MAX MOOSE Melbourne Reviews:
125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Night:Rockstar @ Icon
Short desc.:Pumpy & fun little spot, fav. nightclub tour stop
Status:VenueClosed (Saturday)
Music:Party/Retro, Com/Top40, RnB/Funk, House
Dress:Neat Casual, Relaxed
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25, 25-27
Covercharge:$8 with pass
Correct at:Aug 4 12 (Max Moose)
Address:125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
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Liked it. It's small, it had a good mix of songs and you could dance on the bar if you were daring enough
Melissa, scoresby, Tue Oct 19 04:02:00 2010
Icon is always good for a mix of music, AND you can dance on the bar! The best is when they light the bar on fire!
Carla, bulleen, Mon Jul 21 16:56:35 2008
good crowd, fun music, not too busy, easy to get too.
Natasha, Vermont , Thu Apr 10 18:16:40 2008
03.05: party bus
what clubs are good on a saturday night. tell me.
Kirsty, Hampton Park, Sun Mar 16 09:24:52 2008

On the back of some of our biggest Fridays and Saturdays ever, its time to celebrate:
Icon's 10th Birthday
Next Friday August 17

Icon celebrates 10 years as Melbourne's ultimate party destination
and marks its move into a new era of madness



10th Birthday Party

Friday August 17

Icon celebrates 10 years
as Melbourne's ultimate party destination
and moves into a new era of madness

Melbourne's hottest DJs
playing all your favourite
top 40 dance / house & RnB

Happy hour 8pm 'til 10pm
$4 basic spirits - $2 Carlton Draught Pots
Bring 10 friends in before 11pm for a $100 drink card

Nova 100.3fm

125 Flinders Lane, City | 0425 854 987
Management reserves all rights. 18+ photo ID required. Dress standards apply.


Our Friday and Saturday nights are flying, partying harder than ever.

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Our amazing offers, function deals and info
including a $100 drinkcard if you bring 10 friends (must be on the guestlist)

Icon, CBD, Thu Aug 9 07:00:07 2007
al n i lost our clubginity at icon n loved every minute! the vibe was insane -of course the part wher u can shake ur ass on the bar -strut ur stuff!! madd vibe -madd bouncers!!!! luv'd et!! rate it!!
karina, lilydale, Sun Jul 22 15:07:39 2007
Icon firing: party central

A combination of bus ads on late night TV and Max Moose ads has Icon firing. Both Fridays and Saturdays are as good as we can remember them. It has a real party atmosphere with a flaming bar you can dance on, just like on Coyote Ugly. Jump on tonight's guestlist.
Max Moose, Fri Jul 20 05:52:52 2007
heyy. im a VIP at this bar, frikken love it. the bar staff and security are
great fun, especially in the early hours of the morning.
great times!
Rhiannon, Richmond, Mon May 28 22:59:36 2007
I love it because it has variety and ya can dance on the bar
Amy, Chelsea, Mon Sep 11 04:30:54 2006
Icon has a wicked atmosphere and a good vibe! I LOVE THE DANCIN ON THE BAR!!!
Jess, narre warren, Tue Sep 5 12:27:28 2006
I was down with the crew on Saturday night... have to say great night, one of
the best around. Mad music all night, cheap drinks and NO ATTITUDE!! Can't waite
for this weekend... Going to head back Sunday night!!! Long weekend should be a
massive night. Might even get up on the bar for a dance if I have enough
JagerBombs. Cheers!
Johnny, sth melb, Wed Jun 7 16:25:21 2006
good vibe
AnonyMoose, melton, Thu May 25 22:10:48 2006
i like it because its always full and cheap drinks. n its half half instead of
all one sex and its easier to get in then some places.
David, Brighton east, Tue Mar 21 03:43:20 2006
i can dance to music i actually like, its got good drinks and i have a lot of
fun there.
eliza, brighton, Wed Feb 15 20:46:39 2006
Went to icon last night... wasn't great. Some good music but not enough house.
$10 cover charge is too much considering you wouldn't be there all night long.
Pez, Sun Jan 22 21:11:11 2006
Me and the girls went last nite (so we added some sexiness as requested) and
we're going back next saturday!!! Awesome staff (cute bouncers!), hotties (that
don't hassle you too much) and dancing on the bar.... watch out for me next
Torie, Heathmont, Sun Oct 30 14:47:49 2005
I've started working back at the old Icon, and i need to say, we need more good-
looking people there! So if your hot, get your ass down here!!!
M. Dillon, Box Hill, Wed Oct 26 08:23:36 2005
Able to dance on bar, great atmoshphere, great crowd of people.
Laura, wantirna south, Fri Sep 30 00:26:27 2005
its great dancing on the bar and there's good dance music. Needs more house
music though.
Mick, wantirna, Wed Sep 21 03:46:32 2005
Hot bartenders, Flames and Dancing on the bar!! What else would you want! I have
been to party clubs such as Twister but have never had as much fun as Icon bar.
The daggy music I thought would be played was replaced with the coolest and most
upbeat party set I have heard in ages. Staff are super fun and friendly and
drinks are good and very well made. Highly Recommended!!
Holly Jackson, Sth Yarra, Wed Jun 15 15:29:26 2005
Great atmosphere, nice people, comfortable and good music. Bar lighting on fire
is awesome!
Jess, Hampton, Mon Jun 6 05:21:28 2005
I used to work at the venue, so i have a biased opinion, but i still love it.
You can go there and drink and relax without being bothered by security! Ladies
are great, especially when on the bar, the angles!!! Oh yeah! Bar chicks too,
theres no probs there!
M. Dillon, Box Hill, Thu Mar 31 08:24:27 2005
Not too big so not overrun by weird people. I love dancing on the bar.
Jen, Ormond, Wed Mar 9 04:31:48 2005
I love dancing on the bar with all the pretty ladies
David, Clyde, Sun Mar 6 22:55:40 2005
This place is great especially when you want to just let your hair down and go
crazy! Great mixture of crowd, from the hens nights to the 18th and 21st b'day
parties going on all around ya. Good one Icon!!!
Kelly, Westgarth, Tue Jan 18 10:31:48 2005
jus had to say that theres way too many girls at this place!!!
anon, Mon Jan 17 14:05:19 2005
I love the mixture of the music they play, I love to get up on the bar and
dance, and my friends enjoy it.
Kylie, Diamond Creek, Sun Jan 9 02:53:21 2005
It's relaxed and you can dance on the bar.. And you can move...
Jackie, Werribee, Thu Dec 23 00:54:08 2004
Great night, the venue has everything you need. From great service to reasonable
prices. The security made us feel welcome and safe, they were really down to
earth. The bar staff were great and were having as much fun as we were. Good
night out if your looking to let your hair down and meet new people. Definitely
going back next week.
Rachel, Lower Plenty, Tue Dec 7 11:49:29 2004
The thing i liked about it was the good service, how you got your drink quick,
the drink specials and getting to dance on top of the bar was the best thing
about it. Also when they play tequilla!
Carli, Mitcham, Sat Dec 4 19:56:20 2004
I love it because you get to do what every girl dreams of doing, and thats
dancing on the bar!!!
Erin, Langwarrin, Sun Oct 24 21:51:34 2004
black booty dont get to excited, yeah u can dance on the bar, but the place is
small, no one dances, old-ish crowd and girls ing and pushing to get on the bar.
there r heaps better places.
lee, Tue Oct 19 13:16:53 2004
Love dancing on the bar making a dick out of myself
David, clyde, Mon Oct 18 19:54:31 2004
the music is awesome and you can dance on the bar
laura, dandenong, Thu Oct 7 04:22:24 2004
i LOVE this place.. the bouncers are awesome, there's a well dressed and fun
crowd, and great bar staff. whats not to like? dancing on the bar is always a
bonus too! go there if you're in the mood for a great, fun night with no sleazy
Katie, Camberwell, Sun Sep 26 14:05:40 2004
Icon brings a lot of stuff one cannot experience anywhere else in the Melb.
clubbing scene:
1. Bouncers that are actually smart, fun and polite. (Really encouraging)
2. Good ventilation and as someone said, it really is not smokey though everyone
rafael, Fri Sep 17 22:13:33 2004
great scene, good crowd, an awesome night
Dee, Mill Park, Fri Jun 18 01:14:08 2004
Yeah this night was mad. Great bouncers, great atmosphere, not to smokey. I'm
not really a fan of the music, but I was still able to dance and make a fool of
Ian, Endeavour Hills, Mon Apr 19 09:37:58 2004
it has an awesome atmosphere. the ability to dance on a bar is great. i love
rachel, melton, Thu Mar 18 02:04:59 2004
Icon is mad because you can dance on the bar all night
Kylie, Fri Mar 12 15:06:00 2004
its great dancing on the bar! and it has a really good atmosphere and everyone
always has a smile on thier face! well almost everyone!
lelu, mornington, Thu Mar 4 16:57:33 2004
I like it because it plays mad music and you can dance on tables. The people
are really friendly and its a generally good atmosphere. I love it!
Mel, Malvern, Thu Feb 26 04:26:06 2004
Love that it has a younger crowd, dance on the bar and the best looking girls.
Dave, Narre Warren, Thu Oct 9 03:54:56 2003
good music, its a nice set up and a good crowd
jessica, epping, Tue Jun 10 05:29:51 2003
you can always go and have truck loads of fun
alex, viewbank, Thu Apr 17 05:57:51 2003
Does anyone know how much the cover charge is for icon?? As well as the dress
code(denim, runners?) and the best time to head in to aviod queues, but for it
to still be good.
pins&needles, melbourne, Tue Mar 18 13:44:46 2003
Its fun to sit down and have a chat, then after a few drinks getting onto the
bar to dance simply makes the night incredible
Sian Cameron, Mt. Evelyn, Mon Mar 17 01:45:50 2003
Haven't been to Icon Bar in ages but it was just awesome. Great looking guys,
awesome music and there these guys taking photos of people in the crowd with
their mobiles and helping them pick up other people in the crowd. Does anyone
know what sort of brand it is as I want one? Very funny night. Forgot what the
time was and it was suddenly 5am and I was still dancing.
Hanna, Camberwell, Mon Oct 14 12:50:23 2002