MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Hi Fi Bar
125 Swanston St, Melbourne

Argina, Wed Jun 9 15:56:42 2004
Hey, im a bit confused, is it Thurs nights @ Hi Fi bar OR Fri nights @ Room??
Argina, Chadstone, Wed Jun 9 15:54:40 2004
Its back on at room 680
Blanketman, Thu Oct 2 18:55:41 2003
March 22, 2001
For people who like hard (very hard) techno music, this is your place. The sound system and the DJs are equally as awesome as each other.

Basically turn up in anything you want to wear because the dress code is anything goes really. You find most people there are in the age group of about 18-23 with a few exceptions.

It is best to turn up at about 2am or afterwards as this club is open 'til the daylight hours! Sometimes it can be really packed and crowded but most of the time there is just the right amount of people around.

The main room is quite dark with great lighting effects and also some trippy black and white films playing on the side wall. I haven't been into this club 'sober' so I don't really know how much it costs to get in but I think it is $10 which is well worth it. Alcoholic drink prices are standard I think and water costs $3.50 a bottle.

Overall it is a great club and if you are into staying up all night and all morning dancing and partying then come down here for sure. You might have to wait a few weeks though because Teryaki had their last night on March 22 and there is a new act coming on Thursday nights just for April (then we're back into it again at the end of April/start of May sometime). Hope to see you there.

Aaron Peachey