MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Star (Bar), The
160 Clarendon St, Sth Melbourne

This night no longer operates.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Sep 15 05:35:01 2003
Must say I have to agree with the last entry about 'watercooled' that play at
Star Bar on tuesdays, these guys are AMAZING!!! I've been quite a few times to
watch them, once you've seen them you cant get enough. They would have to be one
of the best coverbands I've seen in a long time, anyone whos appreciates good
music would definitly have an enjoyable night. It's a uni night so the crowd is
layed back and funked up. Its also 2 4 1 drinks, cant go wrong there!!!!
Jess, port melbourne, Mon Feb 10 15:54:49 2003
Hi there, i am from England and whilst working for a while in Melbourne i
stumbled accross The Star Bar and this fabulous Band called Watercooled, who
play every Tuesday night. They are superb, fantastic music, voices of angels and
great stage presence. If you like live music, you will love watching this band
as they truly ROCK.
Kat Schwab, Fri Feb 7 22:41:16 2003
Though I li8ve in Adelaide some firends and I stumbled upon the band
"Watercooled" whilst holidaying in Melbounre. If you get the chance I highly
recommend you get along to see this band - fantastic - particularly their
rendition of the Chilli Peppers, I'll be there.
Tildie, Tue Nov 5 11:44:07 2002
Hi ppls
Just wanted to let everyone know bout that new night on tuesdays at the star
bar. I have been there the last couple of weeks and anyone one who appreciates
good music should most definitly get down there and check it out. The band
playing is watercooled and they are DAMN HOT (and may I also say good eye
candy!) They also have 2 4 1 drinks for the entire nite if you go before 10 and
no cover charge. Must say it is a very cheap GREAT nite out where you can go and
listen to a band that really know how to play!!!!!
Sarah, ascotvale, Wed Oct 23 13:41:59 2002