MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





65-67a Evans St, Sunbury

Get amongst it every Thursday at THE ATTIC in Sunbury with FREE ENTRY with Uni
Card, HAPPY HOUR PRICES, Party Games and Giveaways featuring DJ Rohan. Check our for more details and to join our SMS club where students can
receive a $20 drink card on your 1st visit to the ATTIC.
Attic Niteclub, Sunbury, Thu Aug 4 22:01:42 2005
Cheap drinks and i can have heaps of fun without havin' to go to the city.
Gab, Sunbury, Wed May 11 04:27:51 2005
thursday's are now known as liquid still the same great UNI PARTY night with DJ
ICEMAN playing the best of commercial dance, rnb, club, house and techno cheap
drinks and i meen cheap $2.50 basic spirits and beers from 9.30pm till 11 and of
cause free entry b4 10.30 doors open @ 9.30 it is BIG and will only get BIGGER
so be there check out
annon, Tue Jan 11 14:35:04 2005