Switch @ Eve
Night:Switch @ Eve
Short desc.:One of the big uni nights. High quality
Status:Weekly (Thursday)
Music:House, Com/Top40, RnB/Funk
DJs:Top liners on rotation
Dress:Trendy, Smart, Neat Casual, Relaxed
Age group:18-20, 20-23, 23-25
Correct at:Jul 31 12 (Max Moose)
Address:334 City Rd, Southbank
The info above can get out of date quickly.
For the latest info, please check the venue's website.

Eve's Thursday is sooo good. Love it. Awesome place.
Sara, Burwood, Wed Sep 5 10:49:47 2012
great place
AnonyMoose, Wed Oct 7 05:37:44 2009
the crowd there is awesome - know lots of people who go there. Fairly priced drinks, drink cards. Great music in at least one of the rooms, so never thinking "get me outta here!!"
tamera, east malvern, Sun May 11 22:40:26 2008
it has awesome music, towards the end of the night music gets better... the dance floor is wicked and drinks are resonably priced.
Jess, Eltham, Thu Apr 10 23:20:46 2008
Awsome place, However I hope you go with a full wallet.

Jim, Melbourne, Sun Dec 30 19:09:17 2007
Awesome venue, great crowd, provides a difference to all the other Thursday Nights with a strong Feel Good Vibe.
J, Tue Nov 27 21:47:10 2007
it is always packed and good looking girls
T, Tue Nov 27 17:05:15 2007
its pro
P, B, Mon Nov 5 14:39:02 2007
Went to Eve last Thursday...wasn't overly impressed. The venue is absolutley
awesome but my night definitley wasn't. Club was too packed so didn't have
enough space to move. Decent music.. good for all you house lovers out there
Anita, Mon Jan 29 09:37:20 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Honourable mention best new venue
- Joint winner classiest night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 08:03:20 2006
good crowd good music
ceels, Broadmeadows, Sat Nov 11 12:26:41 2006
awesome scene
Jess, Melbourne, Mon Oct 30 00:20:30 2006