MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Seamus O’Toole’s (Knox Ozone)

Knox Ozone, Burwood Highway, Knox

Sat nite band is MissBehave :)
crunchy, ringwood, Thu Jan 21 16:10:40 2010
Whats the name of the band that plays on saturday nights?
Big Ben , upwey, Sun Jun 14 15:36:18 2009
Its fun, good bands and great people.
Heather, Wantirna South, Thu Apr 26 23:42:30 2007
Love the irish it's the best place to get smashed and really feel at home he he
just dont sit in the back booth ive seen bsd stuff goin on in there !!
Linx, Bayswater, Thu Mar 22 15:45:04 2007
its close and i can get really drunk there and pick up chicks
shaun, boronia, Mon Jan 22 00:07:07 2007

Great night out.Excellent band but dunno who they were.Great place to go on a
Sat night.Cheap and close to home.Cant beat it!
Anyone know the name of the band?
Kong, Kilsyth South, Sun Mar 19 17:34:21 2006
Great Night, Great Talent, and it's bloody Irish!!!!!
Big Foot, Upwey Tecoma, Mon Aug 23 21:50:10 2004
Hey can anyone tell me whether Seamus O'tooles has a website??
loz, Nunawading, Thu Aug 5 15:07:39 2004
another great local place, good atmosphere. good crowd of people all just
looking 4 a good time. generally everyone is fairly wasted by the time the
lights come on. bouncers are top blokes, ESP big sam! lots of regulars, mix of
old n mostly young crowd. always goes down well on a friday night...
jess, glen waverley, Fri Jul 9 15:20:30 2004
Great place to just have a few drinks and relax, really friendly people and
overall great atmosphere,you can also have a dance, plus the big guy sammy who
is at the front is hot.!!!
Fi, Nunawading, Thu Jul 8 16:07:25 2004
I love it there cos everyone is just there to have fun and have a dance or a
few drinks. Everyone is really friendly and willing to have a chat with
whoever's standing next to them! :)
Casey, Upwey, Tue Jun 1 05:29:08 2004