MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Brass Monkey

The Street, Westfield Fountain Gate

Night closed. Venue now Furnace.
Max Moose, Fri Jun 25 01:12:28 2004
This night has closed
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Jul 27 01:32:20 2003
the goss from the monkey's mouth is that lime, has been given back there
residency at brass on a tues night, but it is yet to be confirmed that they will
be playing tomorrow night!!!!!
monkeymaddness, Bentleigh, Mon Feb 3 17:36:12 2003
Another good little night at Brass. Fairly young, amazing ratio. The Androids
dropped by for a few tunes too. Brass will be open on Christmas night, with
Midnight/Whateva's Homebass RnB, so you don't need to drive all over town
looking for somewhere to go.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Dec 18 07:13:22 2002
Backstage Tuesdays at Brass rocks. I have been the last 3 weeks and had an
awesome night. C540 and Lime are really good bands, so get down to check this
night out.
Andrew , Narre Warren North, Thu Dec 12 18:06:19 2002
Very young, vibrant and friendly night at Brass tonight. I knew half the crowd
by name, which makes it impossible to have a bad night. Lime, despite being a
little too loud, are a very good new band.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Dec 11 08:36:52 2002
It was a pretty reasonable night at Brass again last night. Very young and
vibrant crowd. The girls flocked in to meet the Cleo Batchelor of the year.
Just as an aside, someone bagged a couple of bands under a false name on this
page yesterday. They didn't even manage to get the DJs name right. We removed
the comments. I hope the bands and venues involved understand that the DJ was
setup (incompetently).
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Nov 27 09:04:21 2002
Brass Monkey Tuesdays will have same DJ and band line up (C540 and Lime) as per
the opening night. If anyone has not got a VIP TAG to recieve free entry and $2
pots, $3.50 basic spirits all night, $5 Midori Illusions 'til midnight plus Toss
the Boss they will be available for free between 830PM and 930PM this Tuesday.
Plus come and meet Cleo Bachelor of the Year. Yum!!!!!!
Promo Team at Brass, FGATE, Sun Nov 24 23:01:59 2002
Does anyone know if the same bands are playing next tuesday they were
like to see those bands every week they put on a great show however it would
have been better if the first band was on longer anyway il check tommorrow to
see if anyone has helped me out,by the way which band was whitch.
kristy, pakenham, Thu Nov 21 23:05:31 2002
just wanna say that brass monkey is the place to on tuesday nights i had a
ball.the entertainment was second to non,both bands were amazing and i hope they
keep that line up every week because they were the two best young bands ive ever
seen.if anyone knows the name of the first band could they please tell me i know
one of them was lime but im not sure on the other and id realy like to see them
again they was a great night and ill be back there next week cause its
a great night out c ya.
katie, berwick, Thu Nov 21 12:57:15 2002
Attended the launch of Backstage tonight along with a good sized crew who were
hookin into the cheap drinks....obviously they didn't have to work today like
some......namely me!! Good to see the WWE on the big screen before C540 got the
night off to a crankin start. Apparently they've only been around for a couple
of months and with a couple of ex Blimp69 boys they had a tight sound and they
were pumpin out some good tunes which got the crowd fired up! It would have
been nice to see them play two sets though. Lime rounded out the night
well.....All in all not a bad way to spend your Tuesday nights!
Westie, Cranny, Thu Nov 21 06:04:53 2002
Thank you guys for all your feed back on our band from last nights gig.We had a
great time and hope everyone enjoyed themselves.It was great to playing a gig
with the guys from lime there good friends of ours and we all had a great
night,we just hope management liked us as well so we can play next week. thanks
Craig, Narre warren, Wed Nov 20 20:01:16 2002
B/monkey rocked on tuesday night and the first band that was on i think their
called c540 were amazing, huge sound and talent, i hope management put them on
longer or give them the hole night, but anyway a cool night..
pj, tooradin, Wed Nov 20 19:22:55 2002
hi there just want to say that last night at brass monkey was awsome the
entertainment was fantastic the whole two band idea was great they were both
great bands although the first band could have played a bit longer i was getting
in to them.all in all it was an awsome night cant wait for next week.
kristy, hallem, Wed Nov 20 17:00:25 2002
The first backstage Tuesdays was awesome. The atmosphere was great and the
entertainment was excellent. The first band were huge, they rocked the place,
although they only got one set. They were called C540. Does anyone know if they
will be back, and if they play anywhere else?
Alex, Berwick, Wed Nov 20 14:37:59 2002
The launch of Backstage went well tonight. The best thing is that it was a
slightly different crowd to the other nights at Monkey, much more like the crowd
from Blitz or the Bezza. Young and fashionable. A real students night.
DJs Chris and Sam did a good job in the main room (retro to top 40), so did Dave
in the RnB room upstairs. Lime were good. They're one of the better up and
coming bands, if you must have a band.
The highlight, though, Krista Vendi (sp?) was the celeb this week. Actually a
fine young lady, very easy going (unlike some celebs). Cleo Batchelor of the
Year next week.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Nov 20 06:44:52 2002
I am so glad Tuesday at Brass Monkey starts tomorrow. I loved going to Blitz on
Tuesday, but have been so bored on Tuesdays since it finished.
It sounds like it is going to be a little bit glamorous too. I hope it is as
good as Blitz was on Tuesdays.
Jen, Berwick, Mon Nov 18 17:58:11 2002
Good to see b/monkey management starting to pay for some decent bands. I know
lime have been around for awhile but the more interesting thing is the up and
coming talents of c 540. Huge sound and the vocalist is an undiscovered talent,
guitarist is a freak, the drummer is hot and the bass player is cool calm and
collective. Cant wait to see them on the 19th, it will be good to bring the
blink69 thing @ the hallam back to the s/e suburbs with the likes of this new
guy, Ringwood, Thu Nov 14 21:28:17 2002
Yes, the rumours are true. The Monkey is expanding into Tuesday as of Nov 19.
Its a Uni night called Backstage, where celebrities and cheap drinks are the go
for students, hospitality and retail ppl. $2 pots, $3.50 spirits, toss the boss
and more if you have a VIP tag.
Entertainment overload as normal for BM... Lime head the bill, and I understand
c540 are there too. Chris and Sam from Marquee in the main room, P Willy and D
Dave upstairs.
Bring it on! Cheers is too far for a decent Tuesday night out for those of us in
the burbs. C U there!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Nov 13 03:16:20 2002
thank you for answering i shure that when u see c540 they will blow you away
like they did me the only reason i like them so much is because ive seen a lot
of cover bands and blimp 69 were my favourite but these guys are much better and
there nice guys as well it features bozz the drummer and shaun the lead
guitarist from blimp and i think they were the best two any way u make your own
mind up on the 19th im sure ill b there and im sure everyone will like them as
much as i do thanks and please get brassmonkeys two advertise them im sure it
will make a difference
jarred, narrewarren, Tue Nov 12 16:58:54 2002