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Brass Monkey

The Street, Westfield Fountain Gate

Night closed. Venue now Furnace.
Max Moose, Fri Jun 25 01:12:28 2004
This night is closed.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Jul 27 01:28:24 2003
it is close and convienient for me and my friends. plus we have gotten to know
ppl there which makes it alot of fun when we go.
rebecca, narre warren, Thu May 8 06:04:58 2003
Though quieter than the past two weeks (no long weekend), it was a good night at
Brass tonight for Homebass. Really happy and relative cool crowd in.
Great tunes! So many classic and current RnB songs, and a great atmosphere with
MCs. It was contagious, as I grooved my way through the place taking photos
(hard to dance and take pics). You just had to dance (or try to anyway).
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri May 2 04:29:06 2003
The launch of HOMEBASS Thursday!
Melbourne’s biggest RnB night has moved to Thursday and is here for good! All
rooms open for one of the biggest nights of the year! Be early and prepare to
party! Random drink specials throughout the night!
Brass Monkey, Westfield Fountain Gate, Tue Apr 15 10:26:47 2003
Biggest Thursday night at the Monkey in a while. The grill was jam packed, with
Mikey & Disco Dave spinning tunes and having fun. Lots of people finished work
today I'd say. 'Tis the season.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Dec 20 06:41:13 2002
Thursdays at the Monkey are now run in the Bar & Grill. It is a very
friendly and relaxed night, with Mikey and Dean (Bobby's) calling the shots and
no bands.
Wide range of dress and people, from the just 18s to the mid 30s and everything
in between.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Nov 22 05:41:27 2002
Jarrod, I'd rather not discuss this on a public forum. Email me - and I will happily continue the topic.
Grip - Winston, Tue Nov 19 13:39:38 2002
thanks for your your honest answer winston im sorry for the coments made
obviously your drummer is having an effect on you because he makes you sound out
a little have you spoken to him about it cause you guys have heaps of potential
and i know you will be a great band in the future ive been a muso for ten years
and ive had the same trouble as you sorry about those comments please answer
jarrod, narrewarren, Tue Nov 19 13:28:03 2002
Jarrod, thanks for that criticism. I'll start practicing (bass) more then.
However, If you listened to the live recordings, you'll find that I am almost
metronome correct. I agree Ryan (drums) wavers a lot on tempo, and he doesnt
like playing things straight. That is where things start sounding messy. I play
it as I hear it on recordings, Ryan tends to impro a lot, syncopating the
rhythms. Believe me, it is something I'm trying to change.
Grip - Winston, Tue Nov 19 12:48:23 2002
to the guys from grip no desrespect on u guys your singer is a good entertainer
and ok but your drummer and bass player arnt really that good and it makes you
gus sound a little messy that is the only problem im sure you guys will become a
great cover band in the future but those two guys just need a little practice
cause there the only thing standing in your way i dont mean to disrespect you
guys please answer this
jarrod, narrewarren, Mon Nov 18 22:14:13 2002
Just out of interest **** and lori, can I have some feed back as to why you'll
be happy we're no longer playing Thur nights?
Grip, Mon Nov 18 18:23:34 2002
brass monkey thursday nites will have two dj's dean & mikey playing tunes and
entertaining the crowd with their usual games. It should be a great night.
****, Tue Nov 12 20:00:31 2002
thanks who will be taking on thursdays i hope c540 get it it would work well
with them in it
lori, pearcedale, Tue Nov 12 17:07:39 2002
To Jarrod and Lori
you will be happy to know that grip are no longer down at brass monkey on
thursday nights. As for C540 i havent heard of them but look forward to maybe
seeing them one night. Brass monkey without a doubt has the best cover band line
up around with adam12 and PPP.
****, Tue Nov 12 16:19:20 2002
Holidays bounced this one up. It was a fresh and young crowd, well dressed and
well behaved. The main room was fairly popular, and new band Grip did a very
good job for a new band. Dean and Mikey on stage had some fun.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Thu Oct 10 09:09:32 2002
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