MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Wheelers Hill Hotel

Cnr Jells Rd & Ferntree Gully Rd, Wheelers Hill
DJs:Scotty E, Adam Bartas, Dean Paps & friends
Music:House, Com/Top40, RnB/Funk
Short desc.:Pumping uni night out in the 'burbs
Dress:Trendy, Smart, Neat Casual
Age group:18-20, 20-23
Correct at:Oct 6 ‘10 (Max Moose)

02.12: DJ comp + Bartas/Grillo

Thursday Nights

Doors open 8pm

Double up
in December
The Wheelers

Double the DJs each week
to celebrate the festive season

Supported by DJ Scotty Erdos

Dec 2nd - Adam Bartas Vs Fabian Grillo

9th - Orkestrated Vs Kizzam
Feat. The Wheelers Dj Comp Final

16th - John Baptiste Vs Riback

23rd - Dean Paps Vs John Doe

30th - Adam Bartas Vs Van G

Wheelers Hill Hotel CNR Jells & Ferntree Gully Roads, Wheelers Hill
Ph: 9560 8922

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Wheelers Hill Hotel | Cnr Jells & Ferntree Gully Rds, Wheelers Hill Vic 3150 | 9560 8922

The Wheelers, Wheelers Hill, Thu Dec 2 03:32:21 2010
28.10: DJ Search Battle Begins

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8 Great DJs Competing over 7 weeks -
You Choose the Winner

Huge Grand Final Night

Awesome prizes to be won by our DJs
including a $500 store DJ voucher
Plus a 1 hour set before 'Orkestrated' in Dec

Heaps of Giveaways & Drink Cards to be Won

Wheelers Hill Hotel | Cnr Jells & Ferntree Gully Rds, Wheelers Hill Vic 3150 | 9560 8922

The Wheelers, Wheelers Hill, Wed Oct 27 21:01:43 2010
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Wheelers Hill Hotel | Cnr Jells & Ferntree Gully Rds, Wheelers Hill Vic 3150 | 9560 8922

The Wheelers, Wheelers Hill, Wed Oct 6 19:04:50 2010
pumping tunes
Stacey, Fri Jul 24 22:12:32 2009
Dean Paps, Adam Bartas and Scott E..., what more can i say :) they're amazing!!!!
Mara, Sat Jul 18 04:02:02 2009
Scotty E is the best DJ in melbourne great tunes EVERY week
Stacey, Tue May 5 05:34:27 2009
23 Past
Top Night!!!!
Emma, Wed May 14 10:35:43 2008
23 Past
Thursday's are back at the Wheelers !!! 23 Past live on stage from 10pm with Dj Scotty J.
Wheelers Hill Hotel, Wheelers Hill, Wed May 7 10:55:55 2008
Wheelers returns

Yep, its back! The Wheelers Hill Hotel is reopening as a nightspot. It was famous for its Thursday but has been closed for a year. Not sure when it restarts but its open ANZAC Day Eve.
Max Moose, MaxMoose World HQ, Fri Apr 11 06:12:36 2008
The Wheelers closes
Another insitution has closed. The Wheelers, one of the best
Thursdays in town, closed its nightclub due to licensing
. Details are
sketchy but it’ll reopen or move. Its too good to
lose. Details will be on the Moose first.
Max Moose, Fri Jun 8 08:04:48 2007
23 Past
****23 Past at The Wheelers, this week only****
The Wheelers is well on it's way back to the glory days as anyone who was there
last Thursday would have seen. 23 Past rocked the house!! It's our last week
filling in for Metrik this week so get on down to what is still the best
Thursday around!
Entry is through the main front door again, capacity is back to normal, and
Scotty E is still rockn it! So no excuses, be there for your chance to see 23
Past at one of our fave places!!
Check out for more info.....
Our Fridays at Prince of Wales (Ascot Vale) and Saturdays at The Hawthorn are
still the best nights you could ever have with your clothes on... well at least
to start with!!!
23 Past, Wed Feb 14 01:29:04 2007
23 Past
****23 Past are back at the Wheelers****
For two weeks only the original rockin party band are back on Thursdays! 23 Past
will be playing the next two weeks (Thursday 8th Feb and Thursday 15th Feb) at
the always crazy Wheelers Hill Hotel.
After a bit of a break 23 Past will be filling in for Metrik so get it while the
gettin's good! The Wheelers is back to it's best, so don't just hear about it,
be there!!
Check out for more info and lotsa other crazy stuff.....
23 Past, Fri Feb 2 17:54:14 2007
Its a long story, but it wasn't closed as the rumours suggested. Just a
licensing issue that saw the capacity reduced for a couple of weeks. So get back
into the night Max Moose readers voted Melbourne's best Thursday.

Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jan 31 03:21:54 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards
- Best Thursday
- Joint best bouncer - George
- Honourable mention best pub
- Honourable mention best suburban night
- Honourable mention best band night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 08:19:35 2006
Nice and local, band is really awesome and it's great to catch with old friends!
SaMMy, Rowville, Fri Dec 15 17:20:46 2006
Hektik Mate
Maich, Wheelers Hill, Fri Nov 24 01:27:32 2006
great night. Cool band
Sanja, Wheelers Hill, Mon Nov 13 20:53:23 2006
its awsum, and local!!!
Nicci, Wheelers Hill, Sat Sep 2 18:24:51 2006
Been ages since I've written any reviews. Trying to recall what I've missed...
Was at the Wheelers again not that long ago. Big night as always. Read all the
other reviews on this one. Crowd18-23, good quality. Music
Comercial/house/top band. Great atmosphere. Love it.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jul 6 03:06:26 2006
Nicci, Glen Waverley, Thu Jun 15 04:09:32 2006
Swung by the Wheelers late on Thursday. Huge crowd! It was a full as I've ever
seen it at that time on a Thursday night. Plenty of people that used to go to
Furnace there, and all of the regular locals. Missed the band, but Scotty E had
the place jumping. Great night. The pics are up now.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed May 17 03:41:33 2006
I have been really slack with the reviews recently. I was down at the Wheelers a
couple of weeks ago. Huge night.
Its a great entertainment lineup. Scotty E rips it up in the DJ booth and then
Metrik go nuts up on stage. Nice type of uni crowd to boot.
Scotty's house set just creates the most awesome atmosphere. The crowd just goes
Metrik are playing the hardest band set in town right now. Nirvana, Flagpole
Sitta, Pearl Jam, Green Day. The crowd jumps around like psychos. Its great.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Apr 5 04:04:07 2006
it's fun, young and full of songs everybody knows
AnonyMoose, Sun Apr 2 21:19:58 2006
It's all good Mr Groovetrain...
Pete Williams, Middle Park, Sun Mar 26 20:10:21 2006
i love the crowed mainly because 3/4 of them go or went to my high school so
its a nice local crowed... everyone pretty much knows everyone... its a pitty
that it closes so early... the bands are good and play alot of funny old party
songs and when teh dj kicks in with some house im loving it... its a great
place for a few drinks with mates and its really good if u really cant be
bothered going into the city.
maRa, North Dandenong, Thu Mar 9 22:02:40 2006
awesome music, good atmosphere!
kat, endeavour hills, Tue Feb 14 07:45:17 2006
full of energy, great music, top people, and an awesome atmoshphere...what else
could you want??? fun friendly and 100% enjoyable!!!
lauren, east burwood, Mon Feb 13 15:23:43 2006
when is the photo guy comin round to the wheelers next so there's some decent
RECENT wheelers photos up on max moose. their should be a wheelers website with
weekly photos too
kitt3n, Sun Jan 22 23:27:07 2006
Yer andon their first night they took photos and their website is so it hasnt
been updated this year! 23 past, Wheelers, ANYDAY!
LIES, Fri Jan 20 15:31:30 2006
The new band who are trying to replace 23 past, are failing to do so. They lack
enthusiasm, have a boring playlist, and do not connect with the crowd. WHEELERS
Kettles, Dandy North, Thu Jan 19 10:11:44 2006
23 Past
Bring them back please.
Alisha, Olinda, Thu Jan 12 10:53:51 2006
BRING BACK 23PAST! Wheelers just wasnt the same last night. Band didnt really
mix with the crowd and the lights were WAY too bright!
Nothappy, wheelers hill, Fri Jan 6 14:02:10 2006
Merry Xmas 23past- love u boys
santa, North Pole, Wed Dec 28 18:41:19 2005
23 Past
I LOVE this band. they are so hot all of them especially stuie!
i_love_23past, Mulgrave, Thu Dec 22 15:46:29 2005
ANOTHER massive night at the wheelers! it has been for me for 5yrs
straight...will never miss a week. Paul, the greatest bartender in melb! You
rock buddy! keep up the good mixers
Gian, Wheelers hill, Sun Dec 18 17:47:04 2005
23 Past
Popped down to the Wheelers last Thursday. It was a massive night. Huge and
bubbly crowd. Great photos will be posted soon.
23 Past are a good fun band. Scotty E is still rippin' it up. He's loving the
Ministry of Sound tracks at the moment.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Dec 14 03:09:48 2005
23 Past
Went to the wheelers last night, this band is so bloody good!!! top night with
23 past!
Craig, Glennie, Fri Dec 9 16:24:32 2005
Wheelers Hill hotel what a place!
BoB, Iraq, Fri Dec 9 12:25:08 2005
23 past r leaving, NOOOOOO!!!!!!
The glory days of wheelers end when they leave.......
Kettles, Thu Dec 8 15:17:25 2005
23 Past
You guys are so fully sick!!! ULEH!!!love ur work men!! keep itb up xox
Giusseppe , Mulgrave, Wed Nov 30 20:02:55 2005
I scootered down on Thursday to see Stuie and the band! they absolutley blew my
exaust they were so good! you rock 23 past!!
scootergirl, Footscray, Sun Nov 27 15:56:17 2005
23 Past
Max Moose congratulates The Wheelers Thursday for its
results in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Best Suburban Night, Best Thursday Night, Equal best DJ (Scotty
E), Best Bouncer (George), Runner up best band night, Runner up best suburban
venue, Runner up best pub, and it took an Hon. mention in best night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 04:43:53 2005
23 Past
Wheeleres is awesome, my brother from another mother Brunsy has hooked me up
with the beer bong 4 weeks in a row, dont think i will be there next week. Which
is too bad cos wheelers peaks on the holidays, get there early people, lines get
big, cos of those holiday makers.
Kettles, Dandy North, Fri Sep 23 02:03:11 2005
23 Past
Yeah i know he's 23 times hot!
Tang, Avondale Heights, Wed Sep 14 17:35:26 2005
23 Past
The beer bong at wheelers is sick!!! 2 weeks in a row. 23 past should mix up
their playlist, apart from that, they're sick!
Kettles, Dandy North, Fri Sep 9 09:35:40 2005
its madddd and goess offff the atmosphere is sickzz and there are alota hot
MEL, 3175, Fri Sep 9 03:59:58 2005
Whoo! Playdoh lick balls compred to 23 past!!!
Wheelers has been peaking ever since the arrival of 23 Past
Kettles, Dandy North, Thu Aug 18 20:21:52 2005
Come on Kimi babe, u haven't left a review for over a month - thats just getting
LAZY. Now that u haven't been drunk for that long there u should be able to give
accounts to every minor detail. There last week was ok, girls got straight in
while the guys lined up - Whats with that, the ratio should be guys:girls, 5:1
bring on the hotties!!! Great tunes Scottie. Sory but i'm not a great fan of 23
Past - 2 much rock not enough dance
MIssy, Dandenong, Tue Aug 9 07:32:37 2005
23 Past
great venue. close to home. the band 23 past rocks. dj is awesome. Great night
Hanna, vermont south, Wed Jul 13 13:03:32 2005
23 Past
Close to home. Good crowd, cheap drinks.
Ari, Dandenong, Wed Jul 13 03:28:48 2005
23 Past
it was my birthday and im terribly disapointed in the loss of the beer bong i
was hanging out to do it! still i went with $6 to get in and got wasted with no
money, thanks ppl, also thanks scotty for playing how many licks as
usual,wheelers is the best keep it rockin, kimmy!!
kimmy, narre north, Fri Jul 8 11:31:01 2005
Wheelers was awsum again last night. The band was good (despite the loss of the
beer bong) and Scotty E rocked as usual. Great crowd, but the lines the last few
weeks have been a shocker - have to get there REAL early now! KIMI Ur birthday
was happening my drinking soulmate. Luv Ya.
Missy, Dandy, Fri Jul 8 08:44:09 2005
thats right its my bday every1 has to come n watch me ddo the beer bong better
then my sister.. i rock and helana is awsum.. i will miss u george:(
kimy, narre north, Thu Jul 7 13:17:44 2005
KIMI's bday 2nyt. Wheelers gonna be awsome. Get in early guys coz the lines have
been huge!!!!!
Missy, Dandy, Thu Jul 7 13:02:03 2005
playdoh r out 23 past in, awsum guys good work with living on a prayer there!!
beautiful, ur alight, cant wait till my bday in 2 weeks im so takingall of dat
beer bong rock on brendan and jason mwa
kimmy, narre north baibee, Fri Jun 24 03:20:59 2005
Wheelers rocked last night - best night there in ages. sorry play-doh but 23
Past have out done u guys. Excellent music and the entertainment was tops. Not
to mention the fact that the boys are quite nice eye candy. love ya now 23
Missy, Dandeong, Fri Jun 17 19:38:14 2005
And we're looking forward to you as well !!!
Missy, Dandeong, Thu Jun 16 19:04:52 2005
23 Past
The boys and I are looking forward to the wheelers. Should be a massive one!!!
Brunsy, Wed Jun 15 10:01:46 2005
Kimi - not why wouldn't they want you on stage - Thats right - Ur a drunkin AMY!
As for the free drinks - they bedda come my way as well...
Missy, dandenong, Tue Jun 14 21:00:26 2005
playdoh were good wit the crowd but too repetive, i hope that 23 past play
llivng on a prayer in full and let me on stage. and give me freedrinks.. welcome
23 past
kimmy, narre warren nth, Tue Jun 14 20:54:50 2005
Hey, looking forward to hearing 23 past this week, but will sadly miss Play-Doh.
The new boys look to have a lot of sex appeal - lets hope they play as good as
they look!!
Missy, dandenong, Tue Jun 14 20:48:25 2005
Hey guys, i heard it is Playdoh's last week this week (i'm so upset - even if ur
not Kim) but does anyone know who will be playing there now??
missy, dandenong, Tue Jun 7 19:53:05 2005
Sorry about the long delay, but the photos are finally up on the Photos page.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jun 1 06:18:48 2005
HEY when r the phtos from last week at wheelers gonna b on? u guys said
tuesday!!! last week!!! i really wanna c my photos hardcor of me n my soulmate..
hehe!!! please put em on soon mwa.. btw wheelers is the yerrrr\!!!!
KIMBERLEY, NARRE NORTH, Sat May 28 02:52:15 2005
Big night at The Wheelers again last Thursday, and the crowd was nice and easy
on the eye. Yum.
Play-doh are really shaping up, and get the crowd jumping. Then Scotty E somehow
steps it up with a great mix of house and commercial tunes. The atmosphere is
electric on that dancefloor.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed May 25 04:32:27 2005
wheelers is the best joint ever.. all i have to say is dat play doh need to play
all of living on a prayer and give me more drink cards.. see yas there!
Kimberley, narre north, Sat May 21 14:56:33 2005
Love the Wheelers...LOVE the band. Steve and Vince are HOT HOT HOT. Never miss a
gig there. (P.S - the guys there are to die for)
missy, dandenong, Fri May 20 11:35:17 2005
Great band, Great DJ, and lots of people! And cheap entry fee!
Courtney, Wantirna, Thu May 5 04:15:52 2005
Went out last Thursday to see this band again. Bigger stage than the Elephant &
Wheelbarrow where i saw them last. This band really know how to work it! Slow
starting crowd but by the end of the night they were putty in the bands hands.
Love em, will probably go there again tonight. i agree with the other comments
aswell - they are hot!
julie, seaford, Thu Apr 28 14:40:14 2005
Wheelers rocks as always. Great (good looking) crowd and the band was fantastic.
Tunes were pumping and guys were HOT!!!
missy, dandenong, Tue Apr 26 21:20:11 2005
I have seen a few bands lately doing the pub curcuit but none with more energy
and sex appeal than these boys. Would recommend them for a ladies night out or
any kinda party. Just bring your dancin will be needing them.
natalie, cranbourne, Thu Apr 21 15:58:12 2005
Popped into the Wheelers last week. It was great. Very busy. They've recovered
very well from a quiet week the week before courtesy of some very innaccurate
press reports. A security guard at the bottleshop had a heart attack. It had
absolutely nothing to do with the nightclub, but the press jumped to that
conclusion. Anyway, most punters saw through it ... but I digress.
It was a great night last Thursday. Play-Doh had the place jumping during their
set, then, somehow, DJ Scotty E had them going even harder. Amazing atmosphere.
It has been a while between visits, but its still a great night out. Good
looking crowd, top line entertainment, and atmosphere plus. Definitely one to
check out!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Apr 21 07:10:57 2005
its great atmosphere and the music and people are great. would recomend it to
sara, wheelers hill, Thu Apr 7 02:44:24 2005
it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooood!!! great crowd, has an outside
bit for fresh air and sitting down. great DJ (scotty) and usually good bands.
Anonymoose, Thu Mar 31 02:34:01 2005
Big, outdoor area as well as dancefloor good bands.
Nicole, Dandenong, Thu Mar 17 03:05:22 2005
Awesome nite, great people
Amanda, Noble Park, Thu Mar 3 03:41:09 2005
Tim, its a school crowd, 18-21, and fine.
Bec, Knox, Wed Feb 16 16:09:28 2005
What age group is there on thursdays?
tim, mentone, Wed Feb 16 15:56:18 2005
The band is great and the crowd is really good with a lot of friendly people
Nancy, Dandenong, Wed Jan 26 05:01:27 2005
The Wheelers on a Thursday night kicks ass i haven't been there in a while but
it's unreal coz all my friends go there and there's nice people and great music.
Give it a Bash i say lol.
Age, Endeavour Hills, Wed Jan 12 11:19:16 2005
It is close, cosy and a good atmosphere
Natalie, Rowville, Wed Dec 22 04:06:57 2004
There is a great pub atmosphere and a great band on Thursday nights.
Katherine, Emerald, Fri Dec 10 02:25:59 2004
Its the cooliest place to be on a thurday night.
Anon, North Dandenong, Wed Sep 29 00:53:59 2004
its close and theres lots of ppl there u know also the outside great in summer
blaire, mount waverley, Mon Sep 27 03:10:46 2004
Went to the Wheelers for the first time in ages last Thursday. It was brilliant.
Very friendly crowd, and so many awesome people I hadn't seen for a while.
The band, The Machine, seemed very good. I hadn't seen them before, but they
played the right tunes, and did it well. Of course, DJ Scotty matched them. All
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Sep 8 05:03:17 2004
great band, great dj, great mates, hot guys, hot bar tenders and cheap taxi fare
Amy, Mount Waverley, Tue Aug 31 05:24:00 2004
Good local place for mates and stuff to hang out, meet ladies and enjoy
Nick, Wantirna South, Thu Jul 22 02:47:38 2004
dropped by the wheelers last night, and as per usual it went off!!Queue was long
as but worth the wait. jam packed inside, tunes were pumpin... good young crowd
of people all looking for a good night... Would recommend to all!!!!
jess, glen waverley, Fri Jul 9 15:10:17 2004
the band is great, the atmosphere and people are overall u have a
fun night
Effie, Heidelberg, Wed May 19 04:55:03 2004
Swung by the Wheelers for a look last Thursday. Very busy, and a good looking
crowd in (as always). DJ Scotty E has the crowd on a string. You've never heard
so many people cheer the start of songs as during his final house set.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue May 4 06:50:11 2004
Great nite to meet heaps of new people, young crowd mainly just out of school.
relax atmosphere good beer garden to chill out, dj scotty is great, nice set
out, awesome bar tenders. fun place to hang out for us locals.
ang, wheelers hill, Mon Apr 26 20:40:35 2004
local crowd, mixture of music incl. cover band, relatively cheaply priced
drinks, gets busy early
helena, dandenong, Thu Mar 11 00:23:58 2004
The Wheelers was enormous last Thursday. People everywhere, and a good looking
crowd. It is one of the best uni nights going anywhere at the moment; has been
for years!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Mar 9 06:43:55 2004
The Wheelers has been in fine form recently, and Thursday was no different.
Really a nice looking crowd, other than there being just a few too many guys.
The beer garden was the place to be, although Scotty E had the crowd bouncing
inside. Still one of the great Thursday nights.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Feb 9 04:10:06 2004
I'm more of a 'club hopper' than a 'Pub Hanger', but The Wheelers caught me by
suprise. Most of the crowd are uni students, I recognise a lot of peopple from
Monash Clayton there. Great atmosphere, laid back and ready to rock
Tony, Oakleigh, Tue Nov 18 18:14:26 2003
The Wheelers was GREAT last week... huge line but a fantastic crowd none the
less. ~Chill~ is great, Scotty's great, crowd's great... highly recommended :)
Don't forget to hit macca's afterwards.. the party just continues... :)
Melissa, Oakleigh, Mon Nov 17 11:17:07 2003
Wheelers was massive last Thursday and a very attractive crowd. Lots of people
celebrating the end of school, and a bit of political flavour with me and a
local Mayor who shall remain nameless.
The new band Chill seemed pretty impressive.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Oct 30 08:07:21 2003
Dropped by the Wheelers last Thursday. BIG crowd in. Good to see queues about
town again. Nice looking crowd. Coverband Switch were there for their last
performance (thank goodness). New band next week.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Sep 9 09:03:56 2003
Dropped in for the last five minutes at the Wheelers. Looked like it had been a
great crowd again.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Jul 27 04:25:16 2003
Didn't realise how long it had been between visits to the Wheelers. Exams are
over, so it was huge, and a great sort of crowd, as always. It was also the last
night there for Passionfruit Pulp. Great atmosphere. So good to be back in party
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Jun 27 09:18:33 2003
They play a huge range of music (80's included ;) 90's and just the new ones)
plus its better after a footy match.
Loryn, Glen Waverley, Mon May 12 06:13:47 2003
There is so much energy, everyone including the band are really friendly
kirsten, rowville, Thu Apr 24 19:11:48 2003
The people there are the best and the band isn't bad either.
Lily, whellers hill , Wed Apr 23 09:08:35 2003
It was a great night at the Wheelers tonight. Thought it might have been quiet
with students having assignments due, but it wasn't. Huge crowd, great quality,
good night!
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Apr 11 06:42:27 2003
Big night at the Wheelers tonight. It's back to its best, and a sensational
crowd. 8-p
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Mar 28 04:22:45 2003
i love it because i know everyone there! its a mad crowd! very lively! the band
and the dj are fantastic!!
tania yessayan, east burwood, Fri Mar 21 20:39:50 2003
Fair night at the Wheelers tonight. Just a great type of crowd in! A feast for
the senses. 8-p
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Mar 14 03:18:52 2003
Rolled back to the Wheelers for the first time in a while. Very good type of
crowd in. Young, fresh, well behaved. PFP seemed to be having a good night, as
was DJ Scotty E.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Feb 21 02:44:08 2003
I figured that at really should have been quiet around the traps tonight with
everyone away, but was wrong again. Don't you people ever stop partying? I need
a break!
The Wheelers was massive. The members queue was as long as the public queue,
which once again went past the end of the building. Inside was great, but pretty
young. Mainly 18-21.
Scotty E ripped it up, and once again I crossed paths with Passionfruit Pulp. I
swear I am not a groupie! However, the boys are getting better and better, and
have top-line gigs everywhere.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Jan 10 05:56:46 2003
Seems like ages since my last visit to the Wheelers, but its only been a couple
of weeks. Huge night there tonight. Massive queues, and a good type of crowd.
Surely it is the number one Thursday in town right now.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Dec 20 06:39:36 2002
Another fine night at the Wheelers tonight, and yes, last weeks pics are on the
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 29 03:31:40 2002
Macca, Wheelers is definitely worth a look on a Thursday. I was back there again
tonight, and it is one of the best Thursdays around at the moment. Huge queue
tonight, and a great atmosphere, especially in the beer garden. Always a great
type of crowd too.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 22 05:29:22 2002
HEy Guys just wondering how does the wheelers go on a thursday night!! i have
some mates that say its a top night and some say it isnt worth going at all.
what do u all reckon
Macca, nth dandenong, Thu Nov 21 12:45:33 2002
Yeah, love end of exams. Wheelers was awesome tonight. Full house early. Scotty
E whipped up a frenzy, with support from PFP. Great crowd type. Mmmmm summer.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 15 04:13:42 2002
On what was a quiet night in the 'burbs, Wheelers was very good. Okay it was 100
people down on normal because of exams, but the quality of the crowd was simply
magnificent. As always, Scotty E was on fire and PFP were pretty good.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 8 03:58:47 2002
May 23, 2002
The Wheelers has been a very popular place to be on a Thursday night for a fair while now. Mid 2001 they completed a major refit, and the place looks great. The renovations included a real stage being added, which will shortly be Thursday night home of Passionfruit Pulp (as of 27.6.02, it was Voodoo Surf Gods and Captain Spalding). The locals love it, and it is running at capacity every Thursday night.

The crowd is primarily a local one, but it feeds off the eastern suburbs and Monash and Deakin Unis in particular. As such, Thursday is a young (18-23), local crowd, which makes it pretty easy going. Like many suburban venues, the girls dress well, the guys could work on it, but you just wear whatever makes you (and the bouncers) happy. The photos give you a better guide to dress.

For some reason, I usually get there fairly late, but it is always busy by the time I get there. I hear it gets busy around 10 on a quiet night during exams or something and earlier on busy nights, such as uni holidays. The last time I was there, it was one of the busy nights. The place was jam packed at 11.30, apparently it had been since before 10, and stayed that way until 12.30 or so. The downside is that it closes at 1, when many of the regulars head down the road to The View. There's this kind of spirit you get in the suburbs where the Wheeler's crowd sees itself as better than the View's crowd, so they go to the Wheelers by preference, but will 'put up' with the View if they have to.

The Wheelers is now a one room venue, with two areas and a great beer garden. You enter off Ferntree Gully Rd, right alongside the new dancefloor. To the left is the stage, straight ahead is the DJ booth. To the right (back corner) of that is an area with a couple of pool tables and heaps of seating. In the front right corner is a very large bar. You go through the right end wall to get to the beer garden. It looks 1000% better than it used to. They have made it feel much more spacious (it is bigger, but not a huge venue), and they have lost that '70s look.

The entertainment comes from favourite local DJ Scotty E, who will soon be joined by top coverband Passionfruit Pulp. Scotty E plays a great mix of current and favourite dance tunes. His groove set is amongst the best in Melbourne. Passionfruit Pulp start soon, and are a good party band, with a wide range from alternative to retro. They are a bit of fun on stage, and should suit the place down to the ground.

I can't tell you what the prices are like, but I think it must be good value all around. There are plenty of people, and plenty showing the signs of cheap drinks, especially out in the beer garden (where you can even buy a snag off the barbecue).

The Wheelers is a good night out. Superb entertainment, very large and friendly local crowd, in intimate surroundings. You have to love that beer garden, especially in Summer. The Wheelers is definitely worth a look.

Ben Clissold
January 25, 2001
The Wheelers on a Thurday is huge. With a line forming at 8.30pm and the place full by 9pm, the crowd tends to get there early. Two giant bars to keep you going and great priced drinks, $8 jugs, $2 pots and $3.50 Vodka's, they are cheap and you never seem to run out of money.

The dance floor is medium to small in size. The band and DJ play a good mix. With the band "Go" playing all the classic rock to today's best covers, keeping the crowd pumped. DJ Scotty E playing R & B, commercial dance and techno.

The only drawback is having to queue to get in. I recommend getting there early. Overall a good night was had at the Wheelers and I would definitely go back!

Cory Risc