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Greville St, Prahran

love it when i get free drinks!
AnonyMoose, Wed May 7 01:29:17 2008
good peeps
Aston, doncaster, Tue Jan 15 01:12:18 2008
its really hot
isa, fitzroy, Thu Jan 18 19:53:34 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Honourable mention classiest night

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 07:38:41 2006
Good birds man
Alex, Williamstown, Mon Nov 27 02:31:23 2006
The place is drop dead gorgeous the ppl are jus as classy and the djs are
awesome i live for it
Lauren, Berwick, Wed Nov 15 17:26:06 2006
classy,hot chicks
nathan, toorak, Fri Sep 1 23:39:43 2006
Bouncers are very tite, as us hosts and the promoters, with our regular guests
get prority entry.
It's only 10bux entry and the line up is worth with with ONE Loves Andy Murphy,
Sevens Nick foley, Boutique's own feenix pawl, the masked dj's, footclan, and
many many more up for listening. Some nites even in the back room we offer Live
acoustic sets for sum good old sing alongs.
Boutqiue's changed on a Thursday and for the better.
So come down, I have an open LIST. So you and your mates can just say my name
and get in. I do like to normally just allow friends of friends, so we can
monitor not just any s coming in, but send me an email saying gday and that
should be sweet. I'll come say gday to you on the nite.
Justine McInerney...Justine Mac, I'm your host with the most
see you all thursdays!
JMaC, Donny east bro !, Mon Aug 7 13:55:44 2006
Hey Guys,
All new LUCKY Thursdays @ BouTiqUE is THE NITE in Melbourne to be at!
Hot ppl, hot music, but mainly, everyone's there to have a good time. In the
days of white rabbit etc it was looked down upon for being way too pretentious a
crowd - however, while still maintaing a classy group, Boutique thurs is now all
about the music!
Drinks are a touch xpensive later on in the nite...but it's 2for1 from 9 til 11
and entry is free before 10 o'clock.
However, I do advise you come about 10:30 / 11:00 so you don't feel like total
JMaC, Donny east bro !, Mon Aug 7 13:54:42 2006
Does anyone know if White Rabbit guestlists for Thursdays are still valid @
Brad, Docklands, Wed Jul 12 17:51:33 2006
What are the prices like at the new lucky thursdays that Boutique is running?
Boutique is always a good night out but it really hurts the pockets.
Chris, Wed Jul 12 01:38:23 2006
06.07: Riot in Belgium
Riot in Belgium
Lucky Thursdays
July 6 Thursday
DJ Damage & Joel Belgium (CutCopy DJs), Andy Murphy, Nick Foley & Andy Knight.
Back: Quinn Masters, Feenix Pawl & MC Karim
Doors open 9.00pm
Boutique, Prahran, Thu Jul 6 04:25:50 2006
Definately not impressed with Boutique. The bouncers refused us entry despite
being on guest list and turning up with plenty of girls. Small venue, rediculous
prices and has a realy snobby vibe.
Bobby, Sat Jul 1 20:09:56 2006
25.05: Craig Obey
White Rabbit
Craig Obey (International DJ/producer no.1 club charts)
Thursday May 25
& feenix pawl, adam bartas vs pk, joey montero, double story vs leigh clifford,
dj fusion
Doors open 9.00pm
Boutique 134 Greville St, Prahran.
Boutique, Prahran, Thu May 25 05:27:47 2006
whiteRABBIT at Boutique is without doubt the best night i have ever been to!
drinks were a little expensive but didn't even notice this after i saw the
girls!! AMAZING!!!
Tom, Prahran, Tue Feb 21 20:26:20 2006
Boutique is the place to be, thusdays and staurday nights. This people there are
an awesome crowd and the girls... are HOT. the Dj's are always goingt to get the
crowd dancing.
Chris, Surrey Hills, Wed Feb 15 16:07:40 2006
really good atmoshpere that makes you want to get up and dance, hot guys!!
mary, mt. Waverley, Mon Feb 13 13:19:36 2006
What can i say? Classy, Sassy and one of the best. Boutique gets my thumbs up!
Mateja, St Albans, Sun Oct 30 15:41:23 2005
it's dressy, classy and i like house music
Clementyne, East Malvern, Wed Oct 19 05:37:56 2005
Max Moose congratulates Boutique Thursday for its results
in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Joint winner classiest night.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:29:50 2005
I thought id give Boutique a go as other friends have said it was good.
personaly i was disapointed i found the crowd snoby and drinks rediculously
expensive but then again i am a pub boy
nick, Malvern East, Wed Mar 9 20:50:43 2005
the music goes off. the set out of the club is great, nice and tidy. the croud
isnt the best though, a little snobby.
chloe, mt evelyn, Wed Mar 9 05:16:26 2005
Dont u hate it when u write a bad review of a club and it seems to disappear
really quickly. Kinda Sad MR Moose..... Anyway Boutique .... 2 many tryhards.
and show pony's!!
Mark, Williamstown, Thu Dec 9 15:09:20 2004
great crowd, great music, cheaper drinks b4 11pm.
Loz, Brighton East, Mon Sep 13 04:53:07 2004
Actually, I have to say I thought it was a little boring....repetitive music and
a bit of a dull atmosphere... but its worth a try right
jess, Thu Jul 22 20:36:30 2004
Yeah i agree too, best looking males in melbourne
Justin, Malver, Thu Jul 22 12:20:50 2004
Melissa i totally agree!!!!
Courtney, Mon Feb 9 12:48:48 2004
I have to say Boutique on a Thursday night is the best because the music is
great and it is packed with so many of the best looking males i have ever seen.
melissa, Mon Feb 9 12:45:40 2004