MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




6 Mt Dandenong Rd, Ringwood East

Great drinks. Good music.
David, Croydon South , Wed Aug 7 13:47:53 2019
close to home and good mix
shaz, ferntree gully, Sat Nov 22 19:17:31 2008
i've been wanting to try out daiseys for awhile, but i hear its kinda sleazy? i get the same reaction for daiseys as if i mention dakkas.
is it realy that bad? and whats the best night to go?
brianna, ringwood, Thu Dec 27 02:25:45 2007
it's good.
kirstie, wantirna, Tue Oct 2 02:22:28 2007
hey guys is daiseys open on sat nights again? if so whats the go? dj or band or
both? cover charge?
dameo, kilsyth south, Tue Nov 28 16:20:23 2006
Fun, easy going people, good music and cheap drinks
Joel, Bayswater North, Wed Nov 22 02:03:55 2006
mate went 2 dazies last sat night and it was closed dont think its open on
saturday nights nemore!
jimmy, Thu Sep 1 13:47:21 2005
Passionfruit Pulp
Hey does anyone knoew if these guys are back at Daiseys yet? they had 2 weeks
off while at merc but not sure if they are back at Daiseys.Any info be
welcome.Pref by sat as need to find where they are so mates n i can organise
taxis etc.
Dameo, Kilsyth, Wed Jul 20 14:32:23 2005
hey i pashed some girl at dazies last saturday.but she was drunk so she gave me
the wrong number i think her name was jay or something
jimmy, mooroolbark, Tue Jul 5 13:36:17 2005
"The club's good but the lack of a 'real' DJ keeps me wanting." The DJ at that
time which you Largely criticise would have to be one of Melbourne's best DJ's.
Matt Browne has been working in the industry for over 18 years. His ability to
read the crowd, mix and cater for all tastes is second to none. He's the reason
that DNC was so popular and a criticism from you only proves that you don't know
what you’re talking about. Sorry he wasn't playing your choice of music but he's
got other more appreciative people to worry about!
Paul, Sun Apr 28 13:40:32 2002
May 12, 2001
Daisey's Nightclub, or DNC as it is now known, has been operating on a Saturday night for quite a few years now and has established a regular clientele. They aim for a fairly laid back crowd with a dress code of neat casual, but are extremely image based as they're a dance club and want people to dress as if they are going to a club. Guys must wear pants - neat denim is allowed, and most girls either wear knee length skirts but if the night is a little cold, some opt for pants.

Saturday's see a crowd of all ages, but mostly those between the age of 18 to 25. The club opens at nine, but most people don't start arriving until midnight and the club closes at three. The club can hold eleven hundred people at capacity and the lines outside are massive if you're not a member and arrive after eleven. If the night is busy, they open a second tier to the club which comprises of another bar and more seating, but no room to dance. To increase capacity, they also open up the adjoining sports bar and call it the 'Blue Room', it plays mostly retro dance hits.

The dance floor in the main room is quite small and people spill over onto the carpet. The DJ is easily accessible and will play your requests. UV lighting is in use, so watch out for white underwear underneath see through clothing! The bar is long and stretches across most the length of the main room but it can be hard to get service, especially when the staff do tricks with the bottles that they are not competent enough to pull off.

The Blue Room also has its own bar. Seating can be a problem if you don't get in early and have a designated seat holder throughout the night, but as the seating area is raised, many resort to sitting on the seating level with their legs dangling down.

DNC has no bands and the music style in the main room is a case of anything goes, from commercial pop, to Wheatus to hardcore dance - whatever the DJ feels the crowd is in the mood for. The forced Wheatus was a big turn off for me!

There are two pool tables in the main room and another two in the blue room. there are also two car racing arcade games in the main room. Entry is $6, or free with membership. Membership is a case of getting lucky when they hand around the sign up board. Drinks are a standard $5.50 with Illusion shakers $8 all night.

The club's good but the lack of a 'real' DJ keeps me wanting. I go there because it's in my area and means I don't have to drive if I want a night out where I can drink, and still get to work on a Sunday morning. It's comfortable and the best place in the Ringwood area.

Leah Simmons