MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Denim Lounge

123 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood

Denim Lounge is now Club Dakota and this night no longer operates.
January 11, 2001
NOTE: Passionfruit Pulp are no longer at D. Lounge. We await a replacement (10.5.01)

What better to do on a Thursday night than make the trip to one of the best clubs in the eastern suburbs!! Don't let the rather small size of D Lounge or it's quiet outside appearance fool you, this club knows how to rock the eastern suburbs.

The crowd at D Lounge on a Thursday night ranges from students trying to escape the books to a few older people who clearly just enjoy the unique atmosphere and a few drinks after a hard days work. However the crowds age usually ranges from 18-23.

The dress code at D Lounge has seemingly changed over the past few months (shame really), but on most nights guys can still get in, in their three quarter pants and an appropriate shirt and shoes. The girls usually put more effort into their clothes, but once inside all seem to have a fantastic time.

The nature of the crowd is very friendly and your never lost for a conversation at Denim. Friday and Saturday nights fill up pretty quick so get there about 10ish, however on Thursday nights the crowd seem to get there a bit later arriving in time to loosen the heals on the dance floor before Passionfruit Pulp start. Thursday nights crowd has dropped off a bit from six months ago. However, there is always a good sized crowd there to dance along with.

The layout of Denim lounge is fantastic with an always crowded pool table early in the night separating the bar and the oohh so comfortable couches come 3 o'clock in the morning. From the central bar you move on to the dance floor with some more couches down one side of the club while the DJ is on the other side.

The drink prices at D Lounge are generally pretty good with no huge surprises appearing in your wallet the morning after and the bar staff are always very friendly. So drink up!!!

The music is split into several sections over the night. From about 9ish (open time) to around 11-11:30 it's DJ music playing mainly Commercial Dance and Party/Retro, but you're always assured of some great music. Then the hour following this the fantastic band Passionfruit Pulp (read below). Then the DJ comes back with some more music leaning more to dance music for the second half of this set, followed closely by Passionfruit Pulp for their second and, dare I say, even better set. Once Passionfruit Pulp have finished, it's back to the DJ for some more music before close for the night.

Now for possibly the best part of Thursday nights at D Lounge and our reason for return week after week... the band Passionfruit Pulp. These guys are fantastic... They play cover music from bands such as Creed, Greenday, Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and, of course, who could forget Betterman by Pearl Jam. Their music and crowd involvement is fantastic, and the girls seem to just love them. All other cover bands are judged on these guys in my opinion... They are serious brilliant.

. There is no way to explain how good this band is... so rock on down to D Lounge on a Thursday night and check them out.

Ashley Brown