MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



The Flower

190 Bay St, Port Melbourne

November 5, 2000
NOTE: This night now includes coverband 21-20

We arrived at about 8.00pm to find a handful of people in the venue, but by 9pm the place started to fill quite quickly, and by 9.30 there was even a small line starting to form outside. Inside the place was starting to rock with some great commercial tracks.

The crowd itself was very friendly, more like a party than a club. Everyone I spoke to seemed to have time to say hello, pretty rare at most places nowadays.

Drinks weren't too expensive, but it did get pretty hot in there. The fans in the roof did shed some relief if you could get under them, but the back room was the best place to get out of the heat.

The place itself is pretty well setup, with easy access to bars. The only downside is that it closes at 11.30pm (Editor's note: it varies depending on the crowd), but it just kept rocking 'til the end. One of the best Sunday nights I've had in a while.

Sabby G
May 21, 2000
A good friend of mine is the early DJ at The Flower, and another good friend had heard it was all right, so we went along to check it out. What we found was a place that is what Heat wants to be.

The crowd is predominately European. However, it is not nearly as pretentious as some venues, and the crowd are a lot more fun. Perhaps it is because the music is a tough softer, or the crowd is slightly more mature (more 20-25), but The Flower felt like a better crowd.

They dress well, without going overboard. As such, the crowd feels less sleazy and fake, and more genuine. They are certainly friendlier.

Being a Sunday, the crowd comes in pretty early, and the place does shut early-ish. When we arrived around 10.30 or 11.00 (after my mate's DJ set) there was a short queue, and the place was reasonably full. By 11.30 it was packed, and did not empty until it closed. The managers tell me it was a reasonably quiet night too.

The Flower is basically one L-shaped room, with a marquee out the back. The marquee is a nice garden area, with a bar and a few seats. A good spot to chill-out. When you enter the main room, from City Rd, you are at the wide bit of the L. To the left is a bar and foyer area. Straight ahead is the dance area. This is kept busy by classics and top 40 early, and then house and commercial dance, with some R&B late.

For a Sunday it is great value. Entry is free, and the drinks were pretty reasonable. Thrown some good music, and a good crowd (if you are that way inclined), and you have a pretty good night on your hands.

Ben Clissold