all on a bus, nobody has to worry about driving. Its a great night out. Check out our bus tours page.
  •   Where you should've been

    It's all happening. As has been the case all year, Max Moose readers are talking about The Loft, CQ and Famous on Saturdays.

    Take a look at the pics from The Loft. Then you'll want to jump on the guestlist. There's over 1000 people doing this every week...

    There was also all the fun of the Lil’ Jon gig at Billboard. See the pics...

    3 great function areas @ Velour

    We popped into Velour recently and discovered that they have three of the best function areas you'll ever find. Its a good looking venue located at the top of Flinders Lane with friendly staff which makes it even better. Its so perfect for birthday parties, work parties, anything.

    They have a large private room downstairs that holds 100-200 people.
    The back lounge holds 40-100 people.
    The front lounge is perfect for 10-40.

    You can find more information here. Highly recommended.

    Birthdays, functions, any party
    any size

    If you're having a party of any size for any reason, check into our Functions/Birthdays page. There's some irresistable offers (like the ones above).
    • $100 drink cards for groups of 10+ (The Loft Saturday)
    • Big bar tabs for larger groups
    • Guestlists for smaller groups
    • Function rooms (including those above and others)
    • Bus tours
    See all the offers in detail immediately.

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    Thanks again for your enormoose support. We love partying with you.


    Max Moose
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