MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




50 Johnston St, Fitzroy

I always have fun at the Laundry on Wednesday because it's karaoke night.
Perfect excuse to get trashed and pretend to be a rock star. The hosts pride
themselves on having the funkiest song list around and it truly is a beauty.
Danny, reservoir, Thu Jun 5 05:28:40 2003
The Laundry has Extreme Karaoke on Wednesday's and it's like totally fun. I go
there every week, and sing my little heart out, and everybody's really nice and
cheers at me at the end. They have the bestest songs too, my personal favourite
being 'Lovefool' by the Cardigans. Or "Hanky Panky." It's all good.
Penny, northcote, Wed May 28 10:38:13 2003
The coverband formally know as Quarantine are now known as Blown. They play at
the Essendon Grand on Friday nights and are worth having a look-in.
Have to agree with Danny G , went to the Laundry last night for a birthday, and
besides being way too hot because of the weather, it was a really enjoyable
night! :)
Danni, Keilor, Fri Jan 31 02:41:08 2003
The Extreme Karaoke night at the Laundry totally goes off. They have a range of
songs much better and downright funkier than any karaoke night i've ever been
to, from retro classics to the latest hits, and a great slab of alternative
tunes ( my personal fave music) The crowd really gets into it. It's karaoke
like I've never seen it before ie, good.
danny grimsey, reservoir, Tue Jan 28 12:02:19 2003