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172 York St, South Melbourne
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Don't know why you put this question under Thursday at Motel. Best thing to do
is take a look at
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Nov 30 21:23:31 2006
soz i just gotta ask a question... i know that fri night rumours is underage...
wat other days are underage???
luke, glen wav, Thu Nov 30 19:30:53 2006
I must say, i was let down. i thought thursdays would go off, but they are not
good. especially when 2 party busses come where everyone knows eachother, where
is the fun in a crowd where 4/5 of it knows eachother! (but i think the music
was fantastic!)
i wanna check out saturdays though. a big no no for thurs from first
Steven, Skye, Fri Aug 18 09:29:35 2006
Best Thursday night in melbourne by far!
Sarah, South Yarra, Wed Apr 5 01:08:26 2006
Hey guys,
For the guest list entry to "Addiction" on Thursdays e-mail me on with your name and surname. Come along and enjoy the fun!
*Free entry to the first three people*
El, glen waverley, Sun Mar 19 00:30:42 2006
Lots of fun, less snobby than saturday night, and cheap drinks ;)
Kat, South yarra, Tue Feb 14 16:13:07 2006
Love the crowd, the great mix of music with both the R&B and House levels, as
well as the brilliant idea of having an outside area with it's own bar - you can
get fresh air without having to leave the club!
Clare, Camberwell, Thu Aug 25 01:07:54 2005
What's the deal??
bec, Prahran, Fri Dec 31 13:44:01 2004
Old Skool @ The Motel starts April 1st, 9pm till late.
Heaps of Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop. Live Performances from
Entry is $10/$8 Guest list Incl' FREE Drink.
The Motel, 172 York St South Melbourne
(Opposite' South Melbourne Market)
For Guest List SMS 0438-755-475 or EMAIL with Name and Number of
QikSil, South Melbourne, Tue Mar 30 00:09:56 2004
Starting to pick up again, cruisy vibe, & great crowd
Xpontential, Albert Park, Wed Mar 26 16:04:41 2003
August 19, 1999
The race to capture the market left out in the cold by Redhead’s closure has been taken up by quite a few Thursday night uni-oriented clubs. Motel, in South Melbourne (just opposite the market) is one such club. Aiming at the young (18-22) uni-going market, it puts on a great night that boasts a lot of regulars (something that, in itself, says something about the calibre of the night).

I was sad at the departure of Redhead (so many Thursday nights... so many unwell Fridays) and was hoping someone would put on a night that would attract the same type of crowd. Motel, being in roughly the same area (about 5 minutes by the right tram) was one of the last places we tried going to on a a Thursday. Months later, we’re still going there. The crowd is mainly 'Redhead' - a high proportion of uni students, relatively young (19/20 seems the average age), mostly ‘Australian’, and definitely out to have a good time.

The place begins to fill at around 10.30, however, the main dance floor is packed from about 11:30 onwards. Speaking of dancing, Motel caters for more of a mainstream pop / dance, and R&B crowd, with the main room (downstairs) featuring a mix of Top 40, dance and some techno. Upstairs sees R&B played for most of the night, with more of a “chill-out” feel about the place; booths line the side of the room, while a balcony (with a large number of chairs and tables) caters for those brave enough to take on the cold Melbourne nights (I’m sure this area will be very popular in summer).

The crowd is very friendly; I’ve not seen a hint of violence there in the months that I’ve been going. Bar access is good - downstairs has two large bars, with upstairs featuring one. Speaking of bars, prices are average nightclub rates ($4.50 for a basic spirit, about $2.50 for a beer on tap). Entry is $5 (without pass). Free entry, with 2 free drinks, exist for those with a pass before 10pm, whilst happy hour happens from 8 until 10.

The Motel on Thursdays is an accessible place which plays a range of music to please most people, a liberal door policy (skateshoes are fine, no big groups, but it’s better than most), a regular and large crowd (I’ve never been to a ‘dead’ Thursday at Motel) and a central location. People looking for something to do on their Thursday nights, who liked the old Redhead scene, should enjoy the Motel on Thursdays.

But they really should *try* and come up with a more imaginative name than “Thursdays”. (And they did after reading this review!)

Andrew Rosenzweig