MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Area 61
61 Fitzroy Street, StKilda

Thursday's are my favourite night out now, so much to do, but I'll definately be
at Area61 over the hol's, for anyone that hasnt been there yet, try it, Corey
from Nova fm & great drink specials, $1 pots and $2.50 spirits, so come down to
fitzroy street and check it out, you know you've found a great place when you
can walk in there alone and come out hours later with new friends! Oh did I
mention the music rocks!
Carly, Toorak, Wed Jul 2 21:15:44 2003
Hey! Guess what, COREY from NOVA fm is at Area61 every thursday!!! Last week was
fantastic, great drinks (remember to get in before 10pm for $2.50 spirits and $1
pots all night!!!) Great music Corey and our regulars had the place pumping
(some funny stuff happening around that DJ booth!!!!) So make sure you get down
there this week. Ladies don't forget to mention Max moose for your FREE
cocktail on arrival.
Simone, St Kilda, Wed May 28 12:13:31 2003
Check out Area61 on a thursday, free entry before 10pm and you'll get $1 pots
and $2.50 spirits all night!!!!! Ladies receive a free cocktail!
DJ Jazz and guests including Nova fm's own COREY coming soon (you've got to
check this guy out!!!) Call 0417 399 945 for guestlist
Simone, St Kilda, Wed May 14 11:29:14 2003
Check out this place on a thursday, I've heard rumours they're opening upstairs
on thursdays which means it's going to be even better!!!!!!
Emily, Bentleigh, Tue Apr 8 18:57:42 2003
Great Crowd! Cheap drinks @ $1 pots $2.50 spirit -how can you go wrong?!!
Awesome music. Great Night out!
Alana, Hawthorn, Tue Apr 8 05:10:23 2003
hey has anyone been to rush on thurs at area 61, it rocks, maddest drink
specials, for us uni students, and for you guys out there there a lot of hotties
walking, dancing and drinking down there, dj plays great music, and will play
songs if you request them, and for the ladies ou there there alot of nice
looking guys there to doing the same thing, so i suggest you pop on down there
and have a look!!!!!
Matt, melbourne, Thu Apr 3 11:33:51 2003
I've been to Area61 for the last two thursdays. I must say it's a nice change
from the usual old thursday nights and the people are great there. Love the
drink specials too.
Kim, St Kilda, Mon Mar 31 17:20:46 2003
Dont miss out on uni night at Area61 this Thursday. $1 pots, $2.50 spirits all
night (for entry before 10pm). Call simone for guestlist: 0417 399 945 or 9537
sim, Tue Mar 18 22:33:17 2003
New uni night at Area, RUSH thursdays, absolute bargain! $1 pots & $2.50
spirits. Good music and good crowd too. check area61 web site to find out about
guest lists.
sim, Tue Mar 11 21:02:07 2003