Saturday @ Tramp Bar
Night:Saturday @ Tramp Bar
Short desc.:Legendary night. Big dose of electro. Jungle at 6am
Status:Weekly (Saturday)
Music:House, Techno
DJs:Anyo, Katie Drover, Luke Bowditch, Tapdeux, James Omerta, John Doe, Heath Renata, Jaydee Harahap, Katt Niall, Pete Laskins + big name guests
Dress:Trendy, Neat Casual, Relaxed
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25, 25-27, Over28
Correct at:Aug 4 12 (Max Moose)
Address:20 King St, Melbourne
The info above can get out of date quickly.
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Unfriendly venue thats open late - the
only good thing about it - otherwise a
dingy place with pretentious people
and unfriendly staff/bouncers. Would
avoid the trip into the city.
dreD, Richmond, Sat Oct 25 03:56:29 2014
Good and hard. Just the way I like it. Gotta have a buzz on Saturday nights.
Julian, Kew, Wed Feb 1 01:04:50 2012