MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





389 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

May 16, 2001
Scu Bar is a cool little place situated on Lonsdale St. Funkier than a bar, but better than a club, this has to be one of my fav places.

It's on the South side of Lonsdale St, and everytime we've gone in a car, we've found a park reletivly close by. Don't count on it though, I could just be lucky!

I've never come across a queue to get in and there's no cover charge. Inside, it's often comes across as being quite empty, but there is so many little nooks and crannies to hide in. There's heaps of couches, so it's great to chill out here, as well as a pool table. You can have to wait a while for the table though.

The crowd is one of the friendliest I've seen. Scubar is quite small, and the crowd is very relaxed. The age range is maybe 20-27 or so, and you may come across a few suits. Most of the crowd is fairly trendy and good looking though.

The dance floor only takes up around a fifth of the room, with rest dedicated to the couches, pool area and bean bags. The coolest feature is the carpeted walls and the fishtank. The music, is fairly relaxed early, around 9-10pm but apparently gets a lot harder later on. It's the kind of place you can meet up with friends before a big night clubbing, or hang around in if you are over that whole 'meatmarket scene'. I've always kicked on before closing, but I hear it closes around 3.

The DJ was experimenting with some hiphop, early in the evening but wouldn't play any more when asked because he said he had to stick to his set. Most of the people in there went up and requested it and he wouldn't budge. That was the only disapointment.

Drink prices are fairly standard, with pots around $2.70 and mixed drinks around the $5-6 mark. The free entry is a bonus though.

The best thing about the Scubar is the relaxed atmoshpere, and the friendly crowd. The decor is pretty fly, and you will usually get one of the couches, or if you're really lucky, that funky bean bag thing beside the bar!

Lauryna Tipinades