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Berwick Inn

High St, Berwick

you get both a club and a pub in the one venue. It may be in the middle of
nowhere but its a great night!
Brie, Croydon, Thu Mar 1 04:10:50 2007
the pub is great on a thurs night, 2 different rooms means music to suit all
tastes - dance and acoustic, but turn up fairly early to get in cuz the line
gets massive and the venue is very small! great local night out with friends
sarah, berwick, Sun Jan 14 12:11:34 2007
Max Moose Party Animals Choice Awards:
- Honourable mention in best uni night
- Honourable mention in best Thursday

Max Moose, MaxMoose world HQ, Thu Dec 21 07:25:10 2006
Good fun and local
Amy, Beaconsfield, Wed Nov 15 01:12:30 2006
luv catchin up with all the boys from footy gettin blind and knowing thats there
is only one more days of layin bricks till the weekend
jonny, clayton, Fri Nov 3 02:24:36 2006
relaxed atmosphere, has 2 rooms with different music in each
Alex, Pakenham, Mon Oct 30 16:14:58 2006
i love the dancing , the music, the boys and most of all the grog...i love
berwick its really great
Melissa, berwick, Sun Aug 27 20:12:06 2006
the bezza used to be a great night. its being wrecked because too many
d!ckheads, and too many people in general, are starting to show up and make it
take longer for me to get in and longer to get served at the bar too. im sure
people who were going there before me say the same thing about me and my mates,
but still. it was an excellent night, now its turning to $#!+. the common room
used to kick arse, then it went bad so we started going to the bistro. now the
bistro's getting . im on the look out for something local on a thursnight, until
the bezza quietens down and starts getting good again. any ideas?
Deano, Berwick, Tue Apr 18 10:24:09 2006
it's a good local night. I can catch up with all my friends and acquaintances
from school and work who i might not have seen for a while - always see
familiar faces! but if you make a fool of yourself, you can be sure nobody
will let you forget it too soon, and any guy you kiss is GUARANTEED to come
through your workplace within the next week...
L, berwick, Fri Apr 7 16:10:20 2006
John - i know that and i'm not expecting the pub to start charging dan murphy's
prices, i know they have to make a profit, just i don't see how they can justify
their drink prices being SO high, when they could buy them in bulk quantities
fairly cheap, and also have an 8 bucks door charge.
lil_miss, Berwick, Sun Feb 5 12:12:13 2006
lil_miss Dan Murphy's and berwick in are totally diffrent dont be silly.
One is a club/bar and the other is a bottle shop of course one is going to be
John, Berwick, Wed Feb 1 23:00:52 2006
hmm, how come every time i go to the berwick they've upped their drink prices?
since christmas cruisers have gone up 40 cents, $7.50 for a cruiser a couple of
weeks ago when i could've gone over to dan murphy's and had a 4-pack for under
10 bucks. with drink prices so high, why do they need a door charge as well???
lil_miss, Berwick, Wed Feb 1 20:45:15 2006

Glen.W is the hottest spank, go to the berwick inn it's worth it
kat, berwick, Tue Apr 12 00:03:08 2005
Really good music.... drinks are cheaps.... and.... its just heaps of fun!
Lauren, Cranbourne, Mon Apr 11 05:32:46 2005
OMG! Went here for the first time, venue was closed at 11.30pm because of
fights. the DJ was absouletly terrible-unless you like old style music, very
out dated!! save yourself the trip.
Lauren, Frankston, Sat Jan 29 15:15:36 2005
A great little pub to have a night out with your friends!
Sam, Tue Aug 17 17:03:11 2004
A really good pub for the locals to hang out. Everyone is really friendly and
laid back.
Kiara, Berwick , Thu Jul 22 19:42:11 2004
The Bezza is great to catch up with old school mates and have a dance.
Nicole, Berwick, Fri Mar 12 17:59:44 2004
great atmosphere, great music, everyone has fun
Lauren, Mordialloc, Tue Feb 24 06:37:43 2004
Had too much work on Thursday to go too far, but popped down the Bez for a look.
Extremely busy in the common room. Very much like Tuesday. A young uni crowd
with many familiar faces. Worth a look.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Mon Dec 15 06:49:45 2003