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With Furnace and a couple of others closing there are very few nightclubs between Blitz in Berwick and Chapel Street. There are approximately 20,000 people aged between 18 and 25 living in the City of Casey and thatís growing rapidly, but their only local options are the small Berwick Inn, Blitz or 1422. Otherwise they have to drive (tolls, parking and petrol) or catch a cab to the city ($80 each way) because the Night Rider goes no further than Dandenong (still a $30 cab ride away).

The clubbers in Casey need and deserve an extension to the Night Rider service, but true to form, the Bracks Government is doing nothing. We need to get them off their behinds.

We are putting together a regular petition, which you can download here (petitions to Parliament need hand-written signatures). However, we only need a couple of signatures for a petition, but can make a strong point with the electronic petition below. Please add your name, and ask your friends to sign as well...

To the Honourable The President and Members of the Legislative Council assembled in Parliament

The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that the Night Rider bus service does not service the City of Casey, the largest and fastest growing municipality in Victoria, and home to about 20,000 people aged between 18 and 25.

Your Petitioners therefore pray/request that a much greater amount of public transport be provided to the region generally, but particularly by way of adding a Night Rider route to service Casey as a matter of urgency.

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337.Glen KingPakenhami have been advocating for this service to come as far as Pakenham for a number of years. This service is very much needed in our community.
336.AnnaEndeavour HillsThe wait in Dandenong is scary. Never again.
335.JenCranbourneYeh give us a direct bus not an all night tour through machetteville.
334.KellyNarreIt sucks
333.JohnEndeavour HillsIt would be quicker and safer to ride my BMX down the Monash. The government bites the big one.
332.KatieNarre NorthWhy do we always get the second class option? Luke Donnellon sucks.
331.GeorgieBeaconsfield3 of the worst hours of your life. avoid it.
330.JenHallamIt takes forever. Never using it again.
329.SophieNarre WarrenI used to live in Wantirna. Yeah Casey has been ripped off here. I went on the Casey NightRider and its so much worse than the Wantirna one. It took so long and that stop in Dandenong is the scariest thing ever.
328.TimBerwickI don't like the 3 hour ride much either but it does get me home cheaper than a cab and earlier than the first train. Yeah a direct route would be heaps better but a crap service is better than no service.
327.JohnnoBerwickyeah - 3 hours is normal. its crap.
326.TiffBerickGirls, do not use this system. its scary. especillay the wait in dandy. ewww. useless politicians
325.JoHampton Park1 hour & 52 mins Ben? and the rest. It took us over 3 hours to get home the other week, and that was with a psycho speedie driver. Its the worst bus trip in Melbourne & you can't feel safe. Two thumbs down J Brumby.
324.Ben ClissoldNarre WarrenThe NightRider Service has begun, but its a second rate one because its not a direct route. If you leave the city at 3.30, youíll be in Berwick at 5.22 after a pleasant 33 minute wait on the street in Dandenong. Mr Brumby is useless when it comes to nightlife and transport.
323.Joshua Saunder-StentNoble ParkNew Nightrider service starts this saturday it will be run by grendas every 30min it will be calles cranbourne loop service via endeavour hills berwick narre warren and cranbourne lets c how it works
322.AmadHallamRidiculous! This sevice needs to be runing. the only other way to get home is by taxi, and thats just too expensive.
321.joshua saunders stentNARRE WARRWENtalkin to a ventura bus driver recently he said new bus timetables for dandenong and cranbourne loop services sould start soon so this means when the bus ends at dandenong there will b a connecting bus service to cranbourne this will b called dandenong loop service i dont know when it will start b or it willl b grendas or ventura thats what the driver said
320.Simon HarrisHallam
319.jessy .Hampton Parklet my mates come out with me too, they can't get home from dandy.
318.Melisa NormanEndeavour Hillswe need one because if we want to go out their has to be a D/D and its not fair on the D/D not having fun with mates
317.monique s narre warren sth
316.Daniela CikovaEdeavour Hills
315.Emma CouchNarre WarrenIf a place as crap as dandy can get the nightrider bus, then we deserve it too ^_^
314.chris bodinnarre warrendefenatly a good idea
313.Rhiannon LaporteNarre WarrenWe really need this Night Rider.
312.Vanessa IrahetaCranbourne North
311.Candis ReedCranbourne NorthWE NEED A NIGHTRIDER PLEASE!
310.Stacey KnipeBerwickThere is no doubt that berwick and surrouding suburbs are in absolute need to be included in a nightrider route. A taxi service from the city is very pricey, and even from the exsisting dandenong nightrider, the price is still $30 plus. And of course there are dangers associated with waiting for a taxi at Dandenong. The point is, it would be in everyones best interest if the night rider service reached even more south east suburbs, it would provide a safe and extremely cheaper trip home, while ensuring the safety of the city of casyes residents.
309.Pauline SchultzeCranbourne 3977
308.Kerryn AltrnroxelPakenhamI think it is a great idea! and long overdue
307.Lauren ReardonNarre Warren SouthI think it is a great idea and I hope that there is some action regarding this matter!
306.nick mclennanberwickits about time a night rider came out our way, sick of paying up to $100 for a trip home, i mean lets be honest as a uni student i spend half my wage a week just trying to get home from the city every week
305.Lauren HayesCranbourne South
304.Erin RitchieBerwick
303.Jesse RehautEndeavour hillsA service that is long overdue. save us from the seedy early morning ongoings of dandenong station!
302.Stephanie IllingBerwick
301.Erin StevensCranbourneGreat plan!!!
300.Ben WhiteBerwickIt is not safe, and very inconvinient to get off at Dandenong Station and then have to catch a taxi from that point to home. A nightrider service to Berwick and surrounding areas would be used by plenty of city-goers, providing them with a safe and convinient way home.
299.hayley rutternarre warren southplease! its so hard for me to get home!
298.Sam De JerseyCastlemaine
297.Daniel CarusoNarre WarrenGet onto it u lazy ass politican bastards, instead of talkin shit all day do sumthin useful 4 once
296.Brooke HunterBerwickWe need a nightrider tooo berwick!!!!!!!!!
295.Tim ParryNarre WarrenEither night rider or later trains. Either way something should be done.
293.Josh KeysNarre WarrenSaves us money, and also the worry of being left in the city til dawn( when the first trains start)
292.Michael AndersonNarre WarrenAlot better than forking out $80 for a cab!
291.adam dennisnarre warren
290.hayley turnercockatoowith a night rider we wouldnt need to have a designated driver coz were stuck getting back from dandy or the city
289.Krystal GreerCranbourneThis is horrid, not accounting for the youth out here. It's like we don't exist.
288.Melissa StoodleyCranbourneThis is well over due. How many kids ahve to get killed in cars trying to get home before something is done????
287.Amanda Louise EigenraamCranbourne East
286.Cetin MustCasey
285.Paul ManzieCarrum Downs
284.Ashlee Pasalskyjnarre warrenIts stupid that something hasnt been done.. Its even hard to catch a taxi after u get off it when theres 20 other people waiting for taxis too!
283.Lauren GalasEndeavour Hills
282.Shallon GorhamCranbourne
281.Alicia SillcockPakenham
279.Lisa HickeyCranbourne
278.Joanne TurnerCranbourne 3977
277.Emma ScottCranbourne
276.Toby PassauerCranbourne NorthIts not nice walking 3km from Merinda Station to my house at 2am.. And waiting at Dandenong Station at 1:30am gives me the jitters. Please assist the S/E suburbs
275.karley jollandscranbournewe need night rider to stop in cranbourtne so we can get home afta big nite out, instead of hanggin around da streets a melbourne waitin for 1st train, bored looking for entertainment sometimes finds trouble.....
274.Luke HarrisBerwickcheaper than taxis!
273.Michael ShannonCranbourneWhat want to keep us safe, but finish at dandenong station. It is so hard to catch a taxi so late at night
272.kylie van bakelEndeavour Hillsplz look after us
271.Calvin McLeodPakenhamive been stranded in the city many times!
270.Craig HalsallEdithvale
269.Melanie Lorimer BerwickThis is something that would be of use to this area
268.Emily NeilsonFerntree Gully
267.StaceySt AlbansThe Nightrider route to the city of Casey is vital. Having the nightrider service operating in all of Vicotira is important in decreases the chance of crimes such as rape and assault as people are not left in the city or surrounding surburbs will no escape route. Also the taxi service in the city is hopeless and can leave people waiting an 1-1.5hrs.
266.Jason ClarkEndeavour Hills
265.Laura MaguireLilydale
264.Peter LynchNarre Warren SouthWith such a young population, a Nightrider service to Narre Warren South is essential.
263.Roxy Howepakenham
262.camille schoenfeldercranbourne west
261.Allison O'BrienDevon MeadowsHow can the fastest growing region in Victoria not be considered a strong enough reason to bring the Nightrider to Casey? Wake up Bracksy - you've just lost a lot of votes
260.Mark HarrisonTynong
259.Matthew KirwanKeysboroughWith over 200,000 people (a large proportion of them young) - the City of Casey and the Shire of Cardinia need a Nightrider service.
258.Nicole FranziniPakenhamPlease extend the bus, I've been stuck in the city and dandenong too many times, its dangerous
257.Robin CarberyUpweyi have m8s who live in that area, it costs them an arm n a leg to get home, most of the time they come back to mine. NEED THE NIGHTRIDER coz the rentals r sick of drunks walking in the house @ 4am =D
256.dale vincentbeaconsfieldcmon bring on new nightrider. even if it only goes to bez is better than dandy. party on
255.MichaelNarre Warrenthe cost of a taxi is a joke! bring in the NIGHTRIDER.
254.Nathan Biceskyecome on get us our nite rida
253.Caseyendeavour hillsplease let the night rider bus to have a route in south eastern suburbs !!!!!!
252.LaurenHampton ParkYou can only so often go out to the locals!! The bus would be an awesome idea for people wanting to experience the city night life and who want 2 get home alive rather then waiting at dandy at 4am!!
251.Paije NolanCheltenhamthere needs to be more nightriders running during the night, and more often. i was sitting waiting for the bus to come and i was waiting there for well over an hour and a half! so yeah please more buses more often!!!
250.Meaghan GHighettthe night rider rocks!!!!
249.Nicole CarlonPakenhampublic transport to and from pakenham is terrible. Not only that, but drink driving late at night on the monash is rampant. We definitely need a nightrider to casey
248.Rosemary DamonEast BentleighMore public transport, more often - please!
247.Renee JacobsNoble ParkThere should be a lot more night buses, stopping at normal bus routes that a day bus would.
246.Laura MullenNarre Warren sthwe need this night rider
244.Bianca WarnPearcedale
243.Sarah Goulopoulosofficerwe need this bus!! a trip 2 the city from casey area is a fantastic night, the bus would top it off!!!
242.Ashleigh FraserEndeavour Hillsdo it!
241.Kieran Thomsgembrook
240.Glen AtwellEumemmerringCabs are a ripoff and sometimes dangerous. I'm sick of worrying whether or not I am (or the driver) is 0.05% - this service would be used every week! Bring it Bracksy, bring it.
239.SamCranbourneThey want less drink driving then give us a nightrider!..the only close club is Blits or Daveys we need more options!
238.JDCranbourne NorthEither Steve Bracks gives us a bus, or hes the designated driver when im at chaps. Im with Amie, she can drive! ... we're all set.. just giev us a bus, before we steal one :O
237.Becky BassPakenham
236.Amie KelletBeaconsfieldWe need the bus to come out here, if worse comes to worse i'll drive it.....
235.Damith AbeysekeraNarre Warren SouthSleeping on Uni couches is getting painful
234.danni calvicranbourne
233.sheree nevinnarree
232.Adele Bydderskyenot only do we need a nightrider we need a later one than 4.30
231.abby ivankovicbeaconsfield
230.Michael DBerwickSteve Bracks you have to lift mate. Lift your game.
229.EliseGuys Hillit would make going out in the city so much easier and cheaper!
228.Lauren ToogoodEumemmerringso much cheaper than a taxi, and more reliable
227.chris bowey cranbourne
226.BogmanSHITSVILLEYea hi we live in shitville and need a bus to our crappy area!
225.Kate WallEndeavour Hills
224.rosie pauledithvale
223.Amanda SandersonBerwickMelbourne has extended further out and the night rider should as well!!!
222.Matthew AhlgrenEndeavour Hills
221.Jessica OasninHampton Park
220.EileenberwickBe great to not have to stress bout transport when headin out ..
219.Ben Kregorseaford
218.Makaila AndersonCranbourne
217.Renee ConroyEndeavour HillsYes i beleive we need a night rider that way i dont have to call the folks to pick me up in early hours of the morning and to save more money for the next weekend .
216.JamieCranbourneI'm always partying and can never find a driver and taxi's are to expensive.
214.Mara LatimerRingwoodThis is without a doubt a wicked idea.. gives us a good opportunity to get to and from the city!
213.Rachel NeumannCarnegieit would be fanatastic if there was a bus coming up the north road way, PLEASE consider it! thanks
212.Graham EvansCranbourne West
211.Jesswah CordeauxEndeavour HillsCome on. Do it. Take one for the team.
210.Amy McGloinBERWICK
209.beth kellySkyeIt would be so close to home if you started these night riders!
208.Luke WishartCranbourneWould make travelling to the city a little less of a worry and you would spend more knowing you could get home cheaper.
207.Erika YlaganEndeavou Hills
206.Natasha Van Der Peetguys hill
205.karly counihanEast Bentleigh
204.kate dynamiteNarre Warren great idea/incentive 4 ppl not 2 drive. i lost ma licence (luckily) for the 1st time in 5 years & i hav ALWAYS been the driver. iv jst been luky not to b cought. not that i think the night rider runs late enough anyway, but the ideas there to get party ppl off the rd.
203.Claire NNarre Warren
202.kylie filiusendeavour hills
201.Luke HarrisBerwick
200.Katelin D Endeavor Hills
199.Simone MartinNarre Warrengood idea, just lost my lisence...
198.dayle selleckcranbourneshould i just drink and drive instead?
197.Shane LewisMulgraveit would help alot of people i know... i used to live there in narre.
196.shannon watsonberwicka night rider bus would be so awesome taxis cost far to much and w always have to have a designated driver
195.kelly hogbenCranbourne
194.Michelle RobertsScoresbyI would use this service much safer than Taxi
193.Jodie AndersonSouth YarraI currently live in the city, but will be moving to Narre Warren soon. Please have a night rider bus by then so I can still enjoy going out every weekend!!!!
192.Ashley AblittNarre Warren NorthWe need a bus out to the outer suburbs, its getting too expensive to pay for cabs all the time, and there are no good locals around here any more. we shouldn;t have to suffer for that
191.Ruth PattersonNarre Warren
190.Stacey DolanCranbourne West
189.gavin smithBerwick
188.William SharpChelseaWe have the luxary of the bus going to Mornington and Rosebud, after years of petition down that way. The Transport Companies should supply equal routes so all people can get home, especially those in Pakenham, Berwick and Beaconsfiled... I fully support this petition... Bus companies wake up !!!
187.Lorenza MifsudCranbourne
186.Amy BeattieEndeavour Hills
185.Luke ChoycePakenhamyeh get it all the way to Pakenham.. caught the night rider ONCE got dropped at dandee bout 3.. walked to narre warren up princess hwy.. by the time I got there the trains started running.. if it had been a Sunday I probly would have walked all the way to Pakenham.. and been 20kilos lighter.. I DON'T HAVE A SPARE 20 KILOS!
184.Amy GrovesHighettMakes this valuable asset available to people that live
183.Susie Novak Berwick
182.Sarah WillcocksLysterfield
181.kate pakenhampakenham
180.BrunsyFerntree Gully
179.Nat DevitsakisMt WaverleyThe Nightrider has been so useful in areas that I've travelled to early in the morning. It would be fantastic to have this efficient service servicing as many areas as possible.
178.Timara Mac Far LaneBerwickWhy should other smaller area's have safe public transport home after 12 when the city of casy has the largest number of teenagers in the state. The night rider to the S.E. suburbs is long over due.
177.Amanda GoricaneWheelers HillGreat idea!! Now if you could include Glen Waverley and surrounding areas!!!
176.Rose LewisRowville
175.Laura Mullennarrewarren Sth.
174.Nathan SwanPakenham
173.ShereeNarre warren Northits only a little bit further than dandenong and probably a safer place to stop!
172.lisa watsondocklandsi have cousins out that way and it bites having to be the designated driver and hike it out there cuz theres no other way for them 2 get home!!
171.Helen MegasNorth Balwyn
170.Jay CashmoreNarre Warren
169.Christina Panayimelton
168.Kayla CloughBlind Bight
167.annie MullenNarre Warren Sththis nightrider to s.e suburbs is a great idea and would always have business!
166.Angela ChilcottNunawading
165.Erin Cusworth-WarnerBelgrave South
164.Cassie SummitSeafordLets start looking to the safety for our youth.
163.Nicole HastieLang Lang
162.Allison TonksPakenham
161.Kate LynchCranbourne NorthNight Rider needs to come closer to Cranbourne. Dandenong is nightmare to be at in the middle of the night, plus a taxi around there is hard to come by to get home after the night rider stop. Please get the bus to come to Narre Warren!
160.Shannon GillHampton Park
159.AmyDevon Meadows
158.melanie spokeshastings
157.Allison O'BrienDevon Meadows
156.Troy LaceyEndeavour Hills
155.Kelly PidkowaBerwick
154.Cassandra (Narre Warren)Narre Warren
153.Robin Dzedins, JPWARNEETCasey should have the Night Rider Service. This city has a very fast growth in the number of young people, who are being disadvantaged by extermely poor public transport services.
152.Steven RoddaNarre Warren
151.Carmel RoddaNarre Warren
150.OdetteNarre Warren
149.TarshNarre Warren
148.LukeNarre Warren
147.Esther KrauseNarre Warrenrealy they should go as far as Pakenham - city. they should be every 1/2 hour during 10pm - 4am . while 1 is driving out of city the other is going in. Also lots of the young kids out this way go to Twister & clubs that way ,night rider needs go more that way.
146.Barry RogersLynbrook 3975urgently & badly NEEDED
145.Melissa RNarre Warren
144.HOBBITCranbourneDO IT FOOLS... p p p p p please
143.ashlee CranbourneCranbourneWe need something to do like on weekends.... all other local stuff sucks... and it costs to much for taxi and transport to go to city for all good places.....
142.Dominique BatschowanowBerwickWe need this so bad. going to the city takes up all my cash for the entire month!
141.Dannielle TaylorDandenong
140.Trevor TEndeavour Hills
139.Samantha Hnarre warren
138.emma HampsonBeaconsfieldBring it on!!! thats why sum of us cant be bothered goin to the city when you have to save that extra $30 plus to get from dandenong home... utter crap! not as if the trains run til 3/4/5/6am in the morning and not everyone is "money bags' to be paying for a $80 cab home... waste of money! Bring on the buses!!
137.Janelle DonaldsonEndeavour HillsThis would make life so much easier to get from the city... this a great idea!
136.Renata BarczakEndeavour HillsIm sick of paying 20 bucks on top of the nightrider fare to get home each weekend! BRING IT TO E-TOWN!
135.Fiona BurlEndeavour HillsDon't leave us out
134.Greg LawsonLynbrookWe need the Nightrider extended to service our area, as Melbourne is growing more on this side of the city than the other. The youth population need a way to get home safely.
133.jason asplin Cranbourne
132.tim asplin Cranbourne
131.Holly BarrowNarre Warren South
130.J. McDonaldCranbourne NorthAs the parent of a teenager, I believe we need the Nightrider extended to service our area. Please give our growing youth population a way to get home safely.
129.Daria Balticoburgthere needs to be a nightrider for the people of casey. otherwise they'll loose too much weight running from the gang's on the trains, and we can't have a skinny nation can we!
128.Carly CarterBeaconsfield
127.James CarterBeaconsfieldWith the vast population moving into the south east area beyond the 40km of the city centre, it is crucial for there to be transport options for people in and out of the city.
126.Lauren BurlEndeavour HillsThis is the best petition I have ever signed!!! Definite definite need for an extension of the Nightrider service to Casey!! Bring it on!!
125.Amie HockingNarre Warren
124.Sarah ThorneCranbourneNIGHT RIDER needs to expland its horizons
123.H PortorsCranbourne I dont want to wait until 6 to catch the first train home and i dont feel safe getting off at dandenong and waiting ages for a taxi. Bring the night rider to Cranbourne!!!or just somewhere closer.
122.Nicole TilleyCranbourne
121.Sharyn TilleyCranbourneThis is definitely a must as sitting at Dandeong station waiting for a taxi to come at early hours in the morning is not the safiest thing to do.
120.Melissa WanklynCarrumI have a few friends that live near Berwick, and having caught the night bus a few times, this method is just so much more safer and definitely much cheaper! Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own city.
119.Drax La'CuervoJewtownDoes it come complete with David Hasselhoff? Durp!
118.Jess MignanoEndeavour HillsWe need the night rider bus!!!! I would rather catch the bus safely to my suburb then be stranded in the city all night.
117.Michael RobinsonBeaconsfieldI am an 19 year old bloke who loves nothing to go into the city occassionally and have a night out, that consists of a few drinks ofcourse. Trains stop around midnight, and the nightrider ends in the worst suburb in Melbourne, being Dandenong, still $30 out of my pocket. We need the longer route
116.Chuck DynamiteMitcham
115.Simon LovelessBerwick
114.Sarah KoncewiczBerwick
113.Angela DolinarPakenham
112.courtney gibbinsberwick
111.Claire SammutNarre WarrenNarre Warren is one of the fastest growing areas in the state, we even have krispy kremes...we shouldn't have to pay $80 for a taxi from Dandenong..
110.Jacinta MoroneyDovetonDandenong isn't a safe place at night. Its dangerous, if your waiting for a taxi, for a bus or even a lift home.
109.Tim AhlgrenEndeavour HillsWaiting in Dandenong isn't fun or safe at all at night or early morning. We definitely need it extended, and stopping at points such as Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre, Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, High Street in Berwick, Casey Central, Cranbourne Shopping Centre, etc.
108.Melissa SmithNarre WarrenWith the fastest growing and biggest population in melbourne why hasnt something been done sooner? With the price of petrol and and taxi fares it is to expensive to go out for the nite. The night rider could also possibly avoid situtations involving drunk drivers.
107.Elise McGheecranbourne please give us a nightrider bus, i want to experience the city night life more often!!!
106.Sharyn McGheecranbourne C'mon bracksy give casey a nightrider bus!!
105.Bevan Kannemeyerhampton parki pitty the fool who dosnt give us the bus
104.Ryan HarrisonNarre WarrenFight the power!
103.Trent DaveyBerwickHow can the bus not come out this way?? its the fastest growing area in the whole bloody state..Doesnt that click that maybe theres a lot of young people here???
102.Jessica McKinlayUpper BeaconsfieldPleeeease bring the Knight Rider to's too dangerous and cold to wait around for the 6am train!!
101.Marco NorderBerwickCan't believe it goes to the stix like near puffing billy and that but not Berwick and that, there needs to be an extension of the Dandy bus, to a central point like Fountain Gate or Berwick.
100.DanniiPakenhamok nothin against the locals but its kinda too much of a usual we need more places to go with out havin to plan on the whole how we gettin there an home thing its like goin away!! they go on about how not to drink an drive if something was done out this way it may somehow cut some of it out!! let me tell u it would be well used!!
99.courtney barnespakenhamlife would be made so much easier for younger people in the casey and cardinia areas. it would also reduce the road tolls of drink drivers as their would be easier ways to get home from a big night out. bring it on!!!!!
98.troy mccoskerhallam
97.elly macfairy flosswe need night riders on thurs night!!!!!!!
96.Trentcrannyget me a bus to cranny damn you!
95.Timnarre northI hate clubs...but i like drinking...anywhere...occasionally my travels take me to the city...i cant get home...It sucks...NIight rider to casey...Great idea
94.Tyron Aldricknar nar gooncum on bracksy, give us a go
93.cassie tooheypakenhami would use the bus every weekend if it came through pakenham. i refuse to get off at dandy where it is unsafe
92.Erin Cusworth-WarnerBelgrave South
91.Anna SaundersCranbourne
90.steve johnsoncranbournewe need the night rider to run later and come out further in the south east suburbs
89.Krystal McCranny Sth
88.Laura CCranbourne
87.Jessica TunstallCranbournethe downside of night riders atm are the fact we have to wait in either frankston or dandenong at sparrows fart for a taxi..if it took us closer to home it'd be great!
86.Stephanie WilliamsCranbourne Sth
85.Troy McLeishPAKENHAMy dose rosebud get a nightrider and we in the fastest growth area in the contry dont get a the bs or any transport after 10pm saturdays and 7:30 am on sunday, how are we ment to go out and enjoy ourselfs if we cant get home. could this be why there is so many car crashes in the area at nihgt
84.YokelBooney LandWe need a night rider in BOONEY LAND!!!!!
83.Sarah Levyberwick
82.Dean VincentBeaconsfieldthe night rider is definitely much needed out here. the only options we have at the moment are wait around til 8:30am for the first train, catch a ridiculously expensive taxi, or catch the night rider to dandy and wait around for a cab at 5 in the morning in possibly victoria's seediest town. alternatively, we could resort to drink driving or hitchhiking. bring the bus to berwick, or maybe even pakenham.
81.Dolores BriffaRowville
80.Emma Turnernarre warren south
79.Kelly LivingsBerwickthe nightrider is much needed out our way. what do they expect us to do, get off and dandy and wait for a cab. no way in hell is that gonna happen. so please give us what we have longed for. i cheap ride home from the city.
78.Hayley MitchellNarre Warren North
77.chantelle beaumontBerwickwe need the bus, helps us not rely on friends to be designated drivers so everyone has fun and also saves us 80 dollars on a taxi home! bring the bus to casey!
76.Donna MilesPakenhamWhen will there be more places for younger adults to hang out and meet new people in the outer south eastern suburbs? Even when furnace was still alive I didn't think that was enough. Bring on a night club to Pakenham, or a way to come home from a night club that won't cost us as much to think twice about drink driving just to get home without it costing a fortune
75.Danielle AmiottPakenhamIt is badly needed in Casey!! We deserve it just like everyone else!! Ppplllleeeeaaasssseeee.....
74.Ellyse HerbertHampton parkA night rider bus service is definitly needed in Casey! Uni students like myself cant afford a taxi each way, the train system is a joke and not safe and who wants to drive if you are going to a club or pub?
73.josh holdenberwickwe want the bussssssssssss in casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
72.Zoe GartonBerwick
71.Sarah PinksterNarre WarrenWe need the nightrider to come to casey. its way to expensive to catch a cab and even driving these days is to expensive. Give casey cheap, safe transport. Dont we deserve it too?? Dam right we do!!
70.Ash Kellettnarre warrenBRING THE BUS 2 CASEY!!
69.sharon frederiksenNarre warren south
68.claudia betsycranbourne
67.Andrew Menegattiblackburn south
66.FrederiksenNarre Warren SthAs a parent with a daughter turning 18 and a son not far behind it is a big concern as to their safety for transport home when they venture into the city for clubs and entertainment I think this service is well over due and needs to implemented immediatley.
65.Sarah MedcraftBentleighI have so many friends who live out that way and have to stay at peoples places coz they can't get home so it would be great to have night nider buses out that way.
64.ruby collinspakenhamEven if the bus doesn't come out as far as Pakenham.... it'd be a hell of a lot easier getting home from somewhere like Berwick than the city!! However, Pakenham is the quickest growing suburb in Melbourne these days so shouldn't public transport cater for that?
63.jodie berwickwe dont head to the city as much as we would like to because its not safe for a groupe of girls to wait around at train stationa at 5 in the morning......
62.GrewerNarre Warren NOrthi would love my child to travel safely too and from the city.
61.Angela UgarkovicEndeavour HillsWaiting around at Dandenong for a taxi, or for the bus' or trains to start working isn't the safest place for a girl and at times even a small group of friends. Not to mention, whats the point of catching the night rider if we have to wait for other public transport to begin? Not only that but on top of Dandenong not being safe neither is Flinders St train station early in the morning, one of my friends had a knife pulled out on him and was asked for money by a group of guys. At least if we don't have to wait in places like that where big gangs hang out we would be a bit safer. And not to mention if we are doing the right thing by not drinking and driving, why not give us something back for it?
60.jessica khalidclyde north
59.Rosie MilneHurstbridgeAlthough the nightrider doesn't go out to hurstbridge, i appreciate being able to take it to eltham, and other clubbers deserve to be able to use this great service. :)
58.laura Narre Warren SouthNarre Warren Souththis would be awsome. i could go to the city every week end and drink. this would be great. plz let it stop near clyd rd near blitz thanx mwa
57.Sanjay RobertBurwoodI dont live in SE suburbs, but have many friends who live in Narre Warren and Berwick and even though I can find a way home its hard for them. You gotta do it Bracksy.
56.Elise AdamsPakenhamIt would make it soooo much easier for heaps of us if we had some transport out here, instead of waiting for trains to start at 7 in the morning to take us home from a big night out. Night riders are so much more safe and dependable...please please please
55.Lance CowanEndeavour Hills
54.ashley dickberwick
53.sarah jecksglen irisI have many friends in SE suburbs for whom it woudl b very handy to have this service, and for myself also when i stay with them.
52.Trista LynexNarre WarrenWe desperatly need the night rider bus to come to Casey!!
51.David SilverNarre Warrennightrider is a great idea huge population in casey of kids that cant go to city because you have to wait hours for the first train or pay $70+ for a taxi.
50.Leslie GrahamNarre WarrenWe want the nightrider!
49.Jess VannutiniNarre Warren SouthWe need a nightrider to Casey,I have been in so many dangerous situations when getting off the nightrider and being strandard in Dandenong.
48.Shane SelimNarre Warren Southget a bus!!!!
47.cara grattonberwickim putttig my name on this petition because i live in berwick and would like the night rider to come to the city of casey.
46.Julie McDonaldNarre Warren NorthNightRider to Narre Warren would be a much cheaper option than the taxi ride I recently had that cost me $78.00 to get home. Makes going out a luxury at that price.
45.Natasha AmbroseCranbourne
44.Cathrin MorandinHallam
43.Simon WilsonUpper BeaconsfieldPLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET US THIS BUS!!!!!
42.nadia da silvanarre warren
41.Elizabeth AnningEndeavour Hills
40.Tara JacksonHampton Parkabout time! if we get the night rider to come further than dande i might get a night off being the designated driver!
39.Elise Bryce-JohnsonBeaumarisI used to live in Narre Warren and part of the reason I moved away from Casey council was because of how impossible it is to get home safely at night. I have friends still in Narre who even resort to hitch-hiking to get home from the city, or are forced to wait at the train station for 4+ hours for the first train. It's disgusting.
38.Dean GallowayHAMPTON PARK
36.Jodie DundonCranbourne
35.Caitlin Johnsonstrathmore
34.Damien GeoffreyBerwick
33.Karen GulBerwickPlease have the night rider extended to city of casey (Berwick in particular). As there's only 1 nightclub in Berwick now, we have to go into the City, and finding a way into and back home from the City is very hard. Once the nightrider stops in Dandenong, you then have to call a taxi or get someone to pick you up.And waiting in Dandenong for a while is very daunting for me and my girlfriends!!!!
32.Kara BarnesNarre Warren
31.Madeline WoodbridgeBerwickPlease add my signature. me and my friends REALLY REALLY want the nightrider to come to Berwick! Help us Berwick is in the middle of nowhere!
30.Courtney BeerenBerwick
29.Lauren BeachNarre Warren Nth
27.Daniel FDandenongBring it to casey guys. I havent had a great nite in ages because I always have to be the sober one and drive my sorry arse everywhere to go to a club and never touch the booze. C'mon do somethin about it!
26.Laura CardonaHallam
24.shona.gberwickIt's about time something is done
23.Nicole SEndeavour Hills This would be so helpful..having the nightrider travel closer to home will make things so much easier and way cheaper.At least casey clubbers will also be safer. Awesome petition I am 100% behind you.
22.Cameron CollinsNarre WarrenHelp us young people to get home after a big night out, bring the Night Rider to Casey!!!
21.Simon FosterNarre warren south
20.Melanie AtlkinsNarre warren south
19.Sandy HaleBentleigh EastThe Nightrider doesn't come to my suburb so I feel bad for other people in my position.
18.Steven SmithNoble Park
17.nadia bets cranbourne
16.Alice MorganNarre Warren SouthThis would most probably stop a large amount of drink driving, running from taxi's without paying and less distruction of train. Finally a good idea!
15.Jody GlancyHampton ParkTo bring the nightriders down and running in casey would be excellent! It's a much safer way then walking expecially if you are not in a large group or you are by yourself. And it is alot cheaper than a taxi and your sure to all fit in.
13.Meaghan GrahamCranbourne West
12.Sian ThomasCranbournewe definately need the night rider to go to the south east suburbs catching a taxi is just to much money
11.Dee Eldridgewheelers hill
10.Stacie MayerNarre Warren North
9.Sarah BeddoeNarre Warren
8.Shona LoganMalvern EastThe night rider bus system is an invaluable service to young people. This would encourage young people to not drive and catch the bus.
7.Eloise WarburtonBeaconsfieldLong Overdue
6.leanne newsomeBerwickdeffinately agree... you cannot party in the city and catch a taxi back to berwick0 thats rediculous! We must either drive, or be fortunate enough to know someone that lives resonably close to the city! This would be a great service for young people.
5.Audrie PouRichmondI have just moved to the city from Hallam so I know how helpful a nightrider bus to the area is. Im all for the idea.
4.Jason Marienarre warren
3.Kelly HutchinsonHallamI used to live in Patterson Lakes and i used the Night Rider all the time. I was a safe, convenient and cheap way to get home, as a taxi was about $70. Now I've moved to Hallam it's no longer available to me. As a result, I've found I just don't make that much of an effort to go to a night out in the city. I prefer to go closer to home to save on cab fare. The city is a great place to go for a night out. Whether it's for dinner, drinks, dancing or partying, and it's such a disappointment that the residents of this area don't have access to the Night Rider service.
2.Chris Haasberwick
1.Ben ClissoldNarre WarrenA huge percentage of Melbourne's clubbers come from Casey. Casey clubbers are entitled to the same safety and affordable access to Melbourne's nightlife as anyone else.