MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Over 28s Berwick - Blitz Club 28




Berwick Springs Hotel, 248 Clyde Rd, Berwick
Night name:Blitz Club 28
DJs:Two DJs playing what you want to hear
Music:Com/Top40, Party/Retro, House, RnB/Funk
Short desc.:Popular local over 28s night
Dress:Classy, Trendy, Smart
Age group:Over28
Covercharge:Free b4 11 with flyer
Specials:Complimentary Champagne on entry.Fingerfood til 11
Correct at:Jul 27 ’06 (Max Moose)

This night is closed. For the best info on current Melbourne over 28s club nights, go to Hub 4 Singles.
Max Moose, Melbourne, Thu Sep 16 00:38:47 2021
wow what a hole I was surprised
the didn't have a no moccasins
allowed sign at the door that being
said my boyfriend was more fearful
of my safety from the bouncers
than the sketchy clientèle the place
has been done up in a similar style
to my grade six graduation dance
while it may seemed slightly more
depressing it all would have been
fine for a local had the bouncers not
been stirring up fights with anyone
who happened to be looking like
they were enjoying them selves
they were worse than any place I've been and been to a few dives
in my time one of our friends went
up to talk to one of the bouncers a
big fijian guy to ask him a question
and he told him straight out before
he even spoke the guy he was told
to off then when he tried to
ask again the guys chased him
down the road this particular friend
happens to be one of the softest
guys we know we were shocked
never again now matter how far we
have to get out of berwick
sarah , berwick , Thu Sep 1 02:44:49 2011
good music great crowd. not bad for an over 25s.
Age, Narre Warren, Wed Oct 20 17:25:18 2010
too far
dan, brunswick, Sat Apr 10 23:13:29 2010
for saturday night just i wanna know if you open late cause you re in a hotel thu...
maria said, williamstown, Wed Jan 13 15:45:55 2010
hi.. just one quesion.. do you open late cause you re in a hotel? thu
maria said, williamstown, Wed Jan 13 15:42:12 2010
Friday nite at th Blitz is the best night. Good crowd, good music, an the best part is its loe to home. Perfect night out.
Angela, Narre Warren, Thu Apr 9 21:10:06 2009
its fun. i like it :)
beth, berwick, Mon Mar 30 00:42:11 2009
love it. you meet new people and see a lot of your friends there
Melissa, doveton , Thu Jun 5 17:43:42 2008
its okay and its closest to home
Tanya, Officer, Fri May 16 22:19:21 2008
it rocks!!! awesome music, fantastic crowd!!
J, Sat Dec 22 01:59:34 2007
I like it coz its close to home and whenever me n my mates decides to go and get drunk then we just go to Blitz and have a mad night.
b, narre warren south, Fri Nov 2 22:29:28 2007
its got good djs
steph, berwick, Mon Jun 25 03:59:30 2007
i love blitz cause every time i go there i have a ball....ive met so many
people it keep it going.....
carol, cranbourne, Sun Apr 15 22:14:18 2007
awesome crowd, great music, no hassle good fun!!
Jess, Clayton South, Fri Apr 13 03:47:32 2007
i know adam 12 is not at blitz made amisstake filled thingy out wrong so there
cazza, cranbourne, Thu Mar 15 14:11:23 2007
Adam 12
adam12 aren't at blitz on friday. their at drink.
george, Thu Mar 15 14:01:21 2007
Adam 12
blitz is great place to chill out and have agoodnite dancing and meeting
people......go there
carol, cranbourne, Thu Mar 15 13:35:27 2007
hey there groovers hey bi njust want to drop a line and say im a regular at
blitz28 ilove it .great place to hang out and meet addicted to the
place .just wondering u can tell me where the photos taken a couple of months
ago would be cant find them..
cazza, cranbourne, Thu Mar 15 13:30:33 2007
Been a couple of times now to Blitz Fridays and its a really good nite, both
times have been really full and the crowd and music are awesome! will definately
make it a regular event to go there ;-)
Jess, Clayton South, Sat Mar 10 15:22:47 2007
Bloody good for an over 28's
Sean, South Yarra, Mon Jan 8 19:33:01 2007
the music is awesome, mixed songs. its a clean tidy well dressed club...
L, Pakenham, Wed Nov 1 01:27:34 2006
just wana know what crowd and music
play there
vicki sgouros, caulfield, Fri Oct 6 09:42:16 2006
07.07: blitz 28's
'80s Enuff
really good night and looking for pics
Gayle, berwick, Sat Jul 15 23:23:35 2006
07.07: Launch Blitz over 28s
Friday Nights Over 28s
Blitz Club 28
Castellos Berwick Springs Hotel
No denim so dress to impress
Grand Opening Friday July 7
Doors open at 9.00
We have seen the rest and made the best
- 9.00 - 3.00 am
- Complimentary champagne on arrival
- Finger food til 11.00
- 2 DJs playing the music "YOU WANT TO HEAR"
Club Blitz will be one of Melbourne’s Premier Over 28s Clubs. We have a simple
philosophy that has guaranteed success. "Listen to the Client"
BPM Entertainment, 9702 6223, 1300 857 857
Over 28s at its best
Castellos Berwick Springs Hotel, Cnr Greaves and Clyde Rd, Berwick. Management
reserves the right to refuse entry - dress code and I.D. apply
Blitz, Berwick, Sat Jul 1 01:23:33 2006
It appears that Blitz has dumped its Friday. That's quite a surprise to me. The
first week was okay and the second week is always a tough one, but with few
other places out that way, I thought it would have come good.
Hmmm... well... I guess that means 1422 on Fridays or saving your efforts for
Saturday. Saturday Blitz hit capacity before 10.30 and was full all night.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu May 4 17:39:15 2006
Checked out the opening Friday at Blitz. Some of the comments on here have been
overly negative.
Look, I haven't been there on a Saturday recently to compare it, but I thought
the Friday was pretty good.
It was better than half full, which was big considering that they didn't have
much time to let people know they were opening.
It was a good looking crowd; sort of like the best of Furnace Friday v Blitz
Saturday. The pics (evidence) of that will be up soon.
The DJs were okay. They mixed it up quite a lot, playing plenty of house.
This night will take off. The Furnace crowd has two local choices 1422 or Blitz.
The band lovers will go to 1422. Everyone else will choose the venue with the
DJs and people they want. Blitz is very competitive on that front.
Enough of the Furnace crowd will go there Friday that it will become Furnace
Friday @ Blitz, and be a different crowd to Saturday. Those that liked Furnace
Friday but not Blitz Saturday should like Blitz Friday unless they were into
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Apr 27 00:15:22 2006
Wow... Blitz on friday nite, fun fun fun... not many ppl there but i still
enjoyed myself!!! It was the same sorta crowd as when it first open... but it's
alright... i'll be back on friday!!!!
Natalie, Emerald, Wed Apr 26 11:14:59 2006
Mark - at least there were some people at Blitz - there were only 40 people at
the Nu.
Dave, Narre, Sat Apr 22 18:43:01 2006
21.04: Blitz Friday's
Not a bad night, good music and good vibe. just needed more people. a poor kick
start to blitz friday nights. no where near capacity, or even half.... a bit sad
on the behalf. but overall it was great fun and great music.
Mark, Berwick, Sat Apr 22 15:41:13 2006
21.04: Blitz Friday Launches
Grand Opening this Fri 21st April.
Blitz Nightclub, Berwick Springs Hotel, 248 Clyde Rd, Berwick
9.00 – 3.00am
Free entry b4 10.00
Present this email for free entry til 11.00 (valid till 5th May)
Free give aways every Friday night
Furnace has closed but the vibe will be very much alive with rotating club D.Js
D.J. Ash D Cruz’n
D.J. Craig G
D.J. Jay “Jester”
D.J. Simon H
D.J. Mike$
Coming to Club Blitz Friday nights!!!!!
R’n’B Versus House.
See some of Melbourne’s best up and coming Urban, R’n’B, Hip hop, up-tempo funk
playing off against House, old skool, vocal house, club tunes
Sets will be mixed all night and you decide who will play off against
Melbourne’s best
Sat night at Club Blitz is business as usual with rotating D.Js playing your
favorite Old Skool, Dance and Latest House

Blitz, Berwick, Thu Apr 20 17:38:11 2006
Yeah Hunni, lets turn blitz in2 a boxing ring. Remember the RnB room at Brass?
Thats where all the trouble was and why the place got such a bad rep. The south
east RnB crowd are try hard gangstas and thugs. Besides which RnB is soooooo
last year.
Keepin it real, Narre Warren, Wed Apr 19 23:03:28 2006
The suburbs need a good r&b night. maybe the management should look at starting
an r&B night as there is a big market especially in the south east. I know for
sure that alot of my friends would come. I miss r&b wednesday at Brass. Lol.
R&B Hunni, Berwick, Wed Apr 19 22:07:25 2006
OMG finally!! Blitz to open friday nights!! AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!
AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! I love Blitz, can't wait to go to the
friday night opening!! It's going to go off!!
jesska is hot, I'd live in blitz if i could!!, Wed Apr 19 00:49:35 2006
blitz is alright, but furnace was awesome and i dont wanna go to dandy to see
adam 12... bring adam 12 to blitz or bring furnace back!!!! :o(
Kristie, berwick, Tue Apr 18 16:24:18 2006
21.04: Blitz Friday launches
Blitz is also set to open next Friday in the wake of Furnace being shut down
(April 21). Its Saturdays have been running at capacity from 2003 to today, but
despite requests for it, they haven’t opened on Fridays until now. We’ll know
more next week, but it seems that similar to Saturday they will focus on DJs
rather than a band.
Max Moose, MaxMoose World HQ, Fri Apr 14 07:11:09 2006
This night is now closed
Thought I better drop by for one last time. It closed on Saturday. It was pretty
quiet, but the staff were still the friendliest around.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Oct 13 23:06:35 2002
This night has changes a little since Brass Monkey opened. You now pay a $4 covercharge for a $20 drinkcard, thus the name Four n Twenty. Coverband Lime also take the stage (27.9.02).
June 7, 2002
Fridays at Blitz are becoming younger and more stylish. At the start it was an older night, but now it is more like their Tuesday, with 18 to 23s dominating the night. It tends to be less consistent than their Saturday, which is partly due to the local footy competition, and possibly because the entertainment varies a fair bit, with the odd celebrity dropping by. For example, they have had some bloke from Triple M with an American accent for the past few weeks, and for the next few they are having Wet 'n' Wild Calendar girls, or something like that.

Again, most of the crowd is local from around the Berwick, Narre Warren, Hallam, Pakenham and Cranbourne part of the world, and there is a fair bit of cross-over with Hallam's famous Thursday crowd. The young ladies dress like princesses, the blokes don't bother. They are not quite as outgoing as the other nights at Blitz, but it is still friendly with a good pick-up rate.

The arrival time seems to vary a bit due to the footy. I generally don't get there until later (maybe midnight), but people seem to arrive around 10-10.30, with a peak about midnight, and starting to quieten after 2am. It isn't quite as big as the other nights, but because the age group is tight, it should grow a little. On a standard Friday, the main room is pretty full, there are a few in the sports bar, and the VIP bar is usually closed unless there is a party on (see the other reviews of Blitz for a description of the venue).

There is no band on Friday, so the music is all up to DJ Lee Davies, Disco Dave and friends. That is not a bad thing because Lee is a great DJ, and it gives them time to mix it up. They can play some sightly harder house tunes than on their other nights, and build longer sets without the band interupting. However, the celebrities often cause interuptions of their own.

As always at Blitz, the prices are pretty friendly by nightclub standards, and Blitz is a nightclub, not a pub.

Fridays still need to find their niche, but it looks like being a young night, with a little bit of style the odd celebrity appearance. Stay tuned to MAX MOOSE to find out how it develops, but drop by for a look by all means.

Ben Clissold