MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Da Funk




Grand Hyatt, Russell St, Melbourne

the best music outta all the clubs in melbourne. and the hottest africanos:)
micki, Tue Jan 2 10:19:35 2007
want to hear songs
hellen, sss, Sun Jan 9 22:22:01 2005
gotta love music..hip hop and rnb that is umm new and not played
Tania, Tue Dec 28 16:48:01 2004
LUV IT LUV IT LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
mELI, Tue Dec 14 17:41:53 2004
monsoons lately has bein awesome.. the crowd is gettin a lil younger like, i
know alot are 21-25.. and the music is bangin..not the usual rnb here..the stuff
they playin in the states..must for all those real rnb, hip-hop lovers!
Loretta, Thu Nov 11 22:28:17 2004
monsoons is nice n classy n they dun chek id'z lol sexy guys n mad music ..well i
liked it.
kd, Thu Jul 4 00:01:19 2002
March 22, 2001
Monoons is really nothing 'special', except that Thursdays a lot of african guys go there. The age group would be 33-40. Music, well, not anything in paricular, but popular.

It is $15 entry which is expensive, and so are the drinks. I have not seen any trouble there, fights etc, and that makes a difference.

Elaine Hogan
Max Moose believes this is one of the deeper R&B/Funk nights around Melbourne. The whole concept is about taking a step up in class, thus the $15 cover, and toughish dress code. Not sure about the crowd age, I know a few 25s who go there too.