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Friday @ Eden
07.09: New Photos Up
New photos uploaded. Check them out.

Max Moose, MaxMoose World HQ, Wed Sep 12 00:31:29 2012
Tuesday @ Beaconsfield Central (Cench)
Has moments of absolute awesomeness. Usually really good, especially during holidays.
Toby, Wed Sep 12 00:11:52 2012
Sunday @ Star (Bar)
Not what it used to be, but still ok.
Chris, Tue Sep 11 23:18:35 2012
Sunday @ Alumbra
It's good to have something with some real soul. Good way to wind down.
Jimmy, Southbank, Tue Sep 11 22:14:46 2012
Saturday @ Precinct, The
Like the band and the setup. Crowds a bit older than most of the places on here, and pretty easy going.
Gerard, Fri Sep 7 13:10:53 2012
Friday @ Berwick Inn
absolutely smashes it. eveyr week. good times with good friends with DJs in the bistro and front room. must be a 1000 peeps there.
ryan, berwick, Fri Sep 7 13:09:37 2012
Saturday @ Eden
08.09: Stevie Mink late
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Stevie Mink late Saturday! - Haze RnB tonight! - Win...

Sol Republic White Tracks Sol Republic Red Tracks Win Sol Republic

Just Friend OurTime Entertainment or
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7pm Saturday to go into the draw!

Thanks to our friends at Sol Republic Australia

Haze Friday (RnB) takes off! See the pics...

RnB, Hip-Hop, Old n New Skool

K Dee - Jay-J - Nova
Lightning - Shaggz
Eden - 163 Russell St, Melbourne

Friday Drink specials
9-11: $5 Basic Spirits, $5 Coronas. All Night: $5 Wet Pussy Shots

Both nights: Collect a $100 drinkcard
if you bring 10 friends in on your guestlist before 11pm. 0411 630 730 to setup.
Perfect for birthdays, hens nights, etc.

Saturday Drink Specials 9-11pm:
$5 basic spirits, $8 Jagerbombs, $3 Carlton Draught pots

Eden Saturdays are on fire! Stevie Mink late...


September 8th
Special Guest

Stevie Mink

House / RnB / Electro
DJ Ryza / DJ Ontime / Azza M

Call 0411 630 730 for guestlist or VIP treatment - 163 Russell St CBD - Doors Open 9pm
Eden Management Have The Right To Refuse Entry. Over 18+ ID Required

See & Tag the latest pics!

Eden - 0411630730 - 163 Russell St, Melbourne
(right in the heart of the action between Bourke St & Little Bourke St - map)
Doors Open Sat 9pm - 5AM+

Info, Pics, Guestlist & more:
or Eden Saturdays on Facebook

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Eden, Melbourne, Fri Sep 7 13:06:29 2012
Saturday @ Dakota, Club
The old & reliable local. Always a good night
Gen, Thu Sep 6 23:46:56 2012
Friday @ Eden
Checked out that new Friday at Eden last week. Not bad. I like that its RnB but its a bit more normal than all those other RnB nights. You know every song and its good to dance to.
Gen, Thu Sep 6 16:36:33 2012
Sunday @ Love Machine
One of the most unique nights going around. Huge gay crowd. Huge straight crowd. All in the one place. It has some real attitude about it, and some excellent music.
Claire, St Kilda, Thu Sep 6 14:54:07 2012
Saturday @ Chasers
Yeah. Like it.
George, Thu Sep 6 12:45:15 2012
Saturday @ Eden
I always leave with sore feet! We just dance all night. Every song's a winner.
Lee, Thu Sep 6 12:04:37 2012
Saturday @ Eve
Cool & classy. Love it.
Deb, Elwood, Thu Sep 6 12:02:16 2012
Saturday @ Marquee
Marquee Saturday. Wow! Just a crazy time.
Sam, Murrumbeena, Thu Sep 6 10:11:15 2012
Sunday @ Barkly, Hotel
There's something about this place. House in a pub on Sunday. Just works.
George, Thu Sep 6 03:14:58 2012
Saturday @ Wah Wah Lounge
Good & hard. Just what I need!!!
Toby, Thu Sep 6 03:11:58 2012
Monday @ Pit 5 Industry Bar
A lot of Melbourne's bar staff and DJs can be found here on Monday nights. Good to hang-out.
Darren, Melbourne, Thu Sep 6 02:53:35 2012
Friday @ Boutique
Always a bit of a mix. Slightly older after work crew. I like it that way.
Seth, Albert Park, Thu Sep 6 01:22:24 2012
Wednesday @ Chelsea Heights Hotel
Hey, was that Katut or whatever his name is from those Rhonda car insurance ads at Hump Day last week?
Billy, Asp Gards, Thu Sep 6 00:07:52 2012
Thursday @ Orange Whip
Nah Amanda. Noizy is the place to be in Ringwood on Thursday!!!! Big name DJs, hot crowd. It just totally kicks butt.
Bec, Croydon, Wed Sep 5 23:25:05 2012
Thursday @ Dakota, Club
Dakota's Thursday is SO MUCH FUN! Me and the girls do it every week - never disappoints. Dancing, drinking, dancing, drinking, you know how it goes. Good uni crowd. All your high school buddies are there. Can't go wrong.
Amanda, Lilydale, Wed Sep 5 23:09:31 2012
Saturday @ Fusion
Love how they combine Co & Fusion onto one ticket now. Makes Crown a great experience on Saturday night. Awesome music too.
Craig, Heathcote, Wed Sep 5 20:52:44 2012
Thursday @ Shakers Lounge
Big name DJs in Narre! Yeah - love it! Kills it every week. The best music out this way by a mile.
Joey, Berwick, Wed Sep 5 16:16:07 2012
Wednesday @ Chelsea Heights Hotel
Love the Humpty! Great DJs and setup.
Toby, Parkdale, Wed Sep 5 15:58:18 2012
Saturday @ Khokolat Bar
Yeah, like this RnB night too. Always good value.
RnB Guy, Funkston, Wed Sep 5 14:01:43 2012
Friday @ Eden
New RnB night on the block. Really good the other week.
RnB Guy, Funkston, Wed Sep 5 14:00:35 2012
Friday @ Khokolat Bar
Not a bad RnB night
RnB Guy, Funkston, Wed Sep 5 13:59:54 2012
Thursday @ Fusion
Legendary RnB night! Defs one to check out.
RnB Guy, Funkston, Wed Sep 5 13:57:59 2012
Saturday @ Eden
It gets no better than Eden Saturdays. Amazing venue & a crazy party.
Katie, Hawthorn, Wed Sep 5 11:11:50 2012
Tuesday @ Room 680
Memories, hazy memories.
Sara, Burwood, Wed Sep 5 11:10:29 2012
Sunday @ Geebung Polo Club
There is no better way for a single gal to spend her Sunday afternoon!
Sara, Burwood, Wed Sep 5 11:08:11 2012
Saturday @ Baroq
Don't mind Baroq on a Saturday either.
Sara, Burwood, Wed Sep 5 11:06:49 2012
Friday @ Spice Market
Spice is an amazing venue. Interesting crowd. Not a bad night.
Sara, Burwood, Wed Sep 5 11:03:19 2012
Friday @ Baroq
Like Baroq on a Friday night. Classy crowd, good music. Always leave with stories.
Sara, Burwood, Wed Sep 5 11:02:40 2012
Thursday @ Eve
Eve's Thursday is sooo good. Love it. Awesome place.
Sara, Burwood, Wed Sep 5 10:49:47 2012
Wednesday @ Harp (of Erin)
Love the Harp on Wednesday. Really easy going but you can make it a lot of fun.
Sara, Burwood, Wed Sep 5 10:43:13 2012
Saturday @ Billboard
Okay night. Not totally my scene, but has enough things to like.
Doug, Mt Waverley, Wed Sep 5 01:33:19 2012
Friday @ Fusion
have checked this night out a couple of times lately. Good idea to have all of Crown L3 open. Good variety & a street type atmosphere between the venues.
Doug, Mt Waverley, Wed Sep 5 01:32:35 2012
Thursday @ Billboard
Legendary night. Such a good crowd. Always full.
Doug, Mt Waverley, Wed Sep 5 01:30:41 2012
Monday @ Pugg Mahones
Good for a Monday. Lots of backpackers, plenty of action.
Doug, Mt Waverley, Wed Sep 5 01:29:21 2012
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