MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





590 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

used to go to the Tunnel in 1996
and loved it but went down hill
when it changed names if it went
back to the Tunnel and stayed
everyone would come back there.
We all want to go back there miss it
big time
Nicole, corio, Sat Jan 2 15:41:34 2010
POD house room rox
katie, dandenong, Fri Aug 10 23:21:19 2007
very very nice :P
Leah, coburg, Sat Jul 7 17:25:22 2007
i like tunnel because of da music and the crowd
tarek, coburg, Wed Nov 1 00:50:41 2006
it offers a safe and enjoyable night out in the dance/trance theme.
AnonyMoose, taylors lakes, Wed Oct 25 15:56:06 2006
great hard dance music
renee, highett, Fri Oct 20 18:20:17 2006
TUNNEL IS MY SAT NIGHT HOME! Don't know what I'd do without it! IT'S FKN NUTS!!
NismO, Avondale Heights, Tue Oct 17 16:24:40 2006
tunnel is by far da best cub iv been 2 ever. The music rocks & the people rock
harder. im a regular roker at tunnel, Im der every week & have been 4 da last 3&
a half months. il neva get tired of going der 4 aslong as its open. so stop
going to pussy clubs &get ur ass to tunnel 4 da best nite of ur life. Tunnel
vinnie, coburg, Tue Oct 17 11:32:20 2006
I love the hard tekkaz they pump on saturdays and the crowd is really good no
shufflers just power dancers which is what dancing should be oh yeah and DJ KAT
always gets the crowd racing for more hard beats
John, coburg, Thu Oct 5 15:52:09 2006
just want to say " YEA" to my rocker of a friend he knows who he is!!
hardstyler, Sun Sep 3 16:02:02 2006
its just awsome
ashlee =D, lakers, Fri Aug 25 00:54:56 2006
friday, saturday night around 4 & 5, thats when it rocks, tunnel has the best
hard house techno going around, also dress code applies, just casual-smart wear
no fatt pants
frankG, essendon, Mon Jun 12 19:37:11 2006
The Tunnel is not open on a regular basis. It is only for private functions and
one off events.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Mar 9 18:11:35 2005
I cant believe the Tunnel is back! That place used to rock so hard. In its first
5 years it was soo much hotter than Star Bar, Motel, Spy Lounge or Billboards
could ever hope to be. It used to be the place where all the models and
footballers spent their Saturday nights, and it was one of the most impressive
venues anywhere. I'll definitely be heading there this week to relive old
memories and see if we can help some club newbies to see how awesome clubbing
really can be. I can't wait.
Mac, Ivanhoe, Wed Jun 30 01:46:33 2004
Tunnel: Regroovanation Grand Opening this Saturday July 3
Every Saturday Night
Grand Opening Saturday 3rd July
You've heard the LEGENDARY stories now come add your own story to the next
chapter @ one of Melbourne's most famous night spots this Saturday & every
You are invited to experience REGROOVANATION
Melbourne's finest Saturday night funk & groove revolution
> UPSTAIRS ROOM: RnB & Urban Grooves
> DOWNSTAIRS ROOM: RnB Rewind Classics
Doors open 10:00pm sharp 'til late // * Dress Code Applies
TUNNEL Bar & Nightclub
The Tunnel Bar & Nightclub - 590 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne. Management
reserves all rights. Minimum legal age 18 years, photo ID required. For further
information email:
Tunnel, CBD, Tue Jun 29 03:57:22 2004