MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Wild Bills

The Street, Westfield Southland


This night is now closed
April 9, 2002
I hate karaoke, but some readers like it, and it is a nightlife thing, so I'll try to be objective.

There are a few karaoke nights about the place. Most are pretty terrible, but Tuesdays at Bills offers a $1,000 grand final every few months, so you actually get some talent. However, there are still opportunities for those that really can't sing.

It is a very broad ranging crowd. You get the 60 year olds wanting to sing Frank Sinatra tunes, the 18 year olds wanting to be Britney, the twenty-somethings with Pearl Jam, and everything in between. There is no real dress code, so people basically dress as per their idol (ie 60 - suit, 20 - jeans).

The competition hots up about 9.30-10pm, and winds down about 1am. It doesn't exactly get packed, but it is busy enough for non-stop karaoke, and plenty of chances to get up yourself. Of course, you can also sing along with those with the mike in hand.

If you're like me, and think ear-muffs would be the go, you can play pool, or video games, or just grab a few drinks (which are not too expensive). Entry to the venue and competition is free too.

It is a change of pace for Bills, but is certainly one of the better karaoke nights about. The $1000 prize makes a huge difference, because you actually get some good competition, but still opportunities for the hacks. If you are into karaoke, Tuesdays at Bills is definitely worth a look.

Ben Clissold