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East 93

93 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood
East 93


East 93 has closed due to excessive rental costs. Some elements of their
Thursday night are going to Denim Lounge, including DJ Rob E.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jan 15 04:11:45 2003
May 30, 2002
Since Daiseys (DNC) reopened, the East 93 v Daiseys battle has been in full swing. East 93 has Saturday, and DNC had Thursdays. East 93 have been fighting hard to take both, and are well on their way to taking Thursdays too. How have they managed that? How about $2 entry and free drinks (wine, champagne, basic spirits and beer) for the ladies between 9.30 and 10.30 and midnight and 1am? Since this concept launched on Valentines Day, they have gradually pulled the crowd in, and the battle is on.

The night is designed as a uni/TAFE night. It is targeted at local students, so the drinks are cheap (yes, even the blokes get $3 bourbons 10.30-midnight), and the entertainment is good. It is a young crowd, and it is more casual than East 93's premier night (Saturdays), but because it is a night for the ladies, many of the young ladies do go to a bit of wardrobe effort to make the night their own. Most people are aged 18-21, and there is a good ratio of guys to girls courtesy of the promo.

They arrive reasonably early to capitalise on the drink offer. People start to roll in at 9.30, and there is a pretty decent turnout by 11pm. They stay around until 1.30, although there are a few dedicated people that stay later. At this point in time, it operates out of the main room and the front bar, but the back bar may open soon.

The front bar has a combination of jukebox and duo Three Star. It is good company over a game of pool, during a drink at the bar, or whilst kicking around in the booths or couches. There are also some video games in the front room, in the pool hall bit.

However, most people focus in on the main room. In there, the dancefloor bounces around to a good mix of commercial tunes, top 40, party classics, and a bit of RnB. Like most of the night, the music is for the ladies. These days, the dancefloor stays pretty busy throughout, and it is a good feeling amongst the crowd.

This is still a relatively new night, but it is working well. Obviously the free drinks are the big drawcard, but the way they make the ladies feel special throughout the night is also a winner. It is a little bit different, but the ladies are certainly not complaining.

Ben Clissold

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