MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Dance Fever




Level 3, Crown Complex, Southbank
Lovely sequins Molly

Thank you all for your support over the years every Sunday @ Heat. Just want you
all to know that your Favourite Heat DJ's (Andy J, Oli Dee & Me) have moved to
Next Blue SUNDAZE.... hope to see you there on Sunday!! MOLLY
Molly Meldrum, Next Blue @ Crown, Thu Oct 13 19:28:22 2005
End of an era tonight. So sad to be saying goodbye to Heat but we saw it out in
style. Thanks for a great night. Thanks for a thousand great nights! There will
never be another club like it.
Johnny Boy, Mon Oct 3 04:18:20 2005
Max Moose congratulates Heat Sunday for its results in the
‘04-‘05 Party Animals’ Choice Awards.
Readers voted it Runner up best Sunday.

MAX MOOSE, Max Moose World HQ, Tue Sep 27 05:25:18 2005
the music is soo good and heaps of people go, so it goes off
Jess, Bundoora, Wed May 25 23:40:29 2005
It's the best it goes off withe the madest house and trance tunes!!!
Paul, altona north, Wed May 4 02:43:21 2005
great atmosphere, great music, very well known and safe usually different
levels of fun never alryt or boring!!
sarah, Rowville, Thu Apr 28 17:43:08 2005
The atmosphere still exists in the form of remixes, bringing yesterdays hits to
todays night clubbing crowd.
Michelle, Docklands, Wed Apr 6 04:19:48 2005
there is great music for everyone. a great atmosphere apart from the girls that
dance in the cage in mini skirts after a few too many.
Anonymoose, Mon Mar 21 15:15:03 2005
The music is great, main room retro/dance and the other room rnb. A club with
all the music I love.
Elpida, Clarinda, Fri Mar 11 02:00:39 2005
zos style music? Maybe 2 or 3 songs they play are "zos style music" but
otherwise no way, or if you think it's zos style music, you haven't REALLY been
to Zos. It's a good night, sure, but it's way too repetetive, it's been the same
music now for like the past 3-4 months AT LEAST (apart from some new songs that
come out). So you know what to expect every time... too soft aswell, and leave
the RnB/Hip Hop to the RnB room eh? The worst thing is going off and then being
stopped because the DJ changes to some ty old Rap (eg. Vanilla Ice????) wtf..
It's a bit too stop-go with the techno (commercial dance really) too. It's not
bad though, especially to finish the weekend off, as it's pretty relaxed..
definately nothing like Zos whoever said that. Honestly it's good when you go
the first few times.. but you get sick of it easy after a (short) while.
Oraj, Sunshine, Fri Jan 21 14:26:01 2005
House/Trance music all night long!!!! The vibe and the crowd is always pumping!
Janae, Glenroy, Wed Jan 19 23:52:07 2005
mad music with lots of room to dance
Carolyn, North dandenong, Wed Jan 5 03:42:40 2005
Its crazy.... a pg version of zos on a saturday nite... gets rockin in da main
room. Guys r hot.
cj, craigieburn, Mon Nov 22 14:36:56 2004
molly is back
pplplp, Tue Sep 28 16:54:21 2004
the hottest place ever!! i love hair gelled guys and baby oiled muscles, my god
the place was kickin!! all you s out there who wanna have a sick nite on the go
go juice head towards heat mate, its the place to be. its the nite of all
nites!! bring it on, peace out brother!!!!!!!!
EVEL, Wezza, Mon Jun 21 22:13:47 2004
Heat on Sunday's is one of the best nights out in Melbourne. It has kickass
house, commercial dance and pretty good r'n'b. Molly is awesome. Awesome looking
guys, good music and a wicked setup all combine to make a really good night out
with the girls.
roxi, croydon north, Wed Jun 9 16:00:08 2004
i love heat
cara , hampton park, Tue Jun 8 22:07:26 2004
crazy music in the main room wif commercial dance early on in the nite which
progresses to zos style music. great atmosphere hot guys lots of water......
what more can u ask 4???
shante, Wed Jun 2 05:53:09 2004
because the music is great and it has a great atmosphere
Georgina, Noble Park North, Tue Jun 1 05:28:26 2004
it was mad. great music. good people. and the club has a nice view of the
river.& i bumped into heaps of peole i know.
Georgia, Altona, Fri Apr 16 06:53:17 2004
Quite a regular @ HEAT on sunday nights, especially since I've got the VIP
keyring, it is undoubtedly the best clubbing experience in Melbourne. Classier
than city-centre clubs, better music than Chapel St clubs, and definately a
superior crowd in terms of looks, style and 'dance fever' than all of Melbourne
- Australia's clubbing capital. Keep up the good work Molly!
Diaco Ighani, Fri Apr 9 14:23:56 2004
Heat has a large trendy crowd with music to suit different tastes. Everyone has
a good time.
Michelle, Wed Mar 24 01:00:17 2004
Nothing to say. The BEST Sunday night venue in Melbourne. No questions asked..
Thank you to Molly Meldrum for supporting the music of 2004 :)
Theo, Vermont Sth, Mon Mar 15 20:46:21 2004
The music and the atmosphere is amazing
Adam, St. Albans, Fri Mar 12 04:41:55 2004
Always heaps of people there and the music isn't too bad so I am likely to hear
something that I like.
Narelle, Sunshine, Wed Mar 10 01:59:32 2004
Well what can i say... the atmosphere
in heat is awsome. The guys....
arrogant & cocky, which all girls luv
(it's all about the chase). The girls...
good fashion scense. Music... The dj's
know how 2 get the crowd pumped,
they play the best in house,
commercial dance & r&b. In conclusion
if you want a good night out, heat is
the place 2 be!!!! spankin hot dj's and
kerry, keilor downs, Wed Feb 25 11:37:32 2004
Heat! wat can i say, the music rocks the ass of everyone! house, and commercial
dance is favourites of mine, not to mention r&b. But can i say,the atmosphere is
mind blowing, i love the set-up of heat, not too squashy, and higher places to
dance on, so you can breathe. The lighting is great, not to mention the djs. Top
40 is popular after 2, as the the main room gets a lot more crowded. Girls look
out for the drunk guys on stage, as they'll knock u out with their elbows!!
sundays r the best!-steph
Steph!!, greensborough, Fri Jan 23 13:11:25 2004
Heat Sundays...a household name. Arguably the best night out in Melbourne at the
moment. I am a regular visitor to Sunday Heat, and i enjoy what they have to
offer. However, lately I havent found it as enjoyable as it had been in the
previous 8 months or so. I usually arrive quite early, 10:30 or so (coz I HATE
waiting in line), and even though nobody is dancing, it is still a good place
for a laid back pre-drink and chat in the cocktail room. The problem is that at
11:30 - 12ish the place starts to get packed and i mean PACKED to the point
where it is difficult to move around. In addition to this the people arriving
seem to be groups of 10-15 guys (which i have no problem with, they have as much
right to be there as anyone else) but this means the guy/girl ratio begins to
fall heavily in the guys favour resulting in less girls per guy. Now, everyone
would realise that this makes the guys very angry and territorial towards the
other boys making the Heat crowd seem very unwelcome and hostile (unless you
like other guys growling at you). I suppose this is expected anyway, as this is
the busiest time of the year for clubs. Other than this, the drinks are great,
the music rocks, and it's generally a place that you can stay 'till it's time to
get the first train home.
Tony, Oakleigh, Sun Jan 11 20:59:29 2004
Its Agood place 2 go, i recommend it 2 everyone, mad dj, molly is a sik , n
ofcourse, da chics r great, really good looking 1s
David, DeLahey, Sun Jan 4 03:55:51 2004
Very enjoyable night I thought on a Sunday. It was very relieving to have some
decent house music in the main room. The R&B room was also fairly enjoyable and
After 1pm the place got more of a commercial feel to it, playing the usual
commercial crap from the last 2 years in both rooms. I left after that but
really enjoyed both rooms prior to 1.
Excellent mixes from DJs which is also nice to hear.
Jackson, Fri Aug 15 15:09:54 2003
Heat is absolutely mad i enjoy heat's music on fridays and mondays
MUSTAFA , HOPPERS Crossing, Mon Aug 11 18:56:33 2003
I like going to heat on sunday nights because i love there r&b they play there.
Kristy, tullamarine, Thu Mar 27 17:34:48 2003
It's a place where everyone really dances, flaunts their sexc dance moves and
the music is just fantastic.
Jen, west side, Mon Mar 17 01:41:58 2003
it encompasses the true essence of the application to the basic fundamentals of
what it means to truly appreciate a nightclub
aaron, richmond, Mon Mar 17 00:43:08 2003
Sunday 9th @ Heat<----- Another magical night at a Club I never really thought I
would like. 10pm we rocked up to Heat, thinking it wouldn't take too long to
get in, but 2 hours later we were just getting and and getting very peed off,
but 15 mins later we were having the time of our lives. Start of the night was
too busy, Molly ran off home quickly, and there were a few punch on's in the
line. Congrats should be given to the Bar Tender Tyson upstairs! BRILLIANT
Nicky, Wheelers Hill, Tue Mar 11 20:41:15 2003
February 11, 2001
I'll keep this short because the following reviews give you most of the story. Heat's Sunday adventure is about three things: Commercial dance through to house music in the main room, R&B in the red chill-out room, and the people.

The main room is fairly striking with a pumping sound system and light show. The dancefloor is in the middle and rocks to a modern mix of commercial dance and house tunes. The crowd go fairly hard, and the podiums are popular.

The red room, just left at the entry, is a cocktail bar come lounge come R&B room. Heaps of couches and areas to kick back and enjoy the cool tunes, as well as a big bar and a bit of a dance floor. The music is smooth. George Michael, Coolio, and Craig David are the go. I spend most of my night in here. It is great.

The people are the things that you will either love or hate about the night. The crowd does dress up, but it does not feel as natural as the sort of crowd you get at Frostbites, Bobby McGees, or G-Spot. There are a lot of people (from all cultures, strong European flavour) competing to try to impress you with their look. If that's your scene, you'll love it.

Ben Clissold
September 24, 2000
If you love, R N B , techno, dance or retro music, drinking, dancing, sexy guys or girls Dance Fever at Heat is the place for you. Located at Crown Casino this is the place you can let lose before you work or go to school on Monday morning.

Dance Fever caters for nearly everybody with 2 rooms. The main room plays dance and a touch of techno and retro. Local resident Molly Meldrum hosts this room with drag queens Rose and Paris providing some entertainment. If you think you are a good dancer or are just too drunk to know what you are doing create your own entertainment by dancing on one of the podiums or in the cage. Also watch out for the guy running around with the camera, there is a huge screen mounted on the back wall so be careful what you doing, you never know who's watching!

I found myself dancing to an Elvis mix, dancing with some guy I don't know to That Amore and then bumping and grinding to Toni Braxton.

After that I was chilling out on one of the many couches in the smaller room. This room is decked out in red décor and has a huge bar. Earlier in the night is when the older music is on and later is when the R N B is on. In between that a few Latin tunes and anything from MC Hammer to George Michael is thrown in.

All in all on Heat on a Sunday night is fantastic, the crowed ranges from 18 to 25ish.

Luisa Vincitorio
January 16, 2000
I always try to write positive reviews but I was truly disappointed by Sundays at Heat, because it did not deliver what it promised. The night is promoted as “Taking you into a retrospective in time with the classics from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s”, except they apparently forgot to tell the DJs. You cannot have a retro night and proceed to play house and techno. Aside from the hour that Molly Meldrum was there, little from the ‘70s and ‘80s was played, and even that hour was mostly ‘90s house and pop.

The layout of the club is similar to the old Chasers, both in size and layout, or a smaller version of Warehouse. It has one dance room, a viewing deck, and a couple of warm chill-out rooms. In terms of entertainment, there is not much more than the main room. Aside from dance music, they have performing dancers, who dance in the cage. When you dislike the music, there is not much else to do.

However, if you go for a good commercial house mix, or a touch of mid ‘90s (the musical highlight of the evening), the dancefloor is good. It is sunken beneath the walkway where the DJ is often temporarily setup, making requests possible. Otherwise the DJ is hidden away upstairs with the lighting guy. The impressive lightshow keeps the dancefloor light, whilst the rest of the club is fairly dark. There is adequate seating around the place, and the bars are easy to access, thanks in part to the prices.

Basic spirits are around $5 and entry is $8 or $5 with a pass. These prices seem excessive for the entertainment provided, especially for a Sunday. It makes the weekend expensive for those of us who go out four or five nights a week.

It is a fairly mixed crowd, which in not unusual for a Sunday night. The techno types tended to dominate, probably because they were less disappointed by the music. There was a reasonable snob-factor, a touch of pretentiousness, and a bit of fun. Being in the Casino, most people dressed pretty well, and the club want it to stay that way.

This was definitely a case of expectations exceeding experience. I expected retro music, and it was not delivered. They simply have to change the music or promotions, because they have to deliver what they promise. If people feel sucked in, it permanently scars their opinion. Good crowd, good house music, but misleading promotions made it disappointing.

Emma Smith