Big Wednesdays @ Edgy, The
Night:Big Wednesdays @ Edgy, The
Short desc.:Legendary midweek student party
Status:Weekly (Wednesday)
Music:House, Com/Top40, RnB/Funk
DJs:Mitch Coen, Ken Walker, Stefan Hart + more
Dress:Trendy, Neat Casual
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25
Correct at:Jul 31 ‘12 (Max Moose)
Address:Mentone Hotel, 95 Beach Rd, Mentone
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Nice & by the beach - sensational place for summer.
Doug, Mt Waverley, Wed Sep 5 01:23:11 2012
You just can't beat the Edgy on Wednesday nights. It's been running forever and never fails to deliver. Always a good looking crowd!
Luke, Chelsea, Tue Jan 31 01:11:43 2012
FLESCHIE, COOLANGATTA, Wed Aug 6 21:13:51 2008
its a good place to go to on a wednesday night unliikke n e were else
kimberelly, Frankston, Tue Jul 29 22:10:13 2008
pretty good night, only disappointing thing was all the glass on the floor!! i cut my leg and one bar person told me to go downstairs to get a band aid, then another right next to him got me one straight away!!!
bek, frankston, Wed Jul 2 11:12:25 2008
good lookin girls, great music
Peter, Dingley, Wed Sep 26 01:10:29 2007
yeah this place is fair chilled check it out

Griffz, Edi, Wed Aug 1 14:44:19 2007
lots of cute boys, metrik are good as, cheap beer, nice staff, just so good
Melanie, Doveton, Fri Mar 16 00:07:44 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Best Wednesday
- Honourable mention best suburban venue
- Honourable mention best suburban night
- Honourable mention best uni night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 07:55:40 2006
great place, cheap drink, good crowd, local, an awesome night out
steve, aspendale, Wed Sep 20 21:25:25 2006
its got lots of spunky people!!!
robyn, mulgrave, Sat Sep 16 13:09:56 2006
Its a great local for me, good night out wihtout costing way too much! Lots of
familiar faces there and a different crowd on different nights, with a mix of
music to suit all tastes.
Raz, Parkdale, Fri Aug 25 10:19:18 2006
telll me everything!
John, moorabbin, Thu Aug 3 16:49:34 2006
Make sure you get down to edgy this wednesday. With uni holidays on, it's gonna
go off!
Jimbo, Castor, Mon Jun 26 19:48:40 2006
Really friendly atmosphere, the music isn't too bad although I'm not a fan of
live bands.
George, Caulfield, Thu May 25 19:44:45 2006
The mood is Brilliant, The place is upmarket, The women are beautiful and its a
great place to party
YT, Mt Eliza, Wed Apr 12 00:38:33 2006
lots of people and good music
chris, ringwood, Sat Apr 1 15:57:29 2006
cheap drinks and a good crowd, music isn't too bad, does get a little too
packed on holidays but apart from that an all around good night out
AnonyMoose, Thu Mar 30 21:56:28 2006
gd music and crowd. not too many s. gd local night out
kat, clyde, Mon Mar 13 17:12:28 2006
Edgy. What can I say. Go there every week. Fine women. Fine beer and fine music.
Have had a new band in called Krunch. And yes they can rock. Awsome players and
singers. Only problem we have is which girl to talk to as there are so many.
Dan, Frankston, Thu Mar 2 12:08:01 2006
THE EDGY IS THE BEST!! we go there almost every single week! yes it does get hot
but its worth it! drinks are really cheap and the guys are HOT! if your local
you will always people you know! and if u become a regular you will just know
everyone! gets really busy duringteh holidays...and not so busy but still full
not on holidays! love it!!
anna, brighton, Sat Feb 25 20:49:49 2006
Went to The Edgy at about midnight with a girl friend of mine last night. The
dance music was good, but the live band Krunch weren't. They have potential to
get better but last night all I heard was off-key warbling most of the time from
the singer and the band weren't that good either. Some very bad song choices:
Lightning Crashes, it's a club for gods' sake, that "Classic Aussie Rock Song"
that I've heard before but don't know the name of...come on, if you're gonna
choose some classics at least go for AC/DC or Midnight Oil! and Ashlee Simpson?
It was a brave move but neither of the singers made it sound any good!
People at The Edgy are also kinda rude. I mean, if you see a group of people
dancing together, how about you DON'T just walk thru the centre, is it really
that hard to move around? Oh and I'm SICK of dancing and having people find
space where there isn't space and start dancing and pushing on me.
Hayley, East Bentleigh, Thu Feb 23 14:02:12 2006
The edgy would have to be THE WORST place for not being able to breath! my
friends and i went aus day eve and no joke- there was no fans, air con or any
windows open! it was cram packed with people, so you couldnt moove or breath!
seriously, this place needs to invest on getting an air con system! when we
finally got a window open a staff member shut it on us! we all think its just a
ploy to make people buy more drinks cos its so god hot! DEFINATELY NOT
recommended to go there on a hot night. The only time im coming back there is if
its 10 degrees outside, that way it will be at least 30 inside!!! WHAT A
Kaz, Berwick, Fri Jan 27 09:45:09 2006
Max Moose congratulates The Edgy Wednesday for its results
in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Best Wednesday Night and an Hon. mention in best suburban

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:18:40 2005
These guys are young and amazing on stage.. they do something that most
coverbands can't.. i really hope these guys get the residency here.. I'd love to
see them here every week.. GO DRIVE best of luck guys!!
sarah G, Mentone, Thu Aug 18 01:36:59 2005
Give 23Past residency they are such an awesome band, great variety, good looks
and better then the rest of the cover bands out there.
melb chick, south eastern suburbs, Tue Aug 16 14:16:51 2005
MADIKE`, Yallamibie, Wed Jul 27 11:00:47 2005
is it true playdoh are starting up at the edgy this week (weds 6th july) if
anyone knws fill me in:)
kimmy, narre north, Sat Jul 2 14:54:09 2005
I like it because it is close and always packed with people. Plays good music!
Jacqui Leggett, Aspendale, Wed Jun 22 03:48:30 2005
My girlfriends and i went to the edgy on wedensday night for the first time. I
was just wearing jeans a cute top and heels but i couldn't help but feel
ridiculously overdressed and classy compared to the other girls there. You can
tell that no one that goes to the edgy has ever been to a real club. They were
wearing like tight, show belly t-shirts that said things like 'sexy' and stuff
on them. ewwww talk about trashy!
Shari, Melb, Thu Jun 16 20:40:23 2005
***WARNING*** Dangerously HOT girls to appear at the Edgy for the first time
this WEDNESDAY NIGHT!! Keep your eyes open, if you point us out, prize of $300
cash for you!
We are s, which means, we are better looking than the skippies drinking up like
a bunch of slobs, so yeahhhhhhhh, look out, and beware, for us sexy es, coz
you'll be blown away...from our farts! MWAAAAAA WE LOVE U!!!
Jamie And Marie (SEXY WOG BITCHES), BROADY BROOOOOO, Wed Jun 15 05:08:12 2005
good music, cover band is good, atmosphere is good, not too overcrowded, people
Linda, Tue Jun 14 15:56:03 2005
awsome people, local. cheap drinks
cat, mentone, Fri May 6 17:58:38 2005
Always has a good crowd and theres always something to do. The specials on some
drinks are also a real plus and add some real spice to the night.
james, hampton, Thu May 5 03:20:51 2005
good crowd and has dj + band
kath, edithvale, Mon Mar 28 23:29:34 2005
hey all, the edge rocks. im alwayz off my gutz down there. the girlz arent snobs
either, unlike the rest of sandy girlz.
Pat, narre warren south, Sun Mar 27 18:50:43 2005
Drinks pretty cheap, good atmosphere though in need of a bigger dancefloor.
always c ppl u know. but plays too much rock. not enough variety
Lisa, Sandringham, Tue Mar 22 23:33:02 2005
Atmosphere and people make the edgy great on a wednesday night - plus the music
is pretty good!
Jessica, Dingley, Mon Mar 21 04:23:21 2005
What Can I Say! The Edgy Goes Off On A Wed Night, The Bands Are Awsome!! And
Girls Check Out The Barman UpStairs, Hes A Finey!!! Drinks Are Reasonabily
Priced And The Atmospheres Great, Good Place To Bump Into Old School Mates!See
Yas There!!xo
shell, chelt, Wed Mar 9 17:41:32 2005
Went to Edgy last night, had a great time!! I drove but my friends said that the
drink prices were average. Great band, with variety in the songs they sung.
Heaps of taxi's at the end of the night and there were security guards in the
car park, so i actually felt safe walking to my car at the end of the night. i
would definately recommend it for a Wed night.. Cya next week.
Sim, Thu Jan 20 08:50:54 2005
the edgy gose off on wed-night.. its a good place to see people from skool and
to meet new ppl too. and the barman it super hot
jess, parkdale, Tue Dec 28 14:45:17 2004
Really good on a Wedneday night but just a bit too packed when it's hot. Young
good looking crowd. They just need to make the dance floor bigger.
Nicole, Melbourne, Fri Nov 26 18:53:46 2004
Hey does anyone know of a guestlist for tonight and whats a good time to get
there??? thanks.
Kate , Cranbourne, Wed Nov 24 20:36:05 2004
best night in melbourne without aa doubt
tony, tonevile, Tue Nov 9 14:23:41 2004
The edgy is probably the best venue in Melbourne on a summers night. Great
venue, cheap drinks, cool people, however it closes at 1am which is not good.
They used to have buses that would take people to Wild Bills however due to
outlandish behaviour by a small few they were stopped. Bring back the buses i
say, it makes the night so memorable. Who else agrees?
Surfer, Coast, Mon Oct 4 12:13:23 2004
it was a the worst thing i have ever f&*%ing been to the service was . fights
all round no good looking bartenders there
tony, mentone, Thu Aug 5 16:49:10 2004
This wendsday the edgy will be going off like a frog in a sock, make sure you
get there early to avoid dissapointment, $2 pots from 8pm upstaris with awesome
cover band No code pumping out tunes from 10pm. guys beware hot chicks more than
likley to be appearing. Uni holidays/Skool Holidays its prooving to be a huge
few weeks at the edgy!!
edgy, mentone, Mon Jun 28 18:12:23 2004
best local pub going round, Beda boys alwasy there for a catch up
edgy dude, sdsdsdsd, Tue Jun 15 15:32:43 2004
it is a great social thing to see heaps of friends on one night in one place,
this is a great thing because I have recently moved interstate so being able to
come home and see everyone in one night is awsome
Sally, Sandy2 Bay, Fri Jun 4 03:27:24 2004
lots of private school girls out to pick up...... every time i have gone there i
have met a new girl !!!
Heath, Richmond, Mon May 10 16:04:48 2004
Crazy atmosphere, one to one ratio of guys to girls and just always a guaranteed
an awesome night
Nick, Lwr Templestowe, Thu Apr 22 20:39:01 2004
Edgy is the best place going round.. Never get sick of it. Always cranking,
always full of people, always see your best friends, and its a wednesday night!
There is nothing else to do! So everyone turns up and has a great time!
juzzzzy, Seaford, Tue Feb 3 23:18:28 2004
The first time I went to Edgy, I didn't know what to expect, and I'm sure
people thought I was strange since I was the only guy wearing a thick brown
leather jacket in the whole place with my shiny black clubbing shoes and black
jeans. Despite this, Edgy is very laid back, which is what I like about it, laid
back to the extent that shorts and thongs is 'well dressed' which I found out
the hard way. Kristy and Bree have a point, it does close WAY to early. I'm used
to getting the first train out of Flinder's Street when I go to Heat, so when
Edgy finished at 1:30 I was shocked. Don't despair however, all you have to do
is drunkly and incoherently stumble your ass to Wild Bill's straight after to
top off a great night. If you don't make it that far, stop off at the beach for
a swim!
Tony Ballis, Oakleigh, Tue Nov 18 17:26:27 2003
Awesome night, lots of hotties, Only problem is it closes to early!!..shattered.
kristy and bree, Mornington Peninsula, Fri Oct 3 14:46:17 2003
Totally agree with you jessos, the edgy rocks!!
justin, mentone, Thu Jun 26 16:35:19 2003
The maddest nite..... great crowd.... great music..... hot guys... all your
friends..........what more could u want??????????
Jess, Beaumaris, Sat Jun 21 00:25:55 2003
cos it is friendly and casual, good place to just chill and bump into old
michelle, cheltenham, Sat Mar 29 18:31:58 2003
I like the Edgy coz its right on the beach very classy, the band goes off and
the crowd is awesome, and not to mention the cheapest kaluha and cokes in
melbourne bring on the edgy
Stace, Rowville, Sat Mar 29 18:28:22 2003
lots of young ppl good cover band not too long que
simon corrigan, springvale, Mon Mar 17 01:09:14 2003