Tuesday Uni Night @ Casey’s (Cheers)
Night:Tuesday Uni Night @ Casey’s (Cheers)
Short desc.:Legend. Four rooms, cheap drinks, quality uni crowd
Status:Weekly (Tuesday)
Music:Com/Top40, House, RnB/Funk, Party/Retro
DJs:Piero, Ken Walker, Freddy Webber& guests
Dress:Trendy, Neat Casual
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25
Covercharge:Free before 10pm
Specials:Yes. Things like $10 pots, $5 basics, $7 bombs
Correct at:Jul 10 ‘12 (Max Moose)
Address:660a Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn
The info above can get out of date quickly.
For the latest info, please check the venue's website.

Yay! Love Cheers.
Tamara, Wed Nov 14 15:55:21 2012
20.11: Relaunch wit Andy Murphy

Nov 20

Australia's Longest Running Party


Drink specials all night

$8 entry before 10pm which includes one free drink

Andy Murphy, Jarrod Moran,
Piero, Jesse Young, Ollie Holmes,
James Steeth, Elliot Hunter,
Kris Kolzan, Harry Rowsthorn,
Gid Luber, Ken Walker, Khanh Ong,
Butters, Tim Murphy, Will Cumming,
Tim Koren, Sam Cohen & Ed Wilks,
Matt Hanna, Sam McKeon,
Matthew Grisold, Scott Fitzpatrick

Glenferrie Social

660A Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn 3122

Email by: Max Moose: Melbourne nightclubs, pubs & events guide.

Glenferrie Social, Wed Nov 14 15:45:56 2012
You can always count on Cheers for a good night out. Wish I was there now.
Timmy, Tue Sep 18 22:47:25 2012
This is a night that always delivers. Always busy. Always fun.
Doug, Mt Waverley, Wed Sep 5 01:21:40 2012
Its amazing how Cheers has been so good for so many years. Just an awesome place to party on Tuesdays.
Michael, Prahran, Wed Jan 4 08:46:19 2012
The cheers crowd is fairly young. I love it during school times. not so much on school holidays as there are too many under-age skanks. good tracks
Bob, Wantirna, Mon Oct 18 22:48:53 2010
Just love the young crowd, toss for pots and the range of music. You always run into people you know, which makes for a great night.
Brittany, Wed Apr 1 15:26:11 2009
good crowd and a fun nite
anthony, vermont, Wed Dec 17 01:45:08 2008
luv the music and friends
krystal, dandenong, Fri Sep 12 00:29:26 2008
Love cheers,
Good to see their standards are still high and keeping twits out like "Nik", Much rather drink with a crowd of over zealous Aussies than European arsonists any day of the week... Keep up the good work guys...
Tim, Hawthorn, Fri Aug 8 09:59:51 2008
Toss the boss and no angry s trying to start fights.
Nathan, Wantirna South, Tue Jun 24 00:09:06 2008
Great music, great podiums/stage/pole, great people, closeby
AnonyMoose, Mon May 12 16:21:51 2008
love it. and the alcohol
adrian, lwr bulla, Fri Apr 4 22:44:19 2008
the music is good
Natalie, Box Hill, Tue Feb 12 18:02:42 2008
hardcore fun
AnonyMoose, Tue Feb 5 20:58:10 2008
awsum!! different rooms with different music, close, always fun, TOSS THE BOSS, promos..
nicki, watsonia, Fri Feb 1 01:46:25 2008
Great people great music cheap drinks what more could you want?? if ppl think that the only people at cheers are bogans then you're not welcome you hear me!
Rach, Tue Jan 29 19:49:52 2008
Toss the Boss, and hot bartenders.
V, Thu Dec 20 00:13:08 2007
this place is olrite but the crowd tht comes in is all bogans.so yea u r not gonna hook up with a hot chick or something.but definately city is betta.
emma, iris, Wed Dec 12 00:37:41 2007
Cheap beer, great music, great crowd..
D, Thu Dec 6 23:45:06 2007
my phone got knicked last nite the 4th apprectiate if any one knows anytthing it means alot.. its canceled so u cant use it any way no hard feeling just want it bak reward..
alana, Rowville, Wed Dec 5 11:55:52 2007
good atmosphere, people & music
sara, fertree gully, Wed Nov 7 23:03:38 2007
it's the BEST! such a good range of music, if u get bored of one room there's
always another! fairly good crowd, and toss the boss! what more could u want?!
Soph!, bentleigh, Sun Jul 8 21:28:54 2007
love it, its awesome
Elise, kilsyth, Fri Jun 1 00:35:05 2007
i luv the cheap drinks
AnonyMoose, Doncaster East, Wed May 30 03:11:53 2007
it is the best place to go on a tuesday night coz it has something for
Tiffany, Bayswater north, Sat May 26 18:40:09 2007
good place to go after work with the crew as we work in hospitality
mindy, hampton, Sat May 26 02:20:18 2007
Good Vibe, Cheap Drinks, Lots to Choose From & No Hassles
Alex, Templestowe, Thu Mar 22 00:10:44 2007
luv toss the boss. big night and great to win free drinks
Bec, the basin, Fri Mar 9 01:14:47 2007
its a fantastic mix of music
neil, williamstown, Fri Feb 2 04:52:57 2007
Went to Caseys tonight. Good crowd, busy, tho bartenders are very very slow.
Took me, about 20 minutes to get a drink. I was in line 2 times, and they were
both the same time.
Rob, Wed Dec 27 02:23:50 2006
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Best Tuesday
- Best place to pick up
- Best promotion – Toss the boss
- 2nd best uni night
- Honourable mention best night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 07:44:05 2006
it has 4 rooms to choose from and the same crowd go there that go to daisies
Erin, Yarra Glen, Sun Dec 10 00:52:18 2006
hottie, east doncaster, Fri Dec 1 13:22:25 2006
the music and the drinks
Nicole, Chirnside Park, Fri Nov 17 17:45:28 2006
best fun ever
madeline, narre warren, Fri Nov 10 03:20:07 2006
There are always a lot of students there and its toss the boss on tuesday!
heaps of fun!
aimz, burwood, Mon Oct 23 18:54:58 2006
Good atmosphere, good croud. Interesting drink specials.
Jack, Bentleigh, Thu Oct 5 19:14:08 2006
I love that there are many rooms to choose from and that it is not right in the
city. i aslo love it when i win toss the boss!
Carrie, Burwood, Mon Aug 28 18:08:12 2006
Great crowd, great music and the chance of winning your drinks :D
David, Doncaster, Sat Aug 5 17:56:32 2006
anyone have a guestlist at cheers, or kno how to get on one???
kylie, toorak, Wed Jun 21 16:27:12 2006
Its fun and you can score heaps of free drinks with toss the boss.
lauren, city, Mon May 22 22:57:33 2006
Good people.. music and toss the boss
Jessica, Wantirna South, Tue May 16 11:38:27 2006
does anyone know if cheers is open on anzac day??
steph, Sun Apr 23 20:25:12 2006
Great Crowd and Toss the Boss is always a pleaser
Nicole, Chirnside Park, Thu Apr 20 01:47:16 2006
good crowd, good music, big place. love toss the boss
julia, mount waverley, Tue Apr 11 13:25:54 2006
the atmosphere is compact, even though its a massive joint it seems tight and
cosy. also because whenever i go there are people i know there, its the place
to be on a tues night!
Gem, mont albert, Fri Apr 7 02:10:37 2006
i enjoy cheers because of the music and how much fun me and my mates hav had at
cheers, its just a mad club.
josh, mitcham, Mon Mar 13 04:30:17 2006
It is alright but not fantastic, lots of try hards and egos, a lot of the crowd
is bit bogan and desperate as well. Grog reasonably priced and if u can fight
through the crowd toss the boss is tops.
Lauren, Croydon, Tue Dec 13 18:36:24 2005
Kristy, sorry, we didn't do the pics. Not sure where you'll find them. Maybe on
the Casey's website later.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Dec 13 06:08:55 2005
My friend and I had our photo taken at cheers a couple of tuesdays ago. I
checked out the cheers website but it hasnt been updated for months. I also
emailed them to find out where i could get hold of the photo with no response.
Just wondering if it will be published on max moose by any chance?
Kristy, Sun Dec 11 12:37:13 2005
good club , but very racsist when letting guys in . So if you dont look aussie ,
make sure u wear billabong, they can be dogs at the door !
steve, kew, Sat Nov 19 12:30:20 2005
Its ok but its expensive to get in to and then you have to pay for drinks and
the costs all add up!!
Dani, Eltham, Tue Nov 15 17:49:56 2005
Its great i love making out with heaps of randoms there, it has great music and
hot guys and girls its the only place to go on a tuesday to have fun!!!!
Bre, Eltham, Tue Nov 15 17:46:11 2005
great crowd, great music
Steph, east keilor, Tue Oct 4 03:11:50 2005
Max Moose congratulates Caseys Tuesday for its results in
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Best Tuesday Night, and an Hon. mention in best place to pick

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:18:13 2005
good music and chicks, also toss the boss helps the drinking.
Ras, chadstone, Wed Sep 14 03:52:10 2005
Toss the boss is awesome, free alcohol definitely fuels people's motivation to
dance, upstairs pumping fat house beats also has the place rockin' into the
Zac, Glen Iris, Tue Jun 21 02:10:13 2005
toss the boss. so many hotties. bar guys are champions. no trouble. absolute
awesome place.
ben, east bentleigh, Thu May 26 00:58:18 2005
Awsome chicks and great beats!
Adam, Hawthorn, Thu May 12 02:02:58 2005
cheap drinks, alot of my friends go there on the tuesday, good mid-week outing.
Leah, Surrey Hills, Wed May 4 07:56:46 2005
loads of great people n a great way to bring a bit of Friday to Tuesday.
Phil, Fri Apr 22 01:20:15 2005
I have been going to Cheers (and used to go to G-Spot for those old enough to
remember) for seven years. Yes, I am 25! (but I take it as a compliment when I
still get asked for ID). Cheers is still a great place to go on a Tuesday night,
friendly crowd, fantastic when you win the toss and great choice of DJs (Phil
Ross must be one of the best in Melbourne!) Keep up the great work guys!
Liz, Fri Apr 15 15:36:51 2005
Toss the boss is great=free drinks! Good music as well as a good crowd, bit far
from the city however.
Emma, Parkville, Mon Apr 11 22:53:01 2005
Its a laid back place, good people, fun music and great drink specials, just a
good mid week night out
Bec, Ringwood, Fri Apr 1 07:16:04 2005
Im amazed at some of these people who write on here. Cheers is a good place to
meet up with friends and have a chat sounds good to me, last time i went it was
full of bogans and you could barely move let alone hear your mates, bogans and
mugs go somewhere else!
Frank, South Yarra, Wed Mar 30 22:16:17 2005
Great people, great tunes upstairs
fd, vermont, Tue Mar 29 01:39:48 2005
all my friends from school meet up there. good choices of music, friendly
atmosphere and its local.
mietta, box hill, Mon Mar 28 16:21:38 2005
all my friends from school meet up there. good choices of music, friendly
atmosphere and its local.
Anonymoose, Thu Mar 24 15:46:00 2005
the best tuesday nightclub ever! the atmosphere is just so awesome
simone, rowville, Thu Mar 24 04:33:22 2005
I love Toss the Boss because its local, cheap, has a good house music room, and
is not hard to get into!
Anonymoose, Tue Mar 22 01:03:11 2005
definately the new satday night!toss the boss tuesdays goes off!has a bit of a
young crowd.. lots of first yr uni students but with toss the boss ur guaranteed
to hav a awesome night!
jacinta, Bayswater, Thu Mar 17 20:14:19 2005
its a great atmosphere, very casual and plays decent music. when i go, i always
tend to win toss the boss
Anonymoose, Croydon, Sun Mar 13 16:45:47 2005
rnb hot flavas, hot dance
cat, cranbourne, Sat Mar 12 05:27:37 2005
always a good night guaranteed! relaxed atmosphere
Jarred, East Malvern, Wed Mar 9 05:12:45 2005
Great mid week fun, its always packed cheap nite with toss the boss.. only bad
thing is crowd is getting way to young or am i just getting old at 20. Also..
Can anyone confirm if its true that dale and danny will no longer be running
billboard on sat nite from the 26th feb? its my fav place of all time!!! if its
true i wont be happy :(
Bel, brighton, Thu Feb 10 16:22:05 2005
Was wondering if there are any contacts to get on the guest list? Thanks heaps
Emily, Donvale, Mon Jan 24 19:30:22 2005
ESCII ---- > Thanks for that impressive review. Put a smile on my face, mate. ;)
James Bond, Melb, Mon Jan 3 12:39:41 2005
Sweet with a strange aftertaste that whispers hints of beastiallity. best served
with salt. 3 stars out of two thumbs up.
escii, Sun Jan 2 19:51:37 2005
Good Atmosphere and Toss the Boss
Aaron, Templestowe, Mon Dec 27 18:44:31 2004
great atmosphere, good range of music
Victoria, Coldstream, Wed Dec 22 04:20:03 2004
friendly, good atmosphere, toss the boss
courtney, box hill, Mon Dec 6 14:34:40 2004
I've been to Cheers a couple of times recently. It's awesome. I've had heaps of
fun both times. The only problems have been that the first time I went, the guy
I was with was kicked out.. twice.. (they said he was drunk, but he was sober
and drinking water). The second time they wouldn't let a friend of ours in..
then again, he WAS drunk so that was fair enough. Aside from those small
glitches, I love it.
Erin, Ashburton, Fri Nov 26 19:14:51 2004
Cheers! cheers! fu**en rocks tuesday nights! a good aussie crowd, heaps of room
to dance, the hottest dj (phil ross) spinning the house up top, while top 40 and
retro go on downstairs. not to mention r&b. my favourite is the house room,
biggest and best.drinks are cheap for toss the boss, its a fun night and close
Steph, greensborough, Tue Nov 16 11:33:12 2004
awesome! toss the boss rules! great atmosphere
Jade, eltham, Tue Oct 5 04:10:12 2004
Hey Oliver, we can't publish that comment. It will just put crazy ideas in other
people's heads.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Sep 29 16:30:09 2004
great music to dance to . Loads of people there and cheap drinks!
Caitlin, doncaster, Tue Sep 28 16:49:36 2004
if u want a good time u have to head down to this joint it is the in best on
teusday nights, i scored a 3some last time i went with a couple of cute guys.
(Taz& aaron) u guys were the best i have had to date
sexy sarah, Sat Sep 25 20:34:15 2004
Cheers is great, theres lots of hot guys, and minimal sleazes. The music is
great, and look out for Azza JD, he is gorgeous!!! I luv u aaron xoxo
Livia, Glen Iris, Fri Aug 27 16:59:56 2004
Good friendly environment different rooms spilt level.
John, Avondale, Mon Jul 19 21:07:24 2004
Hey guys, Cheers goes of on a Tuesday night!!! And lay off the bouncers will
you, they just have standards of who they let in, at least there not picky for
no reason. But once you get in it is a good croud isn't it?? So we really shld
be thanking them for supplying us with some good looking boys.
Chantelle, Forest Hill, Thu Jul 8 16:24:51 2004
I was there last tuesday with a group of friends and it was one of the best
tuesdays that i have had in a long time! We arrived early and partyed until
late. though the biggest hint is to get there early because any latter than 11pm
and the line is to long. It was a fantastic night out and there people were
Alannah, Belgrave, Sun Jun 27 20:15:42 2004
Toss the Boss has recently introduced special events and themes. If you missed
the pyjama party, carnivale and little black dress comp don't miss the snow
party! It's on the 6/6 and if you wear all white you recieve priority entry.
Loads of fun to be had by all!!!
Carla, Eltham, Fri Jun 4 17:12:35 2004
The chance to score free drinks the many rooms avaible and usally one DJ that
knows a little somehting about mixing in one of those rooms, also its one of
the only places that is willing to make a Homewreacker drink when i ask for it.
James, Bayswater, Wed Apr 28 03:19:18 2004
Tip top night last nite at Cheers. Great variety of music, great crowd. Had a
great time and strongly recommend that everyone gives Casey's a shot on a
Tuesday night in the future. Just remember to be there early, around 9 o'clock
max, of you will find it hard to get in, especially around the holiday time.
Tony, Oakleigh, Wed Apr 14 22:06:05 2004
always a fun night, meet heaps of down to earth people, cheep drinks and free
entry b4 9!
natt, camberwell, Wed Apr 7 16:07:20 2004
good r&b and retro room, toss the boss, easy to get to, and a friendly crowd
tania, box hill, Wed Mar 17 03:08:00 2004
It has so many rooms to chose from! The music is great! And on Tuesdays they've
got Toss the Boss. So you dont have to be loaded to have a good nite.
Anon, Croydon, Tue Mar 16 03:09:36 2004
good atmosphere, decent music and a friendly crowd plus they got toss the boss
chris, glen waverley, Thu Mar 4 17:32:10 2004
cheers is an awsume club/pub to go 2 on tues nites. thye got something there 4
every1 whether it be techno, r n' b or whateva. Very friendly people, and good
atmosphere. I LOVE IT!!!
chris, glen waverley, Mon Mar 1 14:37:54 2004
Its the same as any place if you dont dress up you dont get in. Just dress well
and get there early thats the best way to avoid dissapointment! Also heard a
rumor that GSPOT may be starting up again fridays @ cheers.
ljay, blackburn, Thu Feb 19 19:19:06 2004
All you guys complaining about it made me think it was going to be like a nazi
run club. Went there last tuesday though and found it ok, very long line but it
moved fast. Once inside i didnt have a problem, other than the ever complaining
friends..just a positive word fo the place amungst all the bad
michael, Whittlesea, Sun Jan 18 23:22:25 2004
Okay, that's probably enough about the door at Cheers. How 'bout you all tell us
where is good to go out?
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jan 7 03:10:41 2004
The hard thing is I don't really have much to complain about being a girl, we
have no trouble really getting into either place. However, as soon as you put
guys into the picture it becomes a different story. I also dislike the snobbish
nature of the ppl especially inside Room. I suppose that comes from the private
school background of 99% of ppl in there. And being an old MLC girl myself and
all (sad yet true) and so I suppose it could be said that it is my type of
crowd, but its no fun being around ppl that never socialise unless you know them
from somewhere and the guys in there are generally stuck-up or else stoned.
I myself prefer places like Spy Lounge and Seven. I guess being in the city you
get a more general overview of real ppl. Even Boutique is better then
Cheers/Room because at least you know that that place is being selective on
purpose, you know what you're getting.
Renae, Templestowe, Wed Jan 7 03:07:08 2004
In response to all that is being said about Room and Cheers, I wholeheartedly
agree!! They are both tight-ass places where it can be bloody hard to get into
(esp for guys), Room more so then Cheers. We've befriended guys in the line for
Cheers and that's the only way they can get in by being in a mixed group rather
then all guys. Room is even worse what with the huge Maori man on the door and
that blonde door b***h.
Renae, Templestowe, Tue Jan 6 16:30:23 2004
As I have worked the bar at Caseys for over one year now, I have a pretty good
idea of the types of people that security let in, and knock back. If you're in a
large group (m/f), are under-dressed or look dodgy, you'll probably get knocked
back. It can be said that the same determinants apply for most clubs in the
And to Scott, the door people at Caseys have been doing their job probably for
longer than you've been off the breast milk (1, 2 years?). If you think that you
could do a btter job than the door security at Caseys, why don't you bring your
resume down and see whether you last a night!
Bartender, Caseys, Hawthorn, Mon Jan 5 18:29:10 2004
james if you went on the 23rd there are two reasons as to why you did not get
in, the first is it was a full house and the second was that the collingwood
footballers were there
fd, Sun Jan 4 14:48:04 2004
Conspiracy theory time, cheers, being smack bang in the middle of hawthorn/
melbourne private school district i think likes to attract people from that area
who went to these schools; (Logic of "I love cheers, i see heaps of people i
know there") (or at least try to attract them, now that all the
mlc,gen,scotch,skev,xavier types are living at room) ... could it have been the
accents? These comments are halfway fuelled by difficulties ethnic friends have
had getting in there in the past (once again, not the Kew/Hawthorn mould)
Cheery, Hawthorn, Sat Jan 3 17:28:57 2004
It's ironic really. Casey's on a Tuesday is in reality simply a 18-21
university student predominance. Not a particularly fantastic crowd... (the
crowd at Room 680 on a Tuesday is much nicer/better dressed/more well behaved).
Yet conversely the door people at Caseys seem confused and dazed; it often seems
they think they are working at Boutique, Honkys, Der Raum or The Croft
(somewhere that is actually exclusive for the purpose of obtaining a
select/upmarket crowd).
I can understand upholding to a certain level of dress-code; which with new
management and construction is notably higher than the old Caseys; however it
must be noted that the venue is STILL Caseys, not an upmarket venue.
I can understand your position James. Especially in the case that you were
indeed well dressed and not been drinking/unruly. Seems like you are a nice
bloke too.
The only legitimate reason I can determine that you may have been turned away
might be age perhaps? Although this in itself is hardly a legitimate reason.
Remember not all Melbourne clubs have similar door staff. As I work the door at
two venues... not all venues will turn away groups of guys (especially when its
only 2 guys). Just make sure you arrive early (which notably u said u did...
which makes it all the more strange), and dress well, and with other clubs you
should have no problem.
Just sounds like Caseys have been hiring primadonas again for the door. Come on
Casey's get your act in gear...!
Scott Markworth, Melbourne, Thu Jan 1 20:00:53 2004
I am over from England on holiday read the reviews on this site and thought I
would check the place out on Tuesday night. Arrived early there was no q however
the door staff refused to let my friend and I in, hadn’t been drinking, were
well dressed (a lot better then most of the people in there), just quietly
chatting to my friend, not acting out of line in any way. They would not give a
reason for not letting us in yet let the next two guys in. When I questioned
them as to how they were any difference they became threatening. They were rude
and arrogant I wouldn’t recommend the place to anyone. Fair enough if we had
been wearing thongs, had been drunk or threatening but I think the way we were
treated was totally out of line.
James, England, Thu Jan 1 17:02:24 2004
i must say that i do enjoy going to cheers because there isnt really any thing
else to do on a tuesday night.. Pitty about the bar staff that have no
hospitality qualifications at all thats a real let down!.
lar lar, Mornington Peninsula, Wed Oct 1 16:20:04 2003
Cheers has one of the best atmosphere's around.
Haven't been to a place that was as much fun in ages. Free drinks if you're
lucky enough, a good choice of music, and plenty of places to lounge around and
talk. Good for a getogther with mates, even better for those few drinks and
dancing all night.
Mike, Mitcham, Fri Sep 5 23:15:43 2003
hi all,
Im a promoter for cheers on thusday nights, I can get u in for half price and
priority entry.
If your intrested, send me an emial biz_cound@msn.com and ill add u to my door
-=Cheers Promoter=-, Sun Jun 29 19:47:43 2003
Cheers is a mad nite out... for those who just wanna hang with friends, or those
who wanna get blind drunk, its still fun! have a game of pool - ur guaranteed to
find some spunk checkin you out! btw, one of those bartenders is a bit of a
Mel, Burwood, Wed Jun 4 13:46:44 2003
Love it, love it, love it! I've been going to Cheers since I was 18 (2 years)
and it's still great. The music is great, the atmosphere awesome and staff so
friendly! The word is on the street that if you get there before 10pm you don't
have to queue up (tried, works!). Would recommend it to anyone willing to put
up with feeling seedy at uni on wednesdays, trust me, it's well worth it!
Hayley, Kew, Thu May 22 12:11:03 2003
the music is great and the atmosphere is awsome also the bar staff are really
freindly,would recommend it to any one from 18 to 23
hanna, surrey hills, Thu May 15 15:14:03 2003
Tuesday @ Cheers awesome girls, great crowd and atmosphere. I reccomend it to
all get down there and toss the boss.
LITTLE J, HAWTHORN, Tue May 13 22:18:21 2003
good atmosphere, good music, good guys, good specials
michelle, elwood, Fri May 2 04:18:05 2003
i wne to cheers for the first time ever on tue 22nd april. i seriously had the
best time ever. it was a busy night. the crowd was very much alive and partying.
we were there for just over 6 hours. There was a variety of people n music as
well as fairly cheap drinks. i recommand tue at cheers to anyone after a good
Kasia Warykowski, glen waverley, Tue Apr 29 23:46:36 2003
good people, friendly staff, cheap drinks, what more can one ask for?
Bronwyn, Wantirna, Sat Mar 15 04:09:44 2003
Quiet around the traps tonight because of study and stuff. Cheers was a little
down, but still a good night out. Haven't been there for a while.
Jaffa Bar is now the blue M&M room (RnB), main room (commercial and house) and
downstairs (pub and retro) still much the same.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Oct 16 04:05:14 2002
Cheers is AWESOME, the review needs a bit of an update though. I paid $6 to get in
(maybe because of school holidays i dunno) down stairs the big room was rnb and
the other room was retro/pop ish, up stairs was techno and the other room was
playing the rnb from downstairs. But this is still an awesome place to go to for a
tuesday nite. Its definately a must go!
Mark, Mon Sep 30 22:32:12 2002
cheers is deff my fave place to go ever but a five to ten minute wait? u must be
hallucinating... at 10.30 expect a 20 mins wait and in uni holidays over an hour
JorDzZz, Mon Jul 8 16:38:05 2002
Staff are the hottest around and so cool.
Nelly, (27.5.01)
Cheers rocks! The best people (the best looking girls) and really good music
equals a fantastic club!
Rob, (26.4.01)
I have to agree with the above review. I have been going to Cheers for about the
last 6 months straight. There is only one reason that I put myself through the
hell of a full day at uni on Wednesday and that is because a Tuesday night a
Cheers is WELL WORTH IT! The atmosphere is just fantastic, really relaxed. I've
never seen one fight there in all my time. Downstairs is where you'll pick up if
thats what your after, and the main dancefloor upstairs, playing dance music,
seems to be always going off. Definitely do yourself a favour and check this night
Simone, Tue Aug 20 09:37:46 2002 Craig Heath (22.4.01)